National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1977


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/30/77 10:00BratenhaulOHUSADisk1 hourPolice, myself and others stood 200 feet from UFO in Bratenaul, Ohio12/12/11
5/29/77 23:30WatertownNYUSACigar30-45 secondsMy friend and I were on our way to my summer place in Canada and had pulled off I-81 for a rest stop. We were looking at how beautiful 6/12/02
5/28/77 00:00MeridianIDUSADisk20 minutesIt passed over our house and the other houses dead center of them at such a slow speed, I couldn`t figure how it could stay in the air,6/18/03
5/28/77 21:00Los AngelesCAUSACigarfew secondsI was only 6 but I'll never gorget the silent metal stick that silently flew over me as I waited in the car that night on my birthday. 7/11/00
5/28/77 00:01MeridianIDUSADisk20 minutesIt passed over our house and the other houses dead center of them at such a slow speed, I couldn`t figure how it could stay in the air,7/16/03
5/25/77 01:00MarshallILUSACigar20 min.totally black object in the sky10/30/06
5/23/77 21:00MettacahontsNYUSACircle1 minuteCircular object with many lights moving very slowly at low height over rural upstate New York in the late 1970s10/30/12
5/22/77 20:00MaranaAZUSASphere60 min ??That's NOT the moon!9/29/04
5/15/77 23:00MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown10 min. +The red and green lights were in a triangular configuration and just hovered above the airport with no sound4/16/05
5/15/77 08:00ElmontVAUSADisk4 minutessilver disk near Elmont Elementary School in 19778/4/03
5/15/77 02:00Kilmarnock (UK/England)United Kingdom20 minutesWhisper quiet hovering craft.6/12/02
5/15/77 00:00SalemORUSACigar15 minutesSlowly moving cigar-shaped object with unusual flashing lights seen in Salem, OR in 1970's.7/1/02
5/13/77 13:00Lake Guadalupe (Mexico)MexicoEgg5 minutesIt was silent and metalic and reflective.10/15/03
5/10/77 01:00KemahTXUSALight10-15 secondsA white "star" in the sky began to spiral and zig zag in the sky then zoomed off and disappeared.1/19/05
5/8/77 16:00KinderLAUSASphere20 minutesMultiple Daytime sighting of silver spheres.6/12/08
5/1/77 22:00DenverCOUSALight30mintwo lazer like lights, one 6-12 inches off the ground, one dollar sized on the ground.1/17/04
5/1/77 21:30FreelandMIUSAOther3-4 min.stelth looking object. No sound & it hovered just 100-150 feet above us. Lights in a sequence on bottom.2/18/01
5/1/77 20:25WinamucchaNVUSACigar1min 10 secI saw a vehicle from another planet in May of 1977,8/7/07
5/1/77 19:00Des PlainesILUSAOval1 hourGrandma's UFO1/19/05
5/1/77 19:00PalatineILUSAOval1 hourOval shaped object flies over Palatine, while it hoovers; over a private school called: Little City.6/12/02
5/1/77 19:00Bhandara (near Nagpur) (India)IndiaFireball15 secondsOrange ball, fast moving at low altitude with no sounds7/5/08
5/1/77 17:00Yazoo CityMSUSAOval1hour?Two oval crafts with amber colored lights seen in1977.6/12/02
5/1/77 01:00noneFLUSASphere15 minUSS John F. Kennedy: Fireball and siver object viewed from U.S. Navy aircraft carrier6/12/07
5/1/77 00:00JacksonvilleARUSATriangle5 minutesLuminious at a distance, very fire like ( massive blaze, orangish-red glow, turning amber up close. Very quiet. Triangular shape,2/18/01
5/1/77BridgeportCTUSADiskhalf an hour or moreThe craft was HUGE! Its diameter was big enough to fit a couple of good sized houses under it. Had windows, all the way around the to10/19/99