Metallic Orbs

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Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, recently made the following striking statement about unidentified flying metallic orbs in a public presentation with NASA: “We see these all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers.” A clip of the portion of the presentation containing this statement, which also shows video footage of such an object shot from an MQ-9 reaper drone in Iraq can be viewed here.

NUFORC can certainly corroborate his statement. Here is a list of 21 cases recently reported to the Center of anomalous metallic spheres or orbs.

Date / TimeCityStateSummary
6/28/23PuyallupWASaw silver sphere in sky with sun reflecting off of it super bright. It hung in the sky about 10 seconds, then veared off and dissapear
6/25/23Bowling GreenKYSilver sphere with sun reflecting off of it. Moved slightly left then stayed still then faded from view entirely.
6/24/23ParkerCO2 metallic orbs flying in opposite directions
6/19/23Wheat RidgeCOLow flying, fast moving, absolutely silent reflective orb, no clouds, broad daylight.
6/15/23San FranciscoCAAt 15 min before landing I clearly saw a spherical metal object flying against the plane direction I was fast at least 5 seconds
6/11/23Cape coralFLActually, had three sightings. Daughter told me what she saw I came outside and then I saw it too. I tried to take pic, too fast
6/10/23KilleenTXOrb sighting
6/7/23Highway 20NMMetallic orb hovering no sound size of basketball
6/5/23CorkCounty Cork2 flying crafts in the same direction both 100ft in the sky moving at consistent speed
6/4/23WAMetallic/Gray orb was flight just above a layer of clouds in the opposite direction of my flight.
6/1/23BozemanMTA round object that didn’t move in one spot.
5/30/23MorgantownWVMetallic orb flew over our house – silently and at low altitude
5/21/23SydneyMetallic spherical object travelling in straight line over head in the direction of the military base
5/14/23SimnashoORFlying southbound, saw 2 silver spheres at 10,700′
5/14/23MonmouthORSlow silver metallic ball moving NE
5/13/23Los AngelesCAOn May 13th, 2023 I noticed a bright flashing object in the sky of in the distance as I took a closer look I could see a metallic Orb.
4/19/23Tarpon springsFLI was driving home from a roller blade with my dog when I saw what looked like a metal ball in the sky
3/15/23BronxNYSaw metallic ball 150 feet above head moving sound..silver
6/1/22Hradec nad MoravicíOpava DistrictSon and I saw a dark spherical object hovering in the sky over the valley
11/25/21Heber CityUTWitnessed a metallic disc or sphere traveling East to West.
5/6/21MoabUTFilmed two spherical metal objects fly by, both following the same flight path.

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  1. Rick

    Tuesday July 2 2:13 Pm Location at 2775 SW 28th Terrace, Miami, FL 33133 / I was in my truck making a stop at a gas station for a coffee and my assistant alerted me to something in the sky that was moving from one in an unusual way, it was a silver ball which moved from slow to very fast in various directions. We managed to take photos of it but it was impossible to make videos of it / I’m sure it wasn’t anything from our planet

  2. Michael

    Someone from Columbus Ga reported spheres in 3 cumulative reports submitted in July and Aug of 2022 that were never published.

    Hopefully those reports weren’t discarded as hoax reports because they were definitely were not.

    1. Christian Stepien

      Hi Michael. If you go to the Georgia report index and search for Columbus you should find those reports. Let me know if you still think they are not there.

  3. Joe G.

    I spotted a flashing orb a few years ago I. Southern California. I still have the video. How do I go about sharing this?

    1. Christian Stepien

      Hi Joe. Just go to our File a Report page. There is a box at the bottom of the form where you can add images and videos.

  4. Randy

    Me and two other guys watched a 20ft by 20ft bight glowing green orb flat/hover dwn out of the sky then continued to hover 20ft or so above at single wide mobile trailer and stayed in place for 1-2 minutes as we walked towards it, my phone would not work to take a picture of it but it was bright in the center and was a line green towards the edges it then slowly started to hover off to the right then after it was 100 to 150 ft away it took of like a bullet, it did not make a sound the entire time this happened back in 2015-2016

  5. Brandon

    My daughter and I saw a metal orb hovering in our backyard in June of 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. It was about 2 foot in diameter, about 50 foot from us and 15 foot above the ground. After a few seconds, took off into the sky like a bullet. It was literally a blur. After that sighting, she and I have continued to see glowing orbs much higher up in our area.

  6. Nick

    I have video evidence of this orb also. I find it interesting that the Bronx is mentioned because I live 15 minutes from the Bronx in Astoria. I took the video on August 13th 2pm. Please reach out to me at to send video to appropriate office. Also have video of 90 degree turn made by a ufo in June 2020

    1. Christian Stepien

      Nick, you can submit your videos through the report form available on this site.

  7. James Johnson

    I seen them twice in the last 3 yrs. Then Something similar this year!!

  8. maggi rankin

    Hello! This is an old one but wanted to make sure its in your data base. 1970ish, Sarasota or Bradenton, Florida. Im out in the gulf looking back at the beach. not sure how far out in the water, but there are 3 “opaque metallic bronze colored” spheres darting around over the tree line. They darted around for just a few seconds, then all 3 went in together and became one slightly bigger one that zoomed off at a 30 degree angle and disappeared. I dont know how big they were or any other details but they werent glowing or even shiney.

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