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Center Update

Peter Davenport is currently land locked in Seattle due to snowstorms having closed all mountain passes leading back to the Center in Eastern Washington. So for now the hotline is being routed to voicemail only. We’ll be back up and running as soon as mother nature backs off a bit,

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Website Redesign Launched

We are proud to announce that our newly redesigned site has been released! Our continuing commitment is to provide the most up to date UFO reports available anywhere.   Our content has always been, and will continue to be, free and open to the public.    This new format will allow

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379 New Reports Posted

We have updated the website with the posting of 379 new, or recently amended, UFO sighting report that have been either received, or altered since November 15, 2021.  However, we feel duty-bound to call to the attention of those who visit our site that not all of the reports should be

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463 New Reports Posted

We updated our database of UFO sighting reports on October 19th, with the posting of 407 new reports, and we update again, as of the date of this writing, October 26th, with the posting of 54 recent reports, submitted over the past week. As we always do, we recommend visitors

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123 New Reports Posted

To all those individuals who are in the habit of visiting our website on a regular basis, we apologize for the several recent long delays between revisions of the site, and of the database of UFO sighting reports.  The delays have been the result of several causes, which we won’t

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469 New Reports Posted

The sightings reports have been refreshed with the latest submissions. Stay tuned.   Big changes are coming soon to the NUFORC site, including a complete site refresh and redesign!

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