Starlink Satellites - Please do not Report

NUFORC continues to receive a large volume of calls over its Hotline, and large numbers of written reports, about the “Starlink” satellite clusters.  If you see a line of lights in the sky similar to those shown at right it is probably Starlink, and not UFOs, so please do not report them.   

More Starlink Images

Detailed Video

Hoax and Joke Reports will be Ingnored

If you are thinking of submitting a hoax or joke report, save yourself the time and trouble.  It will be ignored and immediately discarded.

Online Report Form

Our preferred method of taking reports is through our online report form.  To proceed to file your report, click the button below.


The Center’s hotline at  206-722-3000 is generally reserved for recent UFO reports.  However, brief queries may be submitted over the hotline number, and a member of our staff may be able to answer your question.  Information requests may also be sent via email to