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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/6/2002 23:03 (Entered as : 6/06/02 23:03)
Reported: 6/19/2002 9:21:11 PM 21:21
Posted: 7/1/2002
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Sphere
Duration: appx. 3 min.
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Green Globes over Las Vegas

This was the same night as the prediction fiasco. We were packing up sound equipment at the stage after the mentalist and the majority of the crowd was gone. While looking to the south, several of us saw a round green light coming over the horizon, heading north toward Vegas. It did not blink or turn, it made no sound, and it took about 90 seconds to travel about 20 miles or so, followed by another round green light going the same direction and just as quickly. Air traffic that night was approaching Vegas from the east and departing to the west. Although many of the planes would head west out over the mountains and then turn 180 degrees to continue east, there was no north/south air traffic at the time of the sightings. A film crew for the local NBC affiliate filmed the lights and telacast the images live during their evening news report. I'm surprised no more has been discussed about the sightings, I guess everyone associates them with the evening's earlier hoax, but I saw what I saw, so did a bunch of other people including camera crews from 3 different TV stations.