403 New Reports Posted, Congressional Hearings Spur Reporting

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If you haven’t watched the July 26th Congressional Hearing on UFO’s, which featured dramatic testimony from whistleblower David Grusch and 2 Navy pilots, it is well worth checking out. You can view it here. The hearing and associated news coverage led to a big uptick in reports, with our volume doubling as more witnesses became motivated to share their experiences from the past. As usual, we received a mix of reports of dramatic sightings of structured craft, to mysterious orange orbs, to erratically moving lights, to misidentification of SpaceX launches, etc.

We’ve again picked some of the most interesting reports in the list below. Let us know what you think in the comments section. The full listing of new reports is available here.

FYI – The hotline will be available only for messages this week, due to travel. Of course we encourage everyone to still file their sighting reports here on the site.

7/29/23WorksopNottinghamshireFlying saucer with red lights.
7/25/23sacramentoCASilent-more of a slight gush of wind/ triangular object/maybe size of jet/maybe quarter of mile high??
7/24/23WetmoreMISpherical object, varying heights and speeds, seemingly responsive to our presence.
7/24/23North Myrtle BeachNCLight that at first appeared as a satellite that instantly made a 120-deg turn & accelerated away
7/23/23NorthfieldNHa T shaped cluster of blue/white lights hovering over I93
7/23/23LimonCOA large yellow-green ball of light plummeting very fast and suddenly disappearing while still high in the sky
7/22/23La PorteTXReally close and hovering
7/20/23SalemORSaw flying rectangular metallic object then it vanished into thin air
7/18/23FredericksburgVAWas watching ISS live stream and these lights drew my attention
7/16/23MilwaukeeWISaw 2 balls of light close together. Flew off into distance. A 3rd one came 30 seconds later into the same direction
7/15/23Shasta CityCALarge, BRIGHT “bobbing” light across sky disappeared behind? Mountain
7/13/23PortlandORSighted a series of bright lights of varying colors. Appeared to be over NE Portland, descending and moving from south to north
7/11/23HubbardstonMISmall bluish orb followed by Army Blackhawk helicopter
7/10/23DefianceMOWitnessed a tic-tac/cigar shaped object while taking my dog out
7/10/23LincolnNESilver object flying in a westward direction off in a distace.
7/10/23winchesterVAWhile scanning the area below Alberio, I saw a flash and then a smoke ring.
7/7/23LincolnCA6 different 4 horizontal light objects leaving silo/bldg area 3 traveled N. & turning back descending 3 going S. slowly rising.
7/4/23cheshireCTA charcoal gray saucer the size of a football field was above the trees right in front of me…it had 3 large lights/windows and
6/21/23CANot starlink looked like a centipede swayed side to side
4/21/23Los AngelesCAUAP light show in Venice, CA
2/25/23AustinTXSaw at a far distance 4 Y shaped liked objects hovering for 5 minutes in sky then they all separated and went different directions
1/9/23BrisbaneQueenslandI saw iridescent green ufo ‘saturn’ shaped hovering over the 3 story apartment block.
7/23/22FriantCADisk “materializes” in vertical position in the sky, 225 Ft. from me, then manuevers to horizontal position and descends behind hill
3/7/22honoluluHI3 orbs floating stationary above Oahu, seen on the eastside of kailua and later on over Honolulu/ala moana
1/2/22Los AngelesCAThree star formation in. AM sky
11/13/21JupiterMOTranslucent silent triangle craft went right over me
7/14/17TacomaWAI seen a huge light, we were being elevated. I couldn’t tell if it was the whole truck or just me or us both.
10/15/15BoomerNCSaw a shiny whirlwind of maybe 20 small silver orbs that rose up off the ground and proceeded to form a shiny whirlwind.
10/6/11Pottstown and Allentown (between; in flight)PAUFO came toward us at great speed and disappeared. We were flying a Cessna 152
7/11/09Grand MaraisMNA hovering, silent craft with blinking colored lights sat over our cabin lake
9/15/07Deep RiverCTClose up Sighting 2007
11/9/04Apple ValleyMNI saw a UFO that was brightly lit, with a pattern on the side, in the middle of the night.
6/15/02San QuentinBright green aurora like bubble filled with an opaque ice color with bicycle wheel spokes of light meeting ta liquid metal colored disk
7/4/97Great FallsMTFollowed by large glowing ball on moonless night.
5/31/97Baker CityORMoving lights in the sky.
7/13/95Papa flight areaWYWe were responding to an alarm at a peacekeeper missle site in Wyoming. I was a AFC in the United States Air Force.
6/22/95WorksopNottinghamshireBlocky looking flying saucer.
7/29/93Caister on sea.NorfolkBlack kite/Diamond with lights at each point.
10/24/90Mutiple places Kelme, Aukstelke, SiauliaiŠiauliai District MunicipalityDisc shaped or upside down hat shaped craft with lights around it.
11/6/89WashingtonDCBizarre silent helicopter.
6/4/77BloomingtonINDisk with raised center, hat-like. Windows displayed gradient changing color through the color wheel. I pointed, it zipped away.
7/10/76BrentwoodNYBoomerang or Triangle shaped air craft with large round lights that did not give off illumination, traveling slowly across the sky
8/22/75HorleySurreyBipedal sphere
6/9/75LockhartTXChased by a glowing, yellow orb in Lockhart TX. 1975 or 76, in the evening. Looked like the moon
6/1/68WythevilleVAHovering right above me > round dome with Lights
10/7/55Near McCameyTXA bright star like overhead in the dark sky.

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  1. Steve Tarlton

    Sure hope these UFO testimonies will continue in Congress. We deserve to know more

  2. Alan

    It seem over the past 150 years activity has ramped up in recent times. I would think the Government and Military should be out in front leading with this disclosure. We need to know just in case ET drops in one day for coffee. Some people will likely not take the news very well. We really need know whats going on at least for public safety.

  3. RD

    I sure would like to hear about all the classified info David_Grusch has.

  4. Michelle V

    I remember seeing multiple cigar shaped cloud looking objects on Thanksgiving morning in 2007 or 2008. I was near 101 and 129 Watsonville exit in San Benito county. Looking over the San Juan Bautista and Hollister hills were multiple objects all aiming for one area of the top of the hill, all different directions. If not hovering at angles they would have crashed into each other. Then 3 of them appeared just above me and seemed to drift back and disappear in the sky eventually. I have video of much of this but poor quality. My dog was even barking at these things.

  5. Joseph Bryant

    I’ve been fascinated with the topic of UFO’s now UAP since i was little but never really spent any time to do my own investigations until recently. I would highly encourage you to check out the audio archives on the National UFO Reporting website. Audio tapes from back in the 1970’s describe objects which resemble our modern day commercial airliners and football areas. I’m beginning to to get the sense that everything we’ve ever known to be true is a complete lie. And that most if not all of our modern day tech has been stolen from these beings. The “Tic Tac” we keep hearing about looks just like our modern day airplane except without airfoils (wings) or a visible cockpit. our football stadiums like the old astrodome look like what we would call “Saucers”. I find it absurd to think that people can completely dismiss this topic as a farce when clearly we have animals and creatures on earth that are just as weird as anything we can imagine that would come from outter space. Take the shark for example. A fish that can be as a big as a buss or the tiger, lion, or gorilla. We see them as normal because we grew up reading about them in books . but let me tell you, there is nothing “normal” about these creatures. I think it’s absurd to think that we’re the only life forms out there.

  6. Guillermo

    I have been seeing multiple UAPs this month seeming to come out of the stars of the big dipper, very similar to what appears in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4vVyrnO5rw
    This isn’t my video but it is similar to three different sightings I’ve witnessed; two in which a light shot straight out from one star to another at speeds similar to a shooting star but without any trail, and a third sighting in which a light appeared to shoot out of one start, decelerate and reverse to return to the same star that it came from. I’m posting this here so that others can try to see it without the delay of a normal report.

    1. kym

      sounds like one of “their” tricks. Some people make a big deal out of evidence having to show something super unusual. But what if “they” look like something that is close to normal? I’ve seen LITS seem to hang around close to brighter stars, apparently trying to hide in plain sight. Sometimes I turn around and see a pair of bright stars I’m pretty sure was not there 5 mins ago. And — surprise — one of them starts to subsquently move off. One time the 2nd one moved off a few mins later in the opposite direction. They maybe have some kind of sense of humor. 🙂

  7. Alan

    I have read through a lot of these reports over the years. My feeling is these aerial displays are to get attention but not scare anyone. Maybe its their way to prep us for contact? Last year I had my second sighting in my life, when it flew by I waved.

  8. Douglas S. Nau, PhD

    Any thoughts about making the NUFORC database searchable?

      1. Sergio Marcone dos santos

        Gostei muito do que eu vi li .

  9. Josh Strickland

    One of the Uap shot down in february over alaska has never been mentioned again? Shouldn’t the snow be melted by now to find it?

  10. Mark

    I saw a ufo only travailing about 10 15 mph. It was only about 30 yards high. No sound, about 9 lights, oblong, smaller front and back. It was partial translucent, part white color. It was about 15 to 20 feet long.

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