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From time to time in the history of science, situations have arisen in which a problem of ultimately enormous importance went  begging for adequate attention simply because that problem appeared to involve phenomena so far outside the current bounds of scientific knowledge that it was not even regarded as a legitimate subject of serious scientific concern. That is precisely the situation in which the UFO problem now lies. 

James E. McDonald, Senior Physicist, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona. 
  Statement on Unidentified Flying Objects to the House Committee on Science and Astronautics, July 29, 1968


354 New UFO Reports Posted, and a New Piece of the Roswell Puzzle?

World UFO Day! Today is World UFO Day, an annual event dedicated to the awareness and celebration of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The day aims to encourage people to think about the possibility of UFOs, discuss related phenomena, and promote government transparency about UFO

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Government Disclosure – How You Can Help

Peter and Christian recently attended the Contact in the Desert UFO Conference in Indio, CA, where the topic of disclosure was omnipresent in talks, workshops, and informal discussions. It is clear that as realization of the reality of the phenomenon seeps deeper and deeper into the public consciousness, the frustration

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241 New UFO Reports Posted

We’ve added 241 new reports to our UFO/UAP sightings database since our last posting earlier this month (in batches). Here are some highlights: June 13, 2023, Newark, NJ An unusual object was observed from an aircraft during takeoff from Newark. Described as oval and blue, smaller than a car, and

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Another Dramatic Triangle – 78 New UFO Reports Posted

On April 8, 2024, around 7:45 PM local time in Seagoville, TX, a witness reported observing a triangular-shaped craft near their home close to Simonds and Bowers Rd, behind the prison and army reserves. This sighting occurred just after sunset during the night of a total eclipse. The craft, estimated

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Dramatic Triangle Sightings – 396 New UFO Reports Posted

The National UFO Reporting Center Data Bank has been updated with 396 new reports, received at our center since March 13. To say things have been dramatic in the skies would be an understatement. Here are some of the best recent sightings:: April 12, 2024, at 21:56, Navarre, Florida: A

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An Unfortunate Case of Deja Vu – Volume One of the AARO Report

For over 75 years, the United States Government has striven to persuade the public that there is no evidence of non-human technology in the UFO phenomenon. Now, in 2024, we find history repeating itself, as the latest government analysis comes to the same dubious conclusion. AARO, or the All-Domain Anomaly

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298 New UFO Reports Posted

The NUFORC Data Bank has been updated with 298 new reports, received over the last month.  We have highlighted below 28 of the most interesting ones, principally those submitted by airline pilots and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic, close range sightings of clearly anomalous

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566 New UFO Reports Posted

The NUFORC website has been updated with the posting of 566 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since December 20th, 2023.  We have highlighted below 60 of the new reports, principally those submitted by airline pilots, and other cockpit crew members, as well as those that describe dramatic,

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97 New UFO Reports Posted

Just in time for the holidays we have added 97 new reports to our Data Bank. Here are the 9 we found most intriguing: Date / Time City State Summary 12/14/23 Pawleys Island SC 4-5 orange solid lights arranged in a triangle shape 12/13/23 Greensboro NC AM sighting of a

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New! UFO Sightings Map

A new interactive global map has been added to our site, which can be accessed from the Map link in the main menu. The map makes it easy to explore sightings within any geographic area. You can click on the individual markers to view the details of the cases at

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University of Utah and Recent AARO Director Publish Study of NUFORC Data

In a study published today on, researchers at the University of Utah collaborated with Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the recent director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), to analyze 98,000 reports from the National UFO Reporting Center Data Bank.  Their article,  “An Environmental Analysis of Public UAP Sightings and

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422 New UFO Reports Posted

The NUFORC databank has been updated with the posting of 422 new reports, received via our Online Report Form since our last update on October 28th. 371 of these reports are of sightings this year, and the rest are events from the prior years that witnesses are just now reporting. Out

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