SkyWatch Passive Radar Network for Citizen Disclosure

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In 2004, Peter Davenport proposed a method to to build a UFO detection system utilizing passive radar, and presented his ideas in the MUFON UFO Journal. Now, almost 20 years later, Mitch Randall, working with the Galileo Project at Harvard, has built a working prototype and proven the concept.

The next step is to secure funding to produce a commercially available unit that anyone can buy and install. When at least 3 of these systems are deployed in any given area, what Mitch calls Objects Outside the Paradigm of Science (or OOPS), can be detected. These are craft that can make instantaneous non-inertial right angle turns at high velocities, something which many UFO’s have been observed to do (some cases of which have been confirmed on standard radar). No human made object is capable of maneuvering like this. If a network of passive radar receivers could be widely deployed, the smoking gun for proving non-human built craft exist could finally be in the hands of the general public.

Further Resources

For more information, and a great video describing the project, go to the SkyWatch Page at Ascendent AI.


Using Multistatic Passive Radar for Real-Time Detection of UFOs in the Near-Earth Environment, 2004, Peter Davenport

SkyWatch: A Passive Multistatic Radar Network for the Measurement of Object Position and Velocity, 2022, Mitch Randall et al.

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  1. collins

    I’ll buy one… and install it.

    It’s progressive thinking like this that will solve the UFO/UAP phenomenon, and lift the subject from mere speculation and/or entertainment where it’s been stuck for decades.

    As I alluded to in a previous post, and being a student of history, the US government actually took the phenomenon seriously back in the ’70s, developing a prototype for synthetic aperture radar and then flight testing it aboard a squadron of 707s.

    Depending on the altitude of the aircraft, the three dimensional imaging system had a range up to three thousand miles… seriously. Similar technology today, like the Cobra Dane facility on Shemya Island, allows the Air Force to monitor developments taking place deep within Russia.

    As to the findings developed by this unnamed squadron that once crisscrossed the skies above the country, decades ago, in search of genuine unidentified flying objects… perhaps it’s all just part of history, like the fuel pumps once used on Apollo, now having to be invented again by Boeing for the Artemis booster.

    Nevertheless, job well done, Peter Davenport.

  2. Tom

    I like this!

  3. JTWilliams

    It cannot be a coincidence that an institution like Harvard would be hosting this project right now. Peter has been seeking collaboration on passive radar for decades, but that cooperation has always been shut down. With all these recent high profile sightings and information being leaked out of the government, it feels like something monumental is about to come out. It seems that the multiple generation disclosure process is about to come to a head. Traditional religious faith is dying- the church has succumbed to the world. I’d assume this is a necessary step before the ET presence is officially acknowledged.

    We are living in interesting times. I hope Peter is well, I miss hearing his voice on the radio. Be skeptical of government pronouncements- they will use UFO/ET disclosure for their own purposes, surely at the expense of individual freedom.

  4. collins

    Would that be ET or AI?
    I share similar feelings about this moment in time, but also feel tempered by the onslaught of sophisticated drone technology and social media manipulation, the likes of which have already resulted in impressive hoaxes.
    I mean, I grew up with sightings made by the likes of Lonnie Zamora, who, as a New Mexico police officer, in April 1964, made what has to be one of the quintessential reports of a Close Encounter of the Third Kind; and having met the man, I remain convinced that he truly witnessed something not of this earth.
    On the other hand, I also enjoyed the camaraderie of George Adamski, along with Orthon and the space brothers from Venus. Adamski did for the ’50s what Whitley Strieber did for the ’80s, and revived the alien contact experience. Every alien described today comes from Strieber and the dreams that he reported that were so vivid, according to him, they may have been real.
    This kind of history had a time and a place in the culture, it only seemed appropriate for a generation brought up on Buck Rogers and Malt-O-Meal. But today, I recently petted a robot dog that can fire a sniper’s rifle mounted on its back and hit a target over a mile away. And then there’s the one about the robot who, in the middle of an interview, started talking about world domination, and about how it wanted to conquer the earth.
    So yeah, there is this anticipation… but the truth is still out there.

  5. Absolm Flazed

    Not quite on the man made side of things. The USN and now Space Firce has been operating at least 136 ships in eight fleets since the 80’s and 90’s. We make small ones as well. The TR3 has been shuttling Special Ops around since at least 90’s they are were USAF. Check out Dr Michael Salla’s books his pod casts are almost funny but books are good. Converging Evidence everywhere!

  6. kym

    I read Davenport’s paper some months back and was inspired to throw something rought together
    just to see what I would get.
    I live near airport and we see lots
    of lights in the sky at night. 1/2 of them coming
    from the E. IYKWIM. After a few days of tinkering
    it managed to pick up aircraft coming over the property during the day.
    At dusk a couple times it managed to differentiate pairs of targets — visually one
    a light aircraft and the other a LIT that seemed
    to be of great interest to said aircraft.
    The AUS govt put out a story some months back it
    was “photographing Chinese satellites”.
    But the s/w I tinkered up seemed to find said satellites
    sometimes were at an alt of only 2000-4000m
    and could be chased by a fixed wing aircraft.
    So the good news is — some unknowns seem to reflect ~3m radio waves
    so the idea could be a go. Multiple receivers
    on one of those fancy mesh networks would probably
    be a bit more reliable than my setup of 2 old TV ant, 2 old FM radios off-tuned, and their audios fed
    into the stereo jack of my desktop comp.

  7. Wilson, B.

    I would like for to establish a discussion forum/message board.

    I love this website and this community. It’s a safe place for us to talk about our passion for UFOs and the going ons of our daily lives. As a UFO close encounter witness I want to connect with others in this search. The other forums are full of charlatans and scatterbrains. This website seems to attract intelligent and level-headed folks. The forum would compliment passive radar.

    Lack of communication between those in the serious-minded UFO seeking community is going to hamper our search for clues.

    1. Christi

      Wilson how would I contact someone to look at some video I have of something I saw on 10/11/23. I’m new here and would love input from someone

  8. TTho

    Phenomenal work. Can’t wait to see the results!

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