An Unfortunate Case of Deja Vu – Volume One of the AARO Report

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For over 75 years, the United States Government has striven to persuade the public that there is no evidence of non-human technology in the UFO phenomenon. Now, in 2024, we find history repeating itself, as the latest government analysis comes to the same dubious conclusion.

AARO, or the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, was tasked by Congress in 2022 with researching and documenting the government’s involvement and findings related to UAP (or UFO’s) since 1945. Volume 1 of their report has now been published, which you can read for yourself here.

Unfortunately, AARO seems to have taken the “Resolution” part if it’s name literally, and the report’s conclusion states simply that “To date, AARO has not discovered any empirical evidence that any sighting of a UAP represented off-world technology or the existence a classified program that had not been properly reported to Congress.” It goes on further to say that “Although many UAP reports remain unsolved, AARO assesses that if additional, quality data were available, most of these cases also could be identified and resolved as ordinary objects or phenomena.” Mainstream media dutifully reported their findings, publishing headlines like “Pentagon report finds no evidence of alien visits, hidden spacecraft”, and “Pentagon Review Finds No Evidence of Alien Cover-Up”. Once again, to the casual observer, the question seem settled, and the UFO/alien question can be put to rest and not worried about.

Except for anyone who has delved into the subject in any depth, this assessment seems preposterous. The historical section of the AARO report reads like a high school paper on UFO related government programs, superficially researched and seemingly designed to reach a pre-determined conclusion. The report provides brief descriptions of programs well known in UFO history, from projects Sign/Grudge through Blue Book and the more recent AAWSAP. In each case AARO repeats the official findings of the project, but leaves out any discussion of the well document controversies and opposing viewpoints involved.

A glaring example is AARO’s discussion of the Condon Report, a study sponsored by the Air force in 1966 to determine whether UFO’s merited serious scientific study. AARO restates the report conclusion’s exact words, that “nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge”, and that “further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified.” A deeper study of the Condon Report presents a very different story. The leaders of the project, Edward Condon and Robert Low, had made up their minds about the subject before the study even began, and were clearly hostile to the UFO/ET hypothesis. Meanwhile, the project staff doing the actual research became more and more convinced of the reality of the phenomenon, and a conflict resulted which eventually resulted in firings and resignations of the pro-UFO contingent. When the final report was issued, Condon’s dismissive comments were highlighted, even though buried within the 950 pages was evidence that pointed to the exact opposite conclusion. The tragedy of the Condon report is that the media and scientific establishment took Condon at his word. The report was used to justify the shuttering of Project Blue Book, and any serious government or institutional study of the UFO phenomenon was effectively shut down for the next 40 years. AARO briefly mentions criticism by J. Allen Hynek, but quickly follows that up with the National Academy of Scientist’s endorsement of the report, although contemporary researchers such as NICAP’s Donald Keyhoe believed their review was extremely superficial, and that NAS was simply relieved to be rid of the subject. So why would AARO, an organization tasked with getting to the truth of the matter, ignore all of the well documents counterpoints to the Condon Report’s conclusion?

AARO makes no mention of the incredible testimony that Air Force pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves provided to congress under oath, where they described objects making maneuvers they both assessed could not have been achieved by human technology, and which Graves stated posed an imminent safety hazard to pilots. Rather, AARO’s blanket statements seems to imply that with better data these would be found to have prosaic explanations. For anyone who listened to the testimony first hand, this strains credulity. Read Ryan Graves response on X.

One question that AARO leaves unaddressed is the incursions of UFO’s at nuclear missile sites in Montana and North Dakota, the most dramatic of which occurred in 1967. The phenomenon of UFO’s interfering with nuclear facilities is extremely well documented in Robert Hastings definitive work, UFO s & Nukes. AARO states that their analysis of these events will be dealt with in volume 2 of their report, which is still forthcoming. This will be a difficult subject to dismiss, and we will be very interested to see how they treat it.

In conclusion, the AARO report is another missed opportunity to bring honesty to a subject that has profound implications for mankind. It seems to be an attempt to put the cat back into the bag, and to push the subject of UFO’s back into the darkness. It is also the latest example of how the expectation that an institution can honestly investigate itself is misplaced.

For more rebuttals of AARO and its report, see the following articles and videos:

Finally, a much more comprehensive and honest study of the government’s involvement in and coverup of the UFO phenomenon can be found in Richard Dolan’s UFO’s and the National Security State, which we highly recommend.

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  1. Alan

    At some point ET is going to drop in for a visit and its not going to go over very well. Humanity needs to be prepped for this. Also the endless wars need to come to an end. Our future could be bright, but for now we are stuck a circle of lies and corruption. I have had two sightings in my 63 years, the last one in 2022 the wife and I waved as they flew by.

    1. tim z

      The real secret that the uniparty deep State hide is the energy/power source of these interstellar vehicles the knowledge and technology of which if disseminated in an equal humanity serving way would completely change the governmental power structures of that exist today.
      Imagine an unlimited lifetime personal power supply the size of a suitcase
      that one could plug into home or car that could provide such energy that during nonpersonal use time it could plug into and supply a universal free grid?
      With that kind of personal energy one could grow their own food alomg with water purification in their own homes, basements, garage. Unlimited welding and other modes of fabrication…….

  2. Howard Duin

    The conclusion is accurate: All of the evidence can be observed “on a world” (as even an asteroid can be considered, such) and, ever since Eisenhower, it HAS been breifed to members of Congress in classified meetings through classified research programs. Right? The end.

  3. Tom

    they can come any time!! I think what we need is someone like Klatu to issue a warning, get your shit together or else! Seriously.

  4. Tom Vance

    That was an excellent report NUFORC! Thank you!…At some point in time, Common sense will have to open the curtain and expose the Wizard!.I can just see the meetings held in the Pentagon before the AARO report was issued, with Sean Kirkpatrick finally giving in during a 230am burning of the midnight oil, stating ” all right”…he’ll be ” Phillip Klass Jr” and Lie ” one more time” on the report and take the heat “so we can all go home”…so obvious he is full of it. Common sense vs US Govt and Military collusion to cover-up the UFO/ET/NHI encounters we’ve been having on the Planet has to eventually be shown……or we have Millions of people on this Planet that are highly delusional( In which I highly doubt) because I am one of them, who has had multiple UFO sightings over 15 years in various States, and types, and I didnt go looking for them! I am as sane as you, and the millions of others reporting UFOs, and Alien encounters, The major sightings and reports alone, Betty and Barney Hill to Tic Tac and Cmndr David Fravor…sure not every light is a UFO, AARO got one thing right, but, how can the Medias of the World be so d*mn gullible, or is it just a USA controlled high stakes “Stigma” that won’t go away? Richard Dolan is on to them and way over the BS, Ross Coulthart is on their tail tightly gripped, many other US highly intelligent UFO researchers are on it compiling fact based Podcast and reports that if a Jury in the Court of Law had to cast their vote – would be “hands down” US Govt lying and Guilty of a UFO/ET/NHI cover up, plain and simple with the entire World. My biggest fear is the probable “corruption within the US Govt and US Military top Brass” in the 5 sided building and beyond to private industry. If the curtain is pulled back on the Wizard correctly, I feel we will need a present day “Eliot Ness” to smash the corruption and it will be big! Common sense vs US Govt and Military……….that needs to be answered first, because thousands upon thousands of reports and great stories from Roswell 1947 to David Grusch coming forward under oath in the Congress……Under OATH……… talk about what he found out, with Cmndr David Fravor and Lt Ryan Graves side by side,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how stupid is everyone to sit back and not deluge Congress with letters and calls on how big a FARCE the AARO 2024 report was, and Sean “Phillip Klass” Kirkpatrick ought to be arrested for Fraud just for starters……….Common sense will have to win out and hopefully soon! Isn’t it obvious?

    1. Edward

      Well what did Grusch find out? What whistle did he blow? He knows someone that knows someone… all of this just for that? Lets not discuss the more recent ‘whistleblower’ Fox will be presenting. Grusch’s whistleblowing is tantamount to squeeling on his friends, who know someone, that know someone when he knows nothing himself?

      Subpoena them.

      What has came forward since 2017 apart from the military videos. Nothing.

      I have questions around Grusch, Coulthard, Elizondo, Greer, Mellon, Nolan, Knapp, Corbell, Fox, Moulton Howe. All of the insiders have question marks above their heads. It’s a soap opera at this stage, with better editing (better budget) – we have UFO Oscars. We’re still waiting on Lazar’s dwindling proof. I just see charlatans everywhere. No need to talk about paid out members of congress that seem to find jobs in organizations that their voting history gave favour to..

      You have Joe Rogan ‘speaking with authority’ saying they’re all engineered drones when they have been flying indoors and through walls prior to the 50’s, as per Dr Irina Scott and others. Although that doesn’t detract the possibility of back engineering and that they are mostly reported in English speaking countries (citation needed).

      Gloves are off. Put up or shut up. Otherwise it’s clicks, books and documentaries. Lets not forget the government are the entertainment wing of the intelligence services who have been known to make a dollar or two at the expense of the nation. Lets not also forget that the CIA specialize in over-throwing governments and generally talking nonsense on purpose.

      No one has even defined UFO.

  5. Akinya

    The UAP phenomenon associated with Nuclear Armament is key.

    I believe we have been contacted and those in power were faced with a proposal:

    Dismantle Nuclear Weapons for further ET Contact and/or intervention.

    As it stands, we’re simply being observed until this condition is met.

  6. Ed

    Any direct or indirect messaging by universal visitors, warning of nuclear weapons risk to civilization is disregarded by the military executors of the weapons delivery, the servile lobby serving the industry paying off congressional , the institutional industry bureaucracy and embedded intelligence agencies. Just like any other matter; where lives, healthcare of the nation, gun violence, mental and drug usage, education, childcare must still ride in the back of the bus.

  7. Mike

    Why are they still covering up this man like by now we know that atleast the government knows and is doing something like people who even tried to protect the secret came out and said that it is all true

    1. Alan

      My theory is the rich and powerful control everything from behind the scenes. Disclosure would disrupt money flows and they can’t have that. Disclosure and contact would bring crazy technological advancements for the average humans. The ones at the top would have a lot to answer for. So if you see something odd flying over wave.

  8. Carl

    The problem is is that they control so much power. Otherwise we could dismiss them like they dismiss all the sightings that go on. Even when astronauts, NASA, police, scientists and the general public report Time After Time After Time including me the sightings of what can only be non-human events they dismiss all of them. I’m pretty sure even if they saw one they would dismiss it. What we can do is to dismiss them and take away their power. Be confident in what you saw and what you experienced. Do not allow anybody to take that away from you. Even in telling it we hit the energy of being ridiculed. Be amused at them because you were probably in the same boat as them at one time. Until you had your own experience. And in fact it might have taken many experiences and a lot of time before you recognized it yourself. Because these government organizations have so much power that they control our ability to believe what we see and to understand it. Believe in yourself!

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