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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/6/2011 03:15 (Entered as : 04/0611 3:15)
Reported: 4/7/2011 6:34:39 AM 06:34
Posted: 5/2/2011
Location: Hatfield, MA
Shape: Formation
Duration: 7 seconds
April 6 2011 Formation Sighting Over Hatfield MA

I am a truck driver, so I have early work start times I was not purposely looking at the sky the morning of April 6, 2011, but I was cleaning the West Coast mirror of my truck so I was looking up at the mirror. In my peripheral vision, I saw a left to right moving light (west to east). I thought immediately it was a satellite because there was an absence of sound. I am always curious about moving objects in the night sky so when I was finished moving the squeegee down the mirror, I focused on the object. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t one object; it was 3 spheres of light moving together in a triangle pattern.

I studied the objects and atmospheric conditions carefully. I estimate they were 1500-2000 feet high, moving at about 100-200MPH. The night sky was cloudless with winds blowing from the NW at about 15-20MPH. I estimate these spheres of light to be approximately 75-100 ft in diameter. Let me emphasis, these objects were not points of light that you might see from a specific light source, such as the strobe lights on an airplane. These were spheres of muted white light, 75-100 ft in diameter each. After 6 seconds, I was preparing to take a video with my iphone. At 7 seconds, the objects vanished in a way that looked similar to the way people disappeared when in the "transporter" on the TV series "Star Trek," not instantly, but over a period of about a second or so.

Let me just mention as background information: my father was a career Air Force NCO. I grew up on Air Force Bases and around airplanes. I have observed airplanes both civilian and military all of my life (I am now 58 years old). I have observed satellites since I was a kid. I know what they look like and their predictable behavior. This observation was unlike any in my past. The soundless, formation flying objects were unlike any airplane(s) or satellites I have ever seen. The fact that they were flying over one of the largest food warehouses on the east coast may just be coincidence, but maybe not.

I am not a Cooke but when I shared my observations with others that night, I was treated by some like I was. I have never reported anything like this before. This observation has shaken me because I cannot explain it and I am reporting it in hopes that somehow the information can be beneficial.