Fighter Jets Circle UAP in Michigan on June 3 (Updated June 22)

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NUFORC receives 10 to 20 UFO reports each day. Our standard procedure is to review and post these reports in batches, however we felt the following incident was significant enough to release ASAP. On June 3, four witnesses observed what was described as an aerial “dogfight” between 2 jets and a UAP over a Meijer’s grocery store in Bad Axe Michigan. Here is the report:

Quiet afternoon no signs of planes it’s, 10 am, in the parking lot of the storage unit across from Miejers. Myself, my wife and 2 Co workers were helping move my camper! Suddenly ear shattering afterburner on 2 what I think were F-16 or F-22 were flying together whilst dogfighting something I couldn’t see at first. They would circle fast as they could looking intently for something. Circling the sun around about 2 or 3 times and suddenly there was this white/metallic disc hard to see because it was shining with the sun, it seemed to hide in the sun from the fighters, whom obviously couldn’t see it. The UAP was extremely fast it was capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the fighter jets with extreme ease. It would overtake a jet, stop suddenly and seemed to turn toward the incoming jet like spin in there direction without moving. The jet would shoot out anti missile flares like it was under direct attack. The UAP was also comfortable to just spin again and make the next jet flanking shoot its anti missile flares! There was clear distress. The fighters took off together repeating this attack approximately 3 times before taking off in an ear shattering retreat. The UAP sat in the sun a moment longer and seemed to circle the area almost as in a victory lap, it then departed with absolutely no sound in the complete opposite direction as the fighter jets had flown. To be clear when the UAP was stationary and the jets had flown away every time the 3 attempts and the retreat the only clear sound of a airplane was the fighters who seemed to be intercepting this sudden threat. I did not see if the UAP had shot anything I could define as a weapon. And the fact that the dogfight happened almost entirely in the rays of the sun my galaxy s22 ultra was not able to get anything other than a blinding glare and noise

If anyone else was witness to this event we encourage you to file a report.

UPDATE – June 14.

We just spoke with the witness who filed the report, as well as his wife who also viewed the incident. After reviewing photos of types of military aircraft he able to narrow down the identification of the jets to F-16’s, not F-22’s. When the F-16s departed, they flew to the south, while the UAP disappeared over the lake. The witness has military experience and was familiar with aircraft from his time stationed at the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in Korea, where he was trained. He also added that for 4 days after the sighting the jets returned to the same spot at 10AM, firing flare again on the 4th day.

We have asked the witness to send us a drawing of the UAP, as well as to encourage his friends to submit corroborating reports, which we will post as soon as we receive them.

UPDATE – June 18

Last night we received the following report from the wife of the original witness, who described the event from her vantage point:

While dropping off my camper at Thumb Storage on the morning of June 3rd, 2023, around 10:00 am, I was sitting in my car as my husband unhooked the camper from the truck. Suddenly, the roar of jets filled the air; they were both loud and incredibly fast. As I often do when I hear jets, I watched them carefully. This time, however, they began to fire flares, circling an object that I spotted emerging from the brilliance of the sun. It’s difficult to describe what I saw accurately, but the object appeared to be a disk-like shape and metallic in color. The peculiar type of metallic hue was blending with the sunlight, making it rather hard to discern. I called out for my husband, who was already attempting to record the surreal occurrence. The jets continued their circling maneuver around this unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) a few more times, and launched more flares. It seemed as though they were having difficulty tracking the object, perhaps losing it in the sun’s glare. Remarkably, the UAP was silent, moving in a sort of skipping motion. After they lost sight of it once more, the jets promptly departed.

Media Interest

Several local news sites, as well as Coast to Coast AM, have picked up the story. Mark Birdsall, assistant editor of the Huron Daily Tribune, reached out to several air bases to try to to identify where the jets came from, but came up empty. He did, however, identify several other witnesses who saw the jets and one who also confirmed the UAP. Read his full article here.

UPDATE – June 22

Linda Mouton Howe has posted an in depth interview with 2 of the witnesses on YouTube. In the interview there is some discussion that the jets may have been F-35’s rather than F-16’s. Click here to view the video. The interview starts at the 5 minute time mark and lasts roughly 20 minutes.

Furthermore, a caller to the hotline has communicated that there are radar tapes he has seen proving the jets were over Bad Axe at the time of the sighting.

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  1. collins

    For what it’s worth, the 127th Wing of the Michigan Air National Guard operates the A-10 Thunderbolt II. In fact, they have a whole squadron of A-10s, which were once used as part of the Tactical Air Command in support of ground troops. These were tank busting aircraft, not fighter jets. The Michigan ANG also operates the MQ-9 Reaper… the remotely piloted drone that we hear so much about in the Middle East. As well, the 127th flies the KC-135T Stratotanker… a refueling aircraft.

    The 127th Wing doesn’t fly F-16s or F-22 fighter jets… they’re simply not in the inventory. So where did the interceptors come from?

    1. Christian Stepien

      F-16’s are based out of Toledo at the 180th fighter wing of the Air National Guard, and are often seen on training missions over northern Michigan.

  2. Tom

    Would love to hear the noises of the jets and afterburner etc on your video. Just the noise of the jets alone would confirm this sighting as accurate. Please post up. Post on youtube also. For me and I think everyone else, this would only be believable if you posted up what you got with the jet sounds. Many parts you said were not in the blinding lights of the sun, also the fighter pilot ls would have a totally different vantage point of the sun then you. Please post the video footage you do have, even if it’s only sound. Thank you.

    1. Christian Stepien

      Unfortunately, the witness deleted the video, as the UAP was not visible in it.

      1. martin Workens

        why would you delete video. makes whole narration suspect!

  3. Tom

    Hoping to hear more on this fascinating sighting.

  4. Doug

    If you look on sky vector that is military airspace where they practice dog fighting and whatever else almost every day. closes Air bases are Selfridge which has A10s and Toledo which has F16s.

  5. Brian

    Very interesting sighting. Hoping a FOIA request can get reports from the pilots who engaged on this.

    1. JB


    2. Kylerbry

      My thing is why don’t we have better cock pit video of
      Recent pilot encounters with all these “FOIA” requests?

  6. A

    Please upload the video even if it’s hard to see! It’s important to see the bright sun you described and hear this event happening!

  7. redmanticore

    cool story bro

  8. Zer0Cool

    Has anyone cross referenced this sighting with flight data from ADS-B transponders on the open source/uncensored

    For NUFORC it might be worth it to get access to their historical data archive for this sighting and others. While military planes can turn off ADS-B transponders, by law in the US they must have them turned on in Class A airspace.

    As an example, during the recent shootdowns following the Chinese spy balloon, military aircraft were tracked on ADSB Exchange in the vicinity to where the operations happened.

  9. Den martyn

    Am shocked NUFORC i upload report incident that happened over skys manchester england uk 2nd June 2023 early Friday morning of multiple UFO / UAP crafts orbs ASWELL as collision explosion strange figures and you fail to disclose.upload … we have things falling from skys this dog fight and my cctv footage all within few days of each other.

  10. collins

    Peter Davenport, Mark Birdsall, and the other commentators here… the more information, the better. As a longtime visitor to this site, obviously this report caught my attention… but it just wasn’t coming together for me.

    The flares, as I understand it, are typically used to divert heat-seeking missiles, and suggest that this was some kind of training exercise. As to what the witness described as a circular shaped object, or UAP, that could out maneuver the fighter jets, possibly F-16s, who knows?

    Going back to the ’70s, I have a brother who once flew with an Air Force squadron designed to intercept UFOs, as they were formally called. So the military denial regarding involvement with this sighting, in spite of the Pentagon’s new claim to transparency, doesn’t surprise me.

    1. Christian Stepien

      We’d love to get some reports from your brother on his experiences if he’s willing to share them!

      1. Billy J Story

        Has this incident been investigated by any news organizations? If so who, and if not, why not? Im no total skeptic at all. I saw something once. NewsNation has been all over this top. Ret. military have testified under oath and would go to the pen if .they were lying. So why not contact somebody who can do some.diggin lol

    2. Jamie

      My family and I as well as my neighbors saw the fighters and the flares! Never did we ever see the ufo. Though it made us all panic mainly because we could see the fire from the flares and had no idea what was truly going on. I called my father freaking out, because I know this wasn’t typical behavior, nor is it normal to have as we call “fire in the sky” over a residential area. The H. Tribune covered the story and added a photo of Will Smith from the movie MIB. But again we never saw what they or if they were chasing anything. It was infact a dog fight, and yes they did fire multiple times very quickly. So it’s my assumption it was flares. But I can’t say for sure, why or if they were going after a UFO. I do know that many people saw it.
      It was hard to miss and hard not hear them as they flew around. Also I will add we don’t live far from the Meijer at all, so the location I can confirm to be correct and the time of day as well.

  11. collins

    Here’s the thing, Christian:

    I was born in the late ’50s and came of age in the ’70s, that decade when this squadron operated. So I grew up with part of this, that is to say I remember when… let’s call him Rob, first flew for Civil Air Transport (CAT) in Southeast Asia, similar to what Air America was doing at the time.
    By the ’70s he was flying for this unnamed squadron over large parts of the US, and these were research flights. I mean, these were Boeing 707s conducting intelligence flights. I remember the term that these intercepts were “data driven,” electronics, radar, particularly Synthetic Aperture Radar, which came along a little later and allowed for three dimensional imagining.
    But here’s the weird thing, this went on during the ’70s. So how come this new congressional office set up to investigate UAPs isn’t doing anything like this? Have they forgotten about this, or are conveniently unaware of the history?
    At any rate, I still enjoy a good story; and as for Rob… a lot older but still the company man that he was when he went off to SE Asia for the Agency, which he doesn’t talk much about either.
    If you want my opinion, the truth is still out there….

  12. Frank

    without video evidence of this alleged UFO incident (considering that most people today carry a smartphone), witnesses’ credibility is severely diminished

    1. Tim

      Hello Frank,
      I read your comment and just wanted to reply, I am 60yrs old and I have seen 8 ufos in my lifetime. Some of them before camera phones some after. I have lived in my current home for 40yrs and I have seen 4 in the air space above my home in that time period. I saw 3 in 2015 about a month apart, I come from a mechanical back ground and I can repair most anything from your car to heavy machinery to your washing machine. I pretty much so know how things work when I see it. The last craft I saw was not made by humans not made here no possible way.
      If you ever see one you will find yourself looking up alot. All of my sightings were at close range except two all during the daytime except 1. When I see one I am in such awe that I dont want to take my eyes off of it as I am afraid I will miss it hence the reason I have never videoed one of them. I cant wait to see the next one, I look every day.

      1. Firefly 2020


        I’ve seen 2 so far in my life and honestly I hope I never see another one. The first was up close and extended over a period of about 15 minutes. It was a black triangle that left the area in a Star Trek like streak of light just before two military jets showed up with their afterburners on. The craft made no sound and when it passed directly overhead at about 50 ft elevation, there was no heat or exhaust.

        The second was a classic silver grey disk which appeared to be at about 2,000 ft. elevation. My wife was with me and saw it as well. It was traveling on a straight course, but it was very windy that day and you could see it getting buffeted by the wind.

  13. Christopher Wager

    I have personally seen UFO’s over Detroit, MI on May 26, 2023 around 6:45 pm. I never heard of this website, so I didn’t report it until today. If you have Instagram you can see the picture and a video I took. My Instagram is private but request to follow @chris_style_sr and I will accept so you can see it for yourself. They are definitely out here in Michigan and I encourage people to look up a little more often.

  14. tim ziev

    Conjectured that the method of travel involves creating a bubble within/outside the quantum fabric of space thus free from gravity itself .
    The bubble is opened “in front” and closed “behind” moving whatever is in the bubble frictionlessly and free from gravity .



    1. Byron

      See my comment below as a starting point reply to your post

  15. Byron

    @ tim ziev
    There’s obviously a lot to it that you, me & Joe Regular Guy don’t understand, or rather, can’t currently fully comprehend yet but I’m certain you will find lots of signature hallmarks not to mention very interesting reading materials involving a few of these topics:

    * Zero-Point Energy
    * QED Vacuum State (Quantum Electrodynamic Vacuum State)
    * Spontaneous Emission
    * The Casimir Effect
    * Electromagnetic Four-Potential
    * Harmonic Oscillation
    * Kinematics
    * Superposition
    * Anti-gravitics
    And of course many others obviously…

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