Occurred: 1977-05-08 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-06-04 22:17 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Kinder, LA, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Emitted other objects, Changed Colo

Multiple Daytime sighting of silver spheres

I was home on leave from the U.S. Navy between May 6-12, 1977. While home near Kinder, Louisiana, I went and met a couple of friends that were fishing in an irrigation canal about a mile North of town on Green Oak Road around 4:00 PM in the afternoon. My friends were in a boat fishing about 100 yards from the road as I started walking down the canal levy to meet them.

About half way to them, my friends started yelling like crazy for me to look up in the sky. They were pointing in the sky to the North of the canal, but I was unable to see anything because of trees growing nearby.

I yelled back and ask what it was, and they were yelling that it was a UFO! At that time, I started running toward them and looking through the trees for an opening.

As I neared my friends, I saw the object in the sky that had them all excited. It appeared to be a perfectly round silver sphere glowing against the cloudless blue afternoon sky. Again I asked my friends what it was, and again they said it was a UFO as they paddled to the bank and told me to get in the boat to have a better look at the object.

As we paddled away from the bank and sat in the middle of the canal watching the object for a few minutes, it appeared to be getting somewhat closer like maybe it was drifting toward us slightly. I thought that possibly it could have been a weather balloon at that point, except for the fact that it was perfectly round and not long like a weather balloon and the silver glow of the object seemed far more intense that any weather balloon that I have ever seen reflecting the sun.

The object became very stationary again and appeared to be the size of a quarter held at arms length. Without any reference to the size of the object, I was unable to determine if it was the size of a basketball and was just above the grown pine trees, or if it was a mile across and two miles away. At its closest most stationary point, I remember remarking to my friends that there was something larger and transparent behind the glowing sphere in the sky. It was difficult to see, but there appeared to be a much larger transparent possibly saucer shaped object on top of the sphere. You could see the sky through the larger object, but you also see the outline of the larger shape above it as if you were looking through a clear glass object.

About five minutes into the sighting, a smaller very intense red ball of light appeared at the bottom on the silver sphere that looked very much like a lit road flair without any smoke coming off of it. Very slowly the intense red ball of light started to lower from the silver sphere and appeared to be held in position by a very fine dark line in the sky. The much smaller intense red ball lowered a distance about four times the diameter of the larger silver sphere and then stopped in the sky and remained stationary as the dark line that appeared to be lowering the object appeared to turn into ashes and fall from the sky. The lowering of the red object took 1-2 minutes.

Over the period of the next five minutes, the smaller red ball of light started expanding and collapsing in size getting lighter in color as it expanded and redder as it collapsed. Each time the red ball of light expanded and collapsed it remained larger each time and lighter in color until it was finally identical in size and color of the larger silver sphere in which the much smaller ball of light descended from. Now the identical silver spheres of light sat stationary one above the other for another five minutes.

After five minutes, suddenly both spheres moved far across the sky to the West so fast that the eye was unable to see the movement. The objects were simply here and then all of sudden they were sitting far across the sky at a dead stop with a fine dark line in the sky from where each object was sitting connecting to were each object now sat. Again, the fine dark lines in the sky appeared to turn to ashes and fall from the sky in a couple of seconds. Both objects repeated these rapid unseen to the eye movements 4-5 times over the next five minutes leaving the fine dark line each time they moved back and forth widely from the East and West across the sky. Each time both objects stayed perfectly spaced one above the other.

After five minutes of unbelievable and unseen movement and instant stops that lasted about a minute each, one sphere darted quickly out of sight behind the trees to the North and the other quickly cleared the Eastern horizon in approximately two seconds. At least this time they were moving slow enough to actually see them move across the sky.

During the entire 20 minutes or so that we observed the object(s) moving or sitting stationary in the sky there were no noise whatsoever heard form them.

After both objects left the area, we quickly loaded up the boat and headed toward the home of one my friends in the boat that lived two miles North of our location. Upon pulling up at my friends house, his younger brothers and sister came running up to the truck all yelling “daddy saw a UFO, daddy saw a UFO”. My friend said, “let me do the talking” and then asked his dad what he saw. His dad said, “that he had saw a UFO straight above his property for nearly ten minutes and that it sprayed spider webs every time it moved.” When asked what he meant about it spraying spider webs, he said “every time it moved it sprayed spider webs that fell on his property and completely covered his ten acre pasture so that it looked like it was totally covered by white frost”. He said that he tried to gather the spider webs up in his hands and it would melt in his hands as soon as it touched the skin. By the time we had made it to my friends home all of the “spider webs” had melted off of the ten acre pasture.

I then headed to town (Kinder, LA) to see if anyone in town had seen the “UFO”. I met nearly a dozen different people shortly thereafter that I knew and they all asked, “did you see the UFO” before I would even have a chance to ask them. With so many people seeing the UFO, I figured that it had to be on the evening news so I headed home to watch it. Nothing was mentioned during the newscast, but at the start of the weather the weatherman announced that 200 people had called the TV station (KPLC) and reported seeing a UFO between Kinder and Oakdale, LA (a distance of 30 miles). However, the weatherman then announced that it was not a UFO. He stated that the National Weather Service had called the station and said that it was only a “special weather balloon that was equipped with rockets”.

Two days after the above sighting while riding with my brother on Hwy 165 South of Kinder. My brother ran his brand new Ford LTD II off the road, jumped out of the car and unto the hood yelling, “I saw it, I saw it”. Thinking he had nutted up, I ask him, “you saw what”. He said that he had just seen one of the silver spheres on the East side of the highway and that it had crashed into the rice field between the 3rd and 4th levy (maybe 100 yards) from the road. He then attempted to enter the field, but I persuaded him not to enter the field as it was planted with young rice about 6 inches high and flooded with water. I assured him that if the object had crashed, we would have been able to see it from the road. I asked him if he had seen any water or mud come up from the ground when it crashed and he said, “actually it did not look like it crashed, it looked like it went into the ground”.

I was just wondering if anyone else had seen a “weather balloon” that could move across the sky in excess of 30,000 mph and stop and go in an instant without making any noise. I have been looking for another one for over 30 years without any luck.


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2008-06-12

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