National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2020/05/15


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/15/20 19:25Indore City (India)India60 secondsSeen a bright spot travelling from east to north but slightly larger in size and lower altitude5/15/20
5/14/20 21:40WellbornFLUSATriangle5 minutesLarge bright triangular slow moving object south to north then course change east, no sound or strobe.5/15/20
5/14/20 20:45Black River FallsWIUSATriangle2 minutesOrange triangular craft followed by military jet5/15/20
5/14/20 18:45Sale (Australia)AustraliaLight10 minutes37 lights in staggered formation traverling east to west. (sic. West to east??)) ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
5/14/20 03:30NooksackWAUSALight5 minutesDancing light in the sky.5/15/20
5/14/20 01:59TempeAZUSACircle1.5 secondsMulti-colored, roundish, very bright light moving extremely fast across the night sky in more than one direction.5/15/20
5/14/20 00:20Charleston (James Island)SCUSAFireball5 secondsOrange/fiery circular object streaking thru the sky but was gone within 3-5s of seeing it5/15/20
5/13/20 23:00GoldenMSUSASphere20 minutesMultiple small, white and blue orbs gather in a large tree nearby after i flashing my light toward where i seen the first orb.5/15/20
5/13/20 21:24North Las vegasNVUSASphereFLASHING RED/ORANGE ORB FLYING THROUGH SKY.5/15/20
5/13/20 21:00SheltonCTUSALight1 hourBright like that suddenly vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Venus??))5/15/20
5/13/20 10:00Maldivian Island resortMaldivesFireball3 minutesMe and my family we are currently held in quarantine in a Maldivian resort in Maldives. And while we were just hanging out in the balco5/15/20
5/13/20 03:37SpringfieldNJUSALight7 secondsYellow light floating across my grass as it descended it set off my Ring lights. The image can be seen on the Ring doorbell camera for5/15/20
5/13/20 00:00Gulf MillsPAUSAOther5 minutesDriving on I76 near Gulf mills an craft with red blinking lights was going back in forth over the hill side. Then just suddenly stop ov5/15/20
5/12/20 12:05GranbyCOUSATriangle2 minutesThree silent, black triangle craft flew over and did a loop in a formation before flying over the mountains.5/15/20
5/11/20 00:00KirklandILUSADisk2 hoursA disk went around my town and kept going to the stars until i could not see it anymore.5/15/20
5/10/20 01:00ConwayARUSATriangle5 minutesVery low flying triangle shape craft, made no noise. Flew from east to west over my field and house. Altitude was about 1000 feet.5/15/20
5/1/20 02:00Esfehan (Iran)IranFireball30 minutesStrange pulsating bright lite in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))5/15/20
4/23/20 22:00GoodyearAZUSALight30 minutesObject with two lights on each far end that would stay in perfect sync and appear horizonal one minute then vertical within seconds5/15/20
4/22/20 23:00Pocomoke CityMDUSALight2 minutesTonight it was the usual ball of light that dimmed and brightened on and off then disappeared. Last week myself and my wife witnessed a5/15/20
4/22/20 22:00Clifton SpringsNYUSAChevron2-3 minutesLow-flying, asymmetrically-lit, silent pseudo-airplane flying on a clear night.5/15/20
4/22/20 20:50RicetownKYUSALight20 minutesBlinking lights in forest and in yard.5/15/20
4/22/20 08:48WacoTXUSASphere3 minutesI saw a beam of blue light as I watched the other UFO zip through the sky5/15/20
4/22/20 03:20MinotNDUSAFormation5 minutesFleet of unknown fast moving bright objects. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/21/20 20:30InterlakenNJUSAChanging35 minutesIt would zig zag and fo up and down not the first tome Iíve seen. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/15/20
4/18/20 22:30BangorMIUSATriangle45 minutesLarge bright ball not registering on any app as a planet or bright star. Got closer and went back was triangle shape and brighter than5/15/20
4/18/20 21:05JanesvilleMNUSALight15 minutesA trail of star like lights moving from the W. They were in a straight line and equally spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/18/20 19:45TopekaKSUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle shaped craft surrounded by small crafts in formation, moved one direction, then another, then disappeared.5/15/20
4/17/20 21:15MantenoILUSATriangle1 minuteLast night around 9:15 my wife and I were sitting in our backyard when my wife thought she saw a shooting star, I turned to look but wh5/15/20
4/17/20 21:00Las VegasNVUSACircle20 minutes39 orbs dropping out of cloud one after another over north west Las Vegas. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/17/20 20:00WashougalWAUSALight30-45 minutesWhen we thought we saw the space station fly by, subsequently 25 plus lights flew by all train. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 23:00LawtonOKUSALight15 minutesSaw 18 bright small lights following each other in a line. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 22:55TomeNMUSAstill going onContinuous flickering light appears to be slowly moving.5/15/20
4/16/20 22:10LibbyMTUSALight10 minutesString of lights over Northwest Montana. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 22:00NampaIDUSALight15 minutesI looked up at the sky see the stars and suddenly I thought I was dizzy ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:40RenoNVUSAFireball5Floating over Reno and using multiple colors. Clouds got in my way. It was pretty high but not moving.5/15/20
4/16/20 21:35InglewoodCAUSALight30 secondshow ever i saw a few ligths no the sky at nigth with the neig ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:15FresnoCAUSACircle10 minutesLights flying in a line. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:15Warm SpringsORUSAFormation15 minutesLine formation of 20+ lights moving at the same speed across the night sky ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:10SistersORUSALight3 minutesVery unusual, 11 bright non-blinking objects observed east of Sister, OR, trailing one another. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:10SacramentoCAUSALight21:208 lights hovering over Sacramento skies5/15/20
4/16/20 21:05CalabasasCAUSALightContinues13 White lights with no sound traveling very high and fast in a linear fashion over 5 minutes. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00WashougalWAUSACircle10 minutes50 lighted objects evenly spaced moving through sky over Washougal WA ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00PahrumpNVUSAFormation10Went out with my wife to smoke a cig and visually witnessed 30+ unknown aircrafts flying in single line ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00MontebelloCAUSAUnknown15 minutesOK as I looked up I know what satellites look like when I spot one in the sky and how fast they're moving and how they do not look like5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00PlummerIDUSALight10 minutesLarge cluster of lights going overhead. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00BrentwoodCAUSALight20 minutes or soHigh flying lights one after the other heading NE may be 20 lights or more. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 20:10TracyCAUSATriangle30 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about sighting. PD))5/15/20
4/16/20 19:30LamontCAUSALightSkyA few minutes later it seemed as if we were being invaded. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/16/20 09:45NampaIDUSACircle20 minutesmoved for about 30 to 45 minutes and then stopped and went back to a yellow ((NUFORC Note: Venus??))5/15/20
4/16/20 09:00ChattaroyWAUSAOther1 hour((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source of report. PD))5/15/20
4/15/20 05:30El SobranteCAUSAFormation30 minutesAround 5:20am i looked up and saw a line of ufo's at first i counted 10. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/15/20 05:00Santa RosaUSACircle5 minutesLong straight line single file of orbs perfectly spaced out of north west sky travelling south. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/15/20 03:00BurbankILUSAOtherI want to start off by saying I was sceptic about my experience and not sure who I could tell without sounding crazy, I did some resear5/15/20
4/14/20 22:30Lake OdessaMIUSADiamond20 minutesVery bright diamond shaped light with greenish blue tip.5/15/20
4/14/20 20:00Bathurst (Canada)NBCanadaLight00:04Two objects flying south bound at very high speeds. One could have been a satellite but the other was much faster and veered south west5/15/20
4/14/20 05:00VancouverWAUSAFormationThere were 10 bright white lights evenly spaced apart moving slowly across sky. There was no sound. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/14/20 05:00Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 minutesA line of what appeared to be stars travelling from NW to SE above Nanaimo. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/14/20 04:45RIO VISTACAUSALight10Strange objects flying in perfect formation above Rio Vista, Ca ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/14/20 00:00Round RockTXUSASphere5 secondsSaw a white sphere hovering in front of my truck as I was driving and then disappeared.5/15/20
4/10/20 22:20PortlandUSALight90 seconds2 lights (white with slight amber pulses) moving swiftly, turning suddenly and sharp. In sw sky in Portland Oregon5/15/20
4/10/20 22:00rocky hillCTUSACircle45 minnoticed large circular object in sky at 22:00 hrs was stationary. round, spikes with white lights around bottom.5/15/20
4/10/20 21:30London (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15 minutesThey followed in formation. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/10/20 21:30MayflowerARUSALight30 minThere were a string of disappearing lights. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
4/10/20 21:00CardiffCAUSASphere3 hoursThere were 3 glowing objects in the sky bouncing around for about 3 hours.5/15/20
4/1/20 10:00JohnscreekGAUSACircle10Glowing circular disc was spinning clock wise, it looked like a spiral rotating clockwise towards centre point. It was a stationary. We5/15/20
3/28/20 08:00DavenportIAUSACircle1 hour((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))5/15/20
3/26/20 05:45PasadenaMDUSASphere5-8 minutesObserved at least 36 bright white illuminated moving objects in a straight but highly irregular spaced line.((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/25/20 21:24Santa ClausINUSALightBlue light reported over Lake Noelle. ((MUFON REPORT))5/15/20
3/23/20 23:15BozemanMTUSAOther5 minutesSingle gray, unlit, silet craft spotted moving south to north over Bozeman, MT at 23:15 03/20/20205/15/20
3/23/20 10:00SunriverORUSALight20 secondsFlashing lights in an inconsistent motion and round Venus last night.5/15/20
3/23/20 05:45Paradise ValleyAZUSALight3 minutesthere was a long line in line flying North. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/23/20 05:35Sun LakesAZUSALight1-2 minutesA convoy of lights crossing the sky. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/23/20 05:30Camp VerdeAZUSAOther1-3 minutesLong row of lighted flying objects all moving together in perfect unison same distance apart, same speed and all at same elevation appe5/15/20
3/23/20 05:15HolbrookAZUSAFormation31Hundreds of Orbs in a Line Formation Over Arizona ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/23/20Keats or iGambier slandBCCanadaLight2 hours plusThere was a a very bright light brighter than any I have ever seen at nite and it oscillated kind of Star like((NUFORC Note: Venus?PD)5/15/20
3/22/20 06:00Pismo BeachCAUSALight5 minutesAbout 20 solid, bright lights moving at the same altitude, heading and speed. Spaced perfectly apart ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 00:00LouisvilleUSA20 mlnutesIt looked like satellites but no way it was one object after another going SW to E. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 22:30EmmausPAUSAFireball2 minutesI was walking my dog at 10:30 as i arrived home i looked up and saw what appeared to be a fire ball moving across sky in my direction.5/15/20
3/21/20 22:00WilmingtonDEUSALight1-2 minutesThree lights in a horizontal line5/15/20
3/21/20 22:00PickensSCUSALight15 minutesSeen them rising in the north heading east disappearing. One came every 30 seconds or so. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 22:00Whitmore lakeMIUSALight15-20 minutesI thought was a Satellite moving at a really fast speed was followed in a straight line by 10 to 20 others. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 21:00AstoriaNYUSALight5 minutesWe thought its the moon behind clouds that is blue but it started changing colours purple, green, red , yellow and then bueagain. It wa5/15/20
3/21/20 21:00BoulderCOUSALight15 minutesCaught a strobe of bright orange light from a dim light then noticed 4-5 other dim lights moving left to right. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:50RoyUTUSALight15 minutesStar-like lights all moving in a straight line, evenly spaced, at the same speed. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:48MilfordMEUSALight4-5 secondsMy wife and I observed a light in the sky traveling in an easterly was clear as I thought it was a star but it was moving5/15/20
3/21/20 20:27MontgomeryILUSASphere1 minuteWitnessed, 9 silent amber illuminated spheres, traveling NW to SE. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:15Mount HorebWIUSAFormation1524 objects in trail format moving west to east over south central Wisconsin at extremely high altitude. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:15Fort CollinsCOUSALight30at approximately 20:00 on 3/21/20 4-7 airborne objects traveling iSW. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:10BarabooWIUSALight30 minutesThere was a long string of evenly spaced lights 35 total fling higher than airliners. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 20:00Glen EllynILUSALight10 minutesSeveral star like objects moving fast on the sky. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 19:50Enderby (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown5 minutesApprox. At 7:50 pm on March 21, 2020, I noticed two yellow lights in the sky overlooking the valley facing north from Saltwell Road, En5/15/20
3/21/20 19:45LaVerneCAUSALight3 minutesAt approximately 7:45 p.m. Saturday evening I saw two very different burnt orange colored lights traveling NE.5/15/20
3/21/20 19:00Mahe (Seychelles)SeychellesLight90 minutesFrom what was observed there was initially 2 lights moving from south to north, then other sighting. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 11:20PhoenixAZUSATriangle3 minutesSee above5/15/20
3/21/20 10:25GoodyearAZUSAOval45 secondsAt 10:25 I looked up to the north while seated in my back yard. I saw a cloud white oval moving west to east at a speed similar to a p5/15/20
3/21/20 09:20Highland HeightsOHUSASphere15 minutesThey follow a path of the same distance the first one disappears and an other one appears. ((Starlink satellites)) Crazy5/15/20
3/21/20 06:37TooeleUTUSALightMorningI watched a total of 32 of them. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/21/20 00:00hancockMDUSATriangle10 minutesufo spraying black gas cloud. ((anonymous report))5/15/20
3/20/20 23:30ClatskanieORUSALight1-2 minutesRed/white light strange maneuvers5/15/20
3/20/20 23:20Mounds ViewMNUSALight3 minutesThree shining dots lingering in the shape of a triangle then disappeared.5/15/20
3/20/20 23:11WoodburyMNUSALight10 minutes3 bright lights in formation, then 1 by 1 disappear.5/15/20
3/20/20 22:15OmahaNEUSALight15 minutes10-15 even spaced light balls moving east to west. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/20/20 22:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle2 minutesTriangle shape, no sound5/15/20
3/20/20 21:00PendletonORUSACircleNightSmoke break ufo sighting.5/15/20
3/20/20 20:40BemidjiMNUSALight2 minutesZig-zagging light moving at alternating velocities.5/15/20
3/20/20 20:20AlexandriaMNUSALight30 minutesMultiple lights seen moving together in a line west to east. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/20/20 15:55MonroeNJUSACircle1 minuteBright circular flying objects.5/15/20
3/19/20 23:00Old HickoryTNUSATriangle15 minutes+As I was driving home, I noticed a much bigger flying object than Iíve ever noticed (which is why it caught my eye). It looked like a t5/15/20
3/19/20 22:11Alta LomaCAUSALight10 minutesBlue light stationary then moves out of sight to NE5/15/20
3/19/20 21:35ChandlerAZUSA3 secondsFast moving blue flame looking thing warped through AZ sky.5/15/20
3/19/20 21:00CoveORUSALight10 minutes25 or more star or satellite shaped lights joining in a straight line moving from NW to SE. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/19/20 20:00UticaNYUSARectangle15 seconds100ft Black Rectangle UFO Made No Sound5/15/20
3/19/20 12:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight60 minutesA large white light with colors coming off the top hovered over downtown sector about an hour, was then joined by another light which h5/15/20
3/19/20 04:30CerrillosNMUSARectangle~1 minute or so3-19-20 4:30 AM bright, steady, orange, rectangular light visible through trees. not a fire but bright like that. 3'X8" perhaps.5/15/20
3/18/20 22:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown4 hoursFor the last 2 weeks this object has been coning out every night hovering and moving slightly across the sky. ((Venus??))5/15/20
3/18/20 21:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle10 minutesSimilar brightness to satellites over 30 circular lights moving slowly in a singular line from W to SE. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/18/20 21:00Cochrane (Canada)ONCanadaFormation5 minutesWwe noticed lights coming from the West travelling SE. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/18/20 20:40ClearlakeCAUSAFireball1 minuteBright orange lights above Clearlake, CA. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/18/20 20:00OrlandoFLUSADisk15 minutesbright light to the west and top of atmosphere. I used my telescope and saw it was a group of craft.5/15/20
3/18/20 12:30MartinsvilleINUSALight15 minutesLights in the sky not a drone or plane...or weather balloon!5/15/20
3/18/20 05:30BridgewaterVTUSAOther30 minutesExtremely bright, large crescent-shaped object hovered in southeast sky for 30 minutes before sunrise. ((NUFORC Note: Mars?? PD))5/15/20
3/17/20 23:45Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 secondsLight flies really fast then makes an extremely sharp turn and fades into distance5/15/20
3/17/20 22:00OdessaTXUSADiamond45 minutesHovering craft with with blue green lights. Disappeared when a plane drove under it then reappeared minutes after shining super bright.5/15/20
3/17/20 21:30OceansideCAUSALight30 minutesBright star like light. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/15/20
3/17/20 21:28NorwayMEUSALight15 minutesClear sky night, noticed a bright light much more visible than stars, slightly above 2000'. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/15/20
3/17/20 20:58WoonsocketRIUSACrossGoing on an hour still thIt started around 850pm and i was sitting eating dinner. ((UFORC Note: Venus? PD))5/15/20
3/17/20 20:40LyndenWAUSALight15 minutesWhile sitting in hot tub we observed 35 lights moving from W to SE. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/17/20 20:16Long BeachCAUSAFormation1-2 minutes3 soft white non-blinking lights in an equilateral triangle formation, could not tell if there was a solid hull, traveled N to S.5/15/20
3/17/20 16:30MadisonOHUSALight1/60 minuteIíve always believed in aliens for sure but maybe itís cause Iíve been watching A LOT of ancient aliens but anyways, I was driving home5/15/20
3/16/20 23:45AkronOHUSAOtherFew SecondsGreen flourescent Square with black center descended quickly in the sky.5/15/20
3/16/20 17:42Lake OswegoORUSATriangleUnknownI drive for work, was out on a delivery, thought the scenery was beautiful so I snapped a few photos. The very last one I had taken was5/15/20
3/16/20 09:05Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 minutesFlash of light, steady stream of bright lights over Victoria . There were 60-70 crafts. Bright White line .((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 23:20Colemore (Village of), Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomLight1-2 minuteslong line of very mysterious looking lights seen on the ground in isolated farmland/countryside in rural location late at night5/15/20
3/15/20 21:25MorleyMIUSACone5-10 minutesMy son and I noticed 2 parallel satellites, then we noticed a third and fourth in a square shape. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 21:15Lake Cowichan (Canada)BCCanadaSphere10-15 minutesBelt of satellite-like stars 100-ish, two moved perpendicular to belt. Lasted 10-15 mins. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 21:00GreeneMEUSALight30 minutesA series of lights appeared hovering in close proximity to the north star. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 21:00BathMIUSALight20 minutessting of lights equal distance going west to east. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 21:00Fond du LacWIUSASphere2 minutesI saw all 19 craft travel from the W in a half circle to the N. All craft were in a single line except few. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 20:20MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown10 minutesStar like points of light evenly spaced apparently at very high altitude traveling at considerable speed. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 20:20Cedar lakeINUSALight10 minutesI was throwing garbage away. I always look up at the sky when I seen multiple lights fallowing each other. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 20:13CiscoTXUSACircle3 minutesMoving light above the tree line.5/15/20
3/15/20 19:00FlorenceMTUSALight40 minutesIt had followed us for 40 mins. We were on a drive from missoula mt to florence mt. It was slightly dark our so it looked like a light.5/15/20
3/15/20 18:17Kansas CityMOUSARectangle1 minutelooking southbound on I-435, Trapezoid shaped, no lights at all. It was moving fast from left to right.5/15/20
3/15/20 05:23Vilano BeachFLUSARectangle3-4 secondsExtremely large, white, rectangular object disappears over ocean5/15/20
3/15/20 01:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaFormation4 hoursIn Calgary's north east skys from midnight till About 5am anywhere between 3 and 6 craft can be seen, undulating, shaking Irracticly,5/15/20
3/14/20 23:50BenbrookTXUSARectangle10 secondsCube shaped object silently glides over my neighborhood in Benbrook, Tx5/15/20
3/14/20 23:40Great FallsMTUSALight10Mysterious light in the sky looked like something was shot off or fired off still on going even after 11 mintues 3 lights fast moving m5/15/20
3/14/20 21:50MinneapolisMNUSALight5 minutesSaw what looked like a star moving slowly across the sky for about 10 sec. Maybe it was a satellite? ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/14/20 20:00LakewoodCOUSALight~1 hourSeries of lights (not a group, but travalling the same path) moving W to E. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/14/20 19:40Indore City (India)India60 secondsBright spot criss crossing each other and followed by 2 sightings5/15/20
3/14/20 11:48Homer GlenILUSAOther20 minutesBlack object very high above Homer Glen IL balloon shaped very high and slow moving5/15/20
3/14/20 05:30KiheiHIUSACircle1 minutesAt around 530 in the morning, my fiance and I were sitting in bed talking about the night. A strange amber orange glow suddenly lit5/15/20
3/14/20 02:00BayvilleNJUSALight4 hoursElongated light with aurora beams going downwards to bay an jutting side to side very quickly.5/15/20
3/14/20 00:28HaleMIUSAFormation4 minutes2 or 3 star like objects in night sky, but not stars or satellites. Kept moving back and forth/up and down. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius??))5/15/20
3/13/20 21:55Portage des SiouxMOUSACigar10 minutesFlat cigar shaped silent craft flys through sky.5/15/20
3/13/20 21:00Grass LakeMIUSALight20 minutes8-01 objects with red and white lights on crafts zig zagging and hovering with no sound.5/15/20
3/13/20 03:39Otego (upstate NY)NYUSADisk10-15 minutesWeirdest thing i will ever see i did not see it land tho5/15/20
3/12/20 22:40BakersfieldCAUSALight10 minutesStrange twinkling lights very low on the horizon.5/15/20
3/12/20 20:08Rockaway BeachORUSALight30 secondsfast but steady moving light across the horizon perpendicular not up or down5/15/20
3/12/20 00:00BooneNCUSADiskall daylots osf siteings and no one to talk to5/15/20
3/9/20 20:45Hat CreekCAUSATriangle30 minutesI observed a bright light in the sky to my west. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/15/20
3/8/20 00:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSARectangle4 minutesHuge ship splits in 2,,, FT LAUDERDALE5/15/20
3/5/20 16:45PrincetonMEUSAChanging1 minuteA Spherical/Cylindrical object that suddenly changes to chevron shape and abruptly disappears.5/15/20
3/3/20 16:45HamptonVAUSAOtherFew minutesI didn't think about recording because at that time I honestly was looking not thinking About recording i couldn't believe it.5/15/20
2/24/20 21:30St. Albert (Canada)ABCanadaOther2 minutesHeronian angle shape/ red lights/ slow and quiet/ black and large form5/15/20
2/22/20 13:00SmyrnaGAUSAUnknown30 minutesFixed light in daytime sky.5/15/20
2/12/20 05:40St. JosephMIUSALightInstantBright white/blue light lit up beach miles away5/15/20
2/2/20 15:30Ross BridgeALUSAFormation2 minutesWhite and red objects flying in loose formation during the day, then fade out5/15/20
1/17/20 05:30PrincetonNJUSATriangle10 minutesI am an educator at a boarding school in Princeton, NJ. I was scheduled to interview prospective students by skype from China so I was5/15/20
12/19/19 16:00EscondidoCAUSACircle2 minutesBurned bright in daylight then in a second it vanished. No smoke left behind. Nothing.5/15/20
11/10/19 16:26MobileALUSACircle30 minutesBright circular object floating across the Mobile, AL sky5/15/20
10/31/19 05:30CorfuNYUSALight15 secondsbright light .5/15/20
10/19/19 20:12RogersARUSALight10 minutesObserved a bright light on a clear night that moved in many directions SW of my position.5/15/20
10/19/19 10:00Terre HauteINUSAOther1 minutesI was downtown Terre Haute at 10:30 in the morning on top of the Candlewood Suites hotel building and I seen a Tic-Tac shaped UFO and5/15/20
1/28/19 20:40PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther2 minutesIt was as if they were just playing games in our night sky again.5/15/20
7/15/18 17:00EllenvilleNYUSARectangle10 secondsStill curious about what I saw while in McDonald's parking lot while waiting for my boys to get back dropped off to me, so it had to be5/15/20
7/4/18 23:00San joseCAUSAOther2 minutesDriving down the free way in a convertible I noticed what looked like a neon letter A floating though the sky. Extremely low. Lower tha5/15/20
2/10/17 11:45Tirunelveli (India)IndiaLight40It is a sunny day with a clear sky. A white light sphere shape object moved towards the east side of my house at 11:45 am on 02/10/20175/15/20
12/12/13 22:10FruitlandIDUSALight20 minutesString of 45-50 lights in line. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
12/12/13 21:00EscondidoCAUSALight15 minutes28 objects sighted moving west to east, just below Venus; ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
12/12/13 21:00FirebaughCAUSACircle01:00Line of ufos flying in a straight line 40- 50. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
8/26/13 15:33LansingMIUSASphere3 lights in a triangleThree lights forming a triangle, appeared after the hospital helicopter took off from the roof and headed south east.5/15/20
2/18/13 01:00AustinTXUSAFireball5 minutesSmall orange orb with low humming sound low to the ground5/15/20
12/31/99 01:00BoazALUSACigar1 minWhen I was 19 I went to go see a friend late one night, we were outside her house in my car talking and suddenly my stereo started work5/15/20
8/1/98 23:00Monhegan IslandMEUSAUnknown3 minutesSighting off the coast of Maine.5/15/20
10/15/94 14:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere15 minutesOn a Sunday afternoon. we were heading past the McMaster University Medical Centre when I saw in the sky what first appeard to be a hel5/15/20
4/18/86 21:30ManistiqueMIUSAFormation15 minutesI looked up and see a for Marion of lights in the sky. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
12/4/84 05:55KennewickWAUSAOval2 minutesMoving object viewed from Kennewick Washington5/15/20
3/12/84 23:00PhoenixAZUSAOtherOne minuteBright green light that had no origin and caused power outage5/15/20
7/20/81 20:00Orleans (France)franceCigar00:03the elongated light passed over us in our car in france5/15/20
5/15/78 23:00Fort YatesNDUSAOvalmultipleOne day we will meet.5/15/20
6/30/74 18:30Orange CountyCAUSAI did not fill out your form as it is not working. My mother and I were walking out of our local grocery store when we heard loud clang5/15/20
11/21/69 22:00Indian Rocks BeachFLUSALight~5 minutesTwo young boys , approx 14 years of age. One(myself) and a neighbor laying on a picnic table,just staring at the stars directly adjacen5/15/20
03142020 23:04NorwichVTUSACircle97 secondsStrange sighting in the sky5/15/20
21:00CherawSCUSACircle20 minutesCircle lights in formation. The lights appeared, flew in formation and disappeared. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
MakawaoHIUSALight5 minutesI a long chain of lights traveling across the sky all perfectly spaced out (30-50 of them). Headed N ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20