National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/2003


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/03 00:00SirenWIUSAOval1 hourobject was spoted two nights in a rowe south-east of siren wis.change shape,move from side to side and up and down fast.12/9/03
11/30/03 23:53AuberryCAUSALight3 secondsSaucer w/ navy blue lights12/9/03
11/30/03 23:00UnionMOUSALight20 minI was driving home and saw the moon out of the corner of my eye. Then, I noticed a bright yellow light to the left of the moon. I blew12/19/03
11/30/03 22:30RockfordILUSALight1 Hour (so far)Light hovered for at least an hour with colors of white, green and red.12/9/03
11/30/03 20:45AshgroveMOUSAUnknown10 minuteslarge UFO12/9/03
11/30/03 19:50Pico RiveraCAUSAChanging20 minutesBright Red UFO Continues To Haunt Montebello12/9/03
11/30/03 19:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown10 minutesufo with other strange goings on/ monster?1/17/04
11/30/03 18:55KingstonTNUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle shaped object with lights hovering at the side of our house.12/9/03
11/30/03 18:30Belle ChasseLAUSALight15 minutesBright light changing colors about 20-30 miles in the night sky.12/9/03
11/30/03 18:30Stockbridge and Whitmore LakeMIUSATriangle2 hoursCraft seen hovering over field and then same craft seen over my house 25 miles away along with crafts hovering in distance12/9/03
11/30/03 16:45Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaLight8 to 9 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object descend into the trees on the hill directly south of Vernon airport.12/9/03
11/30/03 16:30New Westminster (Canada)BCCanadaLightappox: 6 sec.HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Suddenly disappeared within about 1.5 seconds, and it all came together as one.12/9/03
11/30/03 16:00Washington, D.C.DCUSALight10 secondsBright light that was stationary and moved and light became smaller over a 10 sec period untill it vanashed12/9/03
11/30/03 15:35San DiegoCAUSACircle1-2 minutesAt 3:35 PM I went outside to feed the family of ravens who arrive/calling at that time. I went out onto my upstairs balcony to see how12/9/03
11/30/03 12:45AshlandNEUSADisk2-3 MinutesFilm is seen by who knows how many hundreds of people and is considered to be authentic & has been determined that it is not a Hoax.1/19/05
11/30/03 12:25Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomEgg3-4 minsFive intensely bright flashing lights at high altitued in bright daylight.12/9/03
11/30/03 02:00Mumbai (India)IndiaOval20secsufo seen in mumbai last fullmoon night12/9/03
11/29/03 23:10SirenWIUSADisk2 hrwent out side at 11.10 get mail.seen objects south/east of siren.object changed colors moved up and down fast .12/9/03
11/29/03 22:30Waterloo (north of)IAUSAFireball30 secondsGreen fireball Sonic Boom felt12/9/03
11/29/03 22:03BergenfieldNJUSALight20 secondsThe object was a ball of light which changed direction and speed several times, and slightly changed color once.12/9/03
11/29/03 22:00StoughtonMAUSACircle18 secondsUFO dropped from the sky at high rate of speed.12/9/03
11/29/03 20:36LimerickPAUSATriangle1 minuteslow moving triangle with three lights, that stopped rotated and shot off in the other direction12/9/03
11/29/03 18:00To remain unknownMNUSAUnknown20 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large craft showing a number of lights on it.12/9/03
11/29/03GrasonvilleMDUSAOther3 secondsblinked on moving very fast and blinked off.12/9/03
11/28/03 00:00HaywardCAUSALight5 minutesI didn't see a solid object, but I saw some crazy lights!12/9/03
11/28/03 23:45BismarckNDUSAOther20 minutesWe spotted unusual bright lights and drove to investigate. It came towards our vehicle as if it were going to hit us.12/9/03
11/28/03 22:55CliftonNJUSALightCircles of light in a geometric formation. They are hovering over our home and in our back yard.12/9/03
11/28/03 22:00JacksonMSUSALight2 secondsgreen light moving at high rate of speed12/9/03
11/28/03 21:30ThomasOKUSAOval5 minwhile on a hunting/camping trip on the north canadian river in wesrern oklahoma 5 of us observed a large light going east (toward okla1/17/04
11/28/03 17:35Palo AltoCAUSADisk10 sec.I sitted an image in the sky.12/9/03
11/28/03 15:00CloudcroftNMUSAOtheron goingHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Possible Elk Mutilation ((NUFORC Note: Mystery may have been solved at this writing. PD))12/9/03
11/28/03 12:40Walnut CreekCAUSATriangle2.3 minuitesI and 7 freinds and family saw a dull, grey triangular shaped object hover over a hill, fly toward us and the speed away. There was a v12/9/03
11/28/03 11:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaOtherpmFIive glowing light travelling in a speed about 300~600km per hour or higher.2/12/04
11/28/03 01:20ParisTNUSALight10 minMoving orange ligh12/9/03
11/28/03 00:00Didsbury (Canada)ABCanadaLight3 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three white/yellow lights in color moving around in the sky.12/9/03
11/27/03 22:40San DiegoCAUSALight20 secondsLight srteaking through the sky in San Diego, CA at 22:40 on 11/27/03 projecting white, green and red.12/9/03
11/27/03 22:25Summerside (Canada)PECanadaOval15 SECReddish Oval Observed12/9/03
11/27/03 21:05HemetCAUSATriangle1minuteWe heard a loud noise, and noticed 2 white lights connected by a single object, moving a first slow then great speed.12/9/03
11/27/03 20:35RidgefieldWAUSAUnknown1 minuteVery bright light, flickering and traveling faster than a normal commercial jet.12/9/03
11/27/03 19:00San DiegoCAUSAFireball30 secondslarge white circular shape leaves a trail of blue and orange streaks, last only seconds then disapears.12/9/03
11/27/03 18:45Memphis (100 miles north of)TNUSALight30-40 minutesI have never seen a weather balloon change colors and be bright enough to be seen at night, and travel at 500 mph.1/17/04
11/27/03 18:24Los AngelesCAUSATriangleapprox 15 secondsTriangular formation of bright amber lights passes over downtown L.A. after violating LAX approach path12/9/03
11/27/03 00:20KalispellMTUSADiskContinuingSince 1996, we have seen UFOs w/flashing red, blue, green, & white lights circle our house apx. 2 miles above us onece every month.12/9/03
11/26/03 21:41Gatineau (Canada)PQCanadaLight3 SecondsBright greenish / white light that flew in a strange sequence at the speed of a falling star.12/9/03
11/26/03 20:15Cape May CountyNJUSALight3 to 5 secondsSTRANGE BLUISH---GREEN LIGHT.12/9/03
11/26/03 20:00ValenciaCAUSATriangle15 secondsSilent, triangular object with three dim, greyish lights12/9/03
11/26/03 18:55GilbertAZUSATriangle90 secNov 26th 6:55pm I saw three red lights12/9/03
11/26/03 18:31VernoniaORUSASphere30 secondsBright light seen near Mars, descended rapidly.12/9/03
11/26/03 17:26MiltonVTUSALight3-5 minutesBright steady light traveling low and heading north, no sounds were heard.12/9/03
11/26/03 16:15Forest Park (a little south of Atlanta)GAUSALight15 minutes on and offLight over the skies of Georgia12/9/03
11/26/03 07:00IndianapolisINUSAOther06:00The object was bright and stauled.12/9/03
11/26/03 06:12WoburnMAUSATeardrop5 minutesBlue/green teardrop over woburn12/9/03
11/26/03 06:10YorkPAUSALight10 minutesA object following our van12/9/03
11/26/03 05:30Wichita FallsTXUSAChevron3 minsChevron shaped object observed over Wichita Falls, TX.12/9/03
11/26/03 03:00BellemontAZUSAFireball5 minutesA large glowing green fireball.1/31/04
11/26/03 01:23The DallesORUSALight10 secondsI saw weird, moving lights along the Columbia River heading Eastward.12/9/03
11/25/03 23:00WarrenOHUSATrianglesightingit was silent and so low you could seee everything3/2/04
11/25/03 21:20Creston (Canada)BCCanadaLightunknownHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Creston, British Columbia Missing Time.12/9/03
11/25/03 20:30AtlantaGAUSAChanging~3 minutesBright light which seemed to morph into wedge/cylinder with red and blue/green lights at intersection of North Druid Hills and Lavista12/9/03
11/25/03 20:30ManitowocWIUSAFormation3-5 minutesPair of lights over Lake Michigan12/9/03
11/25/03 18:50St. AlbansWVUSAOther5 secondsBright object seemed to move at an amazing speed toward the area I was standing and paused for a moment, then flew away.11/26/03
11/25/03 17:35TowerMIUSALight3 minutesIt had very bright light and blinking green and red lights . It moved downward in a straight perfect and quiet manner.12/9/03
11/25/03 16:10PortlandORUSADisk2 to 3 minutesWobbling Disc Daylight Sighting11/26/03
11/25/03 14:00ChilhowieVAUSAOther3 minutespyramidal craft daylight sighting3/23/04
11/25/03 07:20IndianapolisINUSAUnknown5 minshovering light over Avon for 10 minutes sends signal then disappears12/9/03
11/25/03 05:33Columbia (70 miles south of, on I-26 West)SCUSACircle2-3 minutes, Not totally Enormous Round Object with Lights in the Sky12/19/03
11/25/03 02:00PortlandMEUSAUnknown10 minutesWhile at work on the Ptld, Maine, waterfront ,at 2a.m I did see bright white lights, 25-45 sec, that vanishedbehind,into a cloud ,3/2/04
11/25/03 00:45HartfordWIUSAOther15 minutesBrite light flash seen in bedroom.11/26/03
11/25/03 00:00ScarboroughMEUSALight1-2 secondsIncredibly fast tranveling large white ball of light over Scarborough.10/20/05
11/24/03 21:43San DiegoCAUSATriangle1 minTriangle with circular lights on each end.12/9/03
11/24/03 19:15LaredoTXUSACircle15 SECUFO sighted over U.S - Mexico border town.11/26/03
11/24/03 19:00DestinFLUSACircle45 min.+Large (circular view with possible oval side)object with sophistacted lighting system hovered and moved over ocean (Gulf of Mexico)12/9/03
11/24/03 18:32FairbanksAKUSADisk5 MinutesUFO speeding south, westward of Fairbanks.12/9/03
11/24/03 18:10Coos BayORUSAOval5 to 6 minsvery bright light, slowing and speeding up, white light w/red and yellow lights around main light12/9/03
11/24/03 17:50Guwahati (India)IndiaLight5 min2 objects in a ziz zag pattern crossing the clear evening sky over Guwahati state capital of Assam India11/26/03
11/24/03 17:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging5 minutesColorado Springs has Bright Stationary Object(s) that were filmed for about 5 minutes. Then disapears.11/26/03
11/24/03 16:30KaufmanTXUSASphere20 secsWhile watching jets,saw sphere and video-taped12/9/03
11/24/03 06:20SacramentoCAUSATriangle1 minuteLow flying Triangular Object w/ 7 lights. As it passed overhead appeared to be a 5 sided dark gray object.11/26/03
11/24/03 01:00White Sulphur SpringsMTUSACircle3 hoursThere were two crafts hovering for several hours.11/26/03
11/23/03 23:48BrunswickMEUSACircle15-20 secondsVery unusual, fast moving craft with sequential light display at high altitude, Maine, 23Nov0311/26/03
11/23/03 23:00Santa MariaCAUSALight.10six red lights moving away from each other11/26/03
11/23/03 22:45Ponca CityOKUSAOval1 hourflashing lights in easten sky ponca city okla11/26/03
11/23/03 22:30SeattleWAUSA5 secondsFreak Seattle lightning strike on or about 11/23, similar event in other west coast locations.12/9/03
11/23/03 22:00MoreheadKYUSAOHIO/MUFON FOLLOW-UP REPORT: More information regarding peculiar case of unidentified screams.12/9/03
11/23/03 22:00NapaCAUSAUnknownless than 5 minuteswhat seemed to be a burning triangle shape, no noise, burning pieces falling from it , no explosion,just red debris falling11/26/03
11/23/03 21:15San DiegoCAUSAChevron3 seconds4 sphere red chevron11/26/03
11/23/03 20:45Johnson CityNYUSACircle7 minA brite lite12/9/03
11/23/03 18:30PiscatawayNJUSATriangle1/2 hourTriangle shaped abject that hovered in the sky11/26/03
11/23/03 18:30MuskogeeOKUSALight2-3 minStar like,very large and extremely bright11/26/03
11/23/03 18:00BerkeleyCAUSAOval~8 minshuge illuminated object with flashing lights moving smoothly over Bay Bridge toward Oakland11/26/03
11/23/03 17:35SeekonkMAUSALight3 minThe object appeared to be a small rapidly flashing light. The object was traveling Southwest at about 40 mph, at 1000-2000 ft, I notice11/26/03
11/23/03 00:00CabotARUSAFormation3mmlarge fast formation in the sky.11/26/03
11/22/03 23:30Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle30 seconds topsTriangle shaped, no lights, clear, like it was being cloaked, I could still make out the shape. VERY LARGE. Totally silent, very fast.11/26/03
11/22/03 23:20PhiladelphiaPAUSAChangingfive-ten minutesBall lights form circles and rotate. Two groups of two.11/26/03
11/22/03 23:06BergenfieldNJUSAOther35 secondsThe W shaped object contained no lights, produced no sound, and banked left to right constantly as it flew from north to south.11/26/03
11/22/03 23:00GeorgetownMSUSALightseveral hoursWe noticed a light in the sky we first thought was a bright star. It moved irratically up and down and in circles. With binoculars, we11/26/03
11/22/03 22:30Airdrie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknownapprox: 20 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Beam of light comes from the sky.1/17/04
11/22/03 21:25BardstownKYUSAOther1-2 secondsThe object passed very fast from right to left in front of me and was emmiting blue flames from the rear.11/26/03
11/22/03 21:00N. RidgevilleOHUSACigar40 minutesHuge white cigar shaped craft hovered in my front yard for an extended period of time.12/9/03
11/22/03 20:50Fleetwood (Lancashire) (UK/England)LAUnited KingdomCircle10 minutesMy friends daughter phoned her father to say there was lights in the sky above her house, which is in Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK. I was11/26/03
11/22/03 20:30AlbanyNYUSAOther8 secondsDim yellow lights on a solid object moving silently and quickly11/26/03
11/22/03 20:20DahlonegaGAUSACircle10 secondsA large, white moon-like object fell out of the sky, disintegrating as it fell.11/26/03
11/22/03 19:30New Carlisle (Canada)PQCanadaCylinderAs we were driving home we saw this bright cylinder, traveling at a very high,then it exploded and crashed in the water.11/26/03
11/22/03 19:30VistaCAUSATriangle10 secondsThe first craft was in had 3-5 small dim blue lights in a triangular shape, although the outline of its body was circular, it was very11/26/03
11/22/03 19:30VistaCAUSATriangle15scctwo crafts were sighted moving north to south at a high rate of speed12/9/03
11/22/03 19:25Los AngelesCAUSALight8-10 secondsPeculiar light, the apparent size of a star, streaks from west to east over Los Angeles, CA.11/26/03
11/22/03 18:25RonkonkomaNYUSACircle15 minutesdarting circle that shot staright up and a red light circling the area at a fast speed11/26/03
11/22/03 18:24DacusvilleSCUSALight4 minThree star like lights following the ISS11/26/03
11/22/03 18:00West Palm BeachFLUSALight01.00Bright Light moving on a collision course with power lines12/9/03
11/22/03 14:10SpartanburgSCUSAOther10 minutesEight, small star-like objects were seen floating and moving after a plane passed, then they disappeared11/26/03
11/22/03 11:30Calhoun (north of)GAUSACircle1 secondCircular metallic gray object in the sky in front of me appeared for about 1 second.11/26/03
11/22/03 09:20FlorenceALUSATriangle3 or 4 secondsA fast triangular-shape without any noise which disapeared seconds after sighting.11/26/03
11/22/03 06:30TunkhannockPAUSATriangle30 secondstriangle aircraft with white lights on corners and a blue light in the middle11/26/03
11/22/03 05:00Murrells InletSCUSACircle15 minutescluster of white lights "hopscotching" in the sky11/26/03
11/22/03 02:30LivermoreCAUSALight> 1 hourSpace battle in the eastern sky?11/26/03
11/22/03 00:30Harding (near)WVUSADisk10 secondsTransluscent disc shaped ufo flying right at us...4/9/04
11/22/03 00:00Burnley (UK/England)United KingdomSphere3 secondsA ball of light trvelling very fast, in a straight path, in a SSE direction. Reoccurance on 26th. Same path and direction but see12/9/03
11/21/03 22:30GettysburgPAUSALight2 hoursUFO sighting on a Ghost tour in Gettysburg.11/26/03
11/21/03 22:05LewistonIDUSALight20 minutesBright, steady white light with blue and red flashes12/9/03
11/21/03 21:15AftonMIUSALight20secondsbright white ball of light ,color shifting,stationary?,disapeared in 3 to4 sec. total time seen 20 to 25 sec.11/26/03
11/21/03 20:30BarnesvilleOHUSAFormation8 secondsthe object distorted the visible sky yet you could see through it and it was boomerang shaped,very fast, and silent.11/26/03
11/21/03 20:15MesaAZUSAEgg2 secondsBright Green Light above Mesa11/26/03
11/21/03 19:30MoreheadKYUSAUnknowncrying from a female11/26/03
11/21/03 19:00IrvineCAUSACigarapprox. 10secBlue cigar shaped with a red light11/26/03
11/21/03 19:00Snappertuna (Finland)FinlandDiskapp.6 sec.objekt with two lights flying over my car12/9/03
11/21/03 19:00BourbonnaisILUSAChevronabout 2 minutesStrange white triangular craft possibly military or not.11/26/03
11/21/03 16:00naDCUSA15 minutesUSO seen my military coming up out of the water.3/4/08
11/21/03 03:00Dayton areaOHUSALight15 -20 seconds3 white circular lights flying in a triangle formation12/9/03
11/21/03 01:00WatervilleMEUSACross20mincross shaped, six light,silent,big maby 1oo feet long,11/26/03
11/20/03 22:23Denham SpringsLAUSALight2-3 secondssmall flashing lights11/26/03
11/20/03 22:00Koh Samui (Thailand)ThailandChanginghoursDramatic prove of E.T. visiting earth!3/9/04
11/20/03 21:00ArbutusMDUSATriangleover an hourtriangular flashing lights11/26/03
11/20/03 19:30ParkerKSUSAUnknown20 minutesTwo bright reddish orange lights moving from southern horizon in NNW direction11/26/03
11/20/03 19:00KunaIDUSATriangle5-6minTriangular object with pulsating lights hovered near Meridian Rd., then slowly flew off towards Boise, ID1/17/04
11/20/03 18:30TempeAZUSAOther45 minutesBrilliant Red Starlike object in east sky on 11-20-03 in Tempe AZ11/26/03
11/20/03 18:30MesaAZUSALight8 minutesFlashing red light moving slowly11/26/03
11/20/03 18:00MarinCAUSACylinder5 - 10 minutesBright, yellow UFO crashes in California.11/26/03
11/20/03 18:00WatertownWIUSARectangle<1 min.3 Amber Circles enclosed in Rectangle - Healing requested.1/17/04
11/20/03 18:00Omaha (outside of, near I-80/Westbound)NEUSATriangle20 minTriangle shape craft with multiple lights underneath hovering around I-8011/26/03
11/20/03 17:45Rohnert ParkCAUSAFireball1 secondflare-type unidentified light over Rohnert Park, CA11/26/03
11/20/03 17:40RiversideCAUSACircle10-15 secsBright Green Circle over 60 FWY11/26/03
11/20/03 17:34CampbellCAUSAOther5 seconds?Bright white/green streak straight into Almaden Valley / Los Gatos area - 5:34pm PST11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30El RitoNMUSAFireball15 minutesA bright yellow egg-shaped firey object suddenly appeared in the west on 11/20/03 at l7:30 hours, suddenly vanishing and leaving a smok11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30SunnyvaleCAUSAUnknown6 secondsHUGE Ball of Light Falling from the Sky. Possible meteor or missile test on California coast.11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30Los GatosCAUSALight3 secondsSingle Gigantic-size Solid White Light in Rounded Cone Shape with a light tail behind it traveling at Extremely Fast speed11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30Los GatosCAUSALight3 secondsSingle Gigantic White Light in Cylinder shape with light Tail at extremely high rate of speed11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30Scotta ValleyCAUSAOther2-3 secondsGlowing green snowflake object falling to the ground.11/26/03
11/20/03 17:30SalinasCAUSACircle30 SecondsI was not the actual witness but the news stations were discussing the incident for hours and the object was reported from Sacramento,C11/26/03
11/20/03 09:45LewisvilleTXUSACircle3 minVery small Yellow circular object moving toward the east at a slow pace11/26/03
11/19/03 23:00RedlandsCAUSALight30 minutesSingular light in night sky. Shifted intensity irregularly. Appeared to give off red, green, white, blue, purple light.11/26/03
11/19/03 22:41HattiesburgMSUSATriangle4-5 secondsTriangular Object - Silent - No lights - Low Flying - Light colored markings on underside12/12/09
11/19/03 22:30BirminghamALUSALight40 minutesstationery pulsating white starlike object with blue and red flashes appeared to be spinning.11/26/03
11/19/03 22:25AbbevilleLAUSAFormation10 minutesIt was a scarey sight.11/26/03
11/19/03 21:45AustinTXUSALight10 minutesThey were all the same magnitude brightness and not one object.11/26/03
11/19/03 21:30TrentonMOUSATriangle30 secOn the night of November 19 2003, after watching my buddys band practice we went outside to load the equipment in his truck. I hear hi11/26/03
11/19/03 21:30TrentonMOUSATriangle30 secTriangle shaped craft with 8 lights 4 on nose one in middle one on each wingtip and one on the rear11/26/03
11/19/03 21:00ArcadiaMOUSALight1 hourSwirling colored ball's of light in night sky.11/26/03
11/19/03 20:30FarisitaCOUSALight1 hourLike stars, but moving in different directions, then disappear.1/17/04
11/19/03 20:07MarinsvileINUSATriangle10 sec.there were 2 ufo's they made alot of noise. they were as low as trees as 50 ft.11/26/03
11/19/03 20:00Catalina IslandCAUSATriangle4 to 5 minHuge triangle object with big red pulsating lights11/26/03
11/19/03 19:20DeltonMIUSASphere10 minutesA sherical craft that manuverd around then it flashed green, red, and blue then it vanished12/9/03
11/19/03 18:05LansingMIUSA30 secondsFlaring star: star got brighter 4x that of mars) and then faded gradually to nothing 2 times11/26/03
11/19/03 18:00St. ClairMOUSALight15 minlights had strobe affect in a erratic way11/26/03
11/19/03 17:30Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaFormation10-12 secondsseveral crafts flying in a V-shaped formation; Guelph, Ontario11/26/03
11/19/03 17:15EustisFLUSASphere10 minutesBrilliant lightts with a haze1/17/04
11/19/03 16:31Chicago (west suburbs)ILUSALight5 min2 soft white lights, one disappears and reappears quickly next to the other during a sunset.11/26/03
11/19/03 14:00Valkeala (Finland)FinlandOther1 minute12 strange ships come from sky and floated on air.11/26/03
11/19/03 09:00Naco (Mexico)AZUSALight09:30white floating light11/26/03
11/19/03 05:45DallasTXUSALightover 1 hr.Light in the Western Sky11/26/03
11/19/03 05:45DallasTXUSALightover 1 hr.Earlier during the day on the 19th of November at about 2:05 pm, I saw a gray cylinder that resembled a fuselage without any wings goin11/26/03
11/19/03 05:00AtlantaGAUSALight5 minutes pluswhite light source changing from pinpoint to much brighter size(possibly rotating space debris catching sunlight)11/26/03
11/19/03 04:30CoppellTXUSAUnknown5 minutesi saw eight flashing dots like stars changing colors from red to silver11/26/03
11/19/03 02:30VictorvilleCAUSATriangleon going3 hovering objects making quick compensating waterbug-like movements to hold their position. Look like bright stars, except light is f11/26/03
11/19/03 02:30MagnoliaARUSATriangle30 SecondsTriangle Craft spins overhead and then speeds away.5/24/05
11/19/03 02:30ArlingtonTXUSATriangle5 minuteslarge triangular ship moving slowly on it's path11/26/03
11/19/03 00:48Jaipur (India)IndiaOval8 secA group of UFO's were seen, having no lights black and metallic lustre and no shine.11/26/03
11/19/03 00:30FairfieldIAUSATriangle2-3 minutesMUFON/IOWA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Low-altitude triangle with triangular shaped pinkish-white lights at angles.6/4/04
11/19/03 00:30FairfieldIAUSATriangle2-3 minutesobserved triangle shaped object fly from north to south at slow speed making no noise. Corners were glowing triangles11/26/03
11/18/03 23:45Pine BluffARUSALight7 secondslight ufo seen on arkansas highway between Little Rock and Pine Bluff appearing to land in nearby woods.12/9/03
11/18/03 22:30Huachuca CityAZUSAOvalOngoingFour circular lights in the eastern sky.11/26/03
11/18/03 22:00ChillicotheOHUSAChanging3 hrsObject changed colors and shapes, divided at one point ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))12/9/03
11/18/03 21:30IllinoisILUSATriangle10-15 secLighted V pattern but couldn't determine whether it was one object or several11/26/03
11/18/03 19:00FontanaCAUSAChanging30 secondsIt looked like a giant jelly fish with little lights all around. and it kept changing it's shape. I looked a lot like the something fro11/26/03
11/18/03 18:35Los FresnosTXUSASphere5-10 secsSpherical light seen headed due East towards the Gulf Of Mexico. Extremely fast with no apparent noise sound/emmitted.11/26/03
11/18/03 18:30YucaipaCAUSALight20 secOrbital lights, bright, flashing or stationary11/26/03
11/18/03 18:30MuskegoWIUSAOtherWatched for at least 10 mCloud cover, very low ceiling, six rings would move around, then move into one ring, then separate, move around, and go again into one11/26/03
11/18/03 13:55New York City (Queens)NYUSACigar10 secondscigar shaped object fling fast near jfk airport11/26/03
11/18/03 04:00Roskilde (Denmark)DenmarkOval1 minFishing trip turned interesting.12/9/03
11/18/03 02:30New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAUnknown20 minMe and my bro saw alien and ufo at our house11/26/03
11/17/03 20:30BurbankCAUSASphere10 munitesA bright gold sphere in Burbank, CA @ 8:30 pm seen in the southern sky11/26/03
11/17/03 19:45MiamiFLUSALight5 secondsWhite Orb11/26/03
11/17/03 17:45San FranciscoCAUSALight10 minutesWhat looked like shooting stars over the east in the San Francisco bay area.11/26/03
11/17/03 16:45MiamiFLUSAUnknown1 minInvisible Jet or I'm Blind.11/26/03
11/17/03 14:10YumaAZUSAFormationongoingStraightline formation of numerous white "lego-type" objects in flight above Yuma Az,as viewed online from the local satellite of www.w11/26/03
11/16/03 23:32EnterpriseALUSALightabout 4 min.Three to four different oblects together being attacked by jets.11/26/03
11/16/03 23:00Appleton (near)MEUSATriangle40+ minutesI saw a bright odd-shaped star through my bedroom window facing southeast in a valley toward the coast of Camden, Maine (about 22 mile11/26/03
11/16/03 21:00San DiegoCAUSACircle15 minutes +Walking back to my apartment and noticing the sky had cleared between storms, I looked up to see and appreciate the clear, dark sky and11/26/03
11/16/03 21:00CoronaCAUSALight30 to 45 minutestwo white lights with red light blinking back and forth,moving to the right then back to the left.11/26/03
11/16/03 20:00NV/CA state line (near; above the I-15)CAUSAOther30 secsDark object spotted over Interstate 15 near CA/NV state line11/26/03
11/16/03 19:30St. PetersburgFLUSACircleone hourCircular object flying overhead11/26/03
11/16/03 18:46Texas CityTXUSAUnknown1 minute approx.Saw straight line star color objects moving at a high rate of speed from south to north;moving too fast to be bird formation,also maint11/26/03
11/16/03 18:15WentzvilleMOUSALight3 secondsBright Light11/26/03
11/16/03 18:00Wakefield (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minsBright red light moving slowly with loud humming noise12/9/03
11/16/03 17:30LawtonOKUSAOtherabout 30 mins2 crescent shaped lights moving and changing into "rockets" with red flames, and no white streaks behind them.11/26/03
11/16/03 16:15UK/EnglandUnited KingdomOval45 minutesUFO filmed over Leyland, Lancashire, U. K.11/26/03
11/16/03 15:00Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaOtherfew secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A elongated, whitish/silver shaped light just below the cloud cover.1/17/04
11/16/03 11:35Woodland HillsCAUSALight5-10 SecondsIntense, White Light Streaks Across The 101 Freeway Towards Simi Valley!!11/26/03
11/16/03 11:30Los AngelesCAUSAOther30 minutesStars in the mid-day sun.11/26/03
11/16/03 11:05Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaDisk1 minbright glowwing yellow lights11/26/03
11/16/03 07:30Burns Lake (Canada)BCCanadaLightapprox: 1 minuteHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Glowing bright reddish light, lights up highway #1611/26/03
11/16/03 06:30Santa Bonifacio (Corsica)CorsicaDisk10 minutes approxMoon colored disk objects sighted from the second floor of Le Royal Hotel at 6:30 AM Nov. 16, 200312/19/03
11/16/03 01:10MebaneNCUSAUnknown5 minUnseen object's, Very loud sonic booms over Mebane NC11/26/03
11/15/03 23:30SacramentoCAUSAUnknown2 secondsWe heard and felt an unearthly object pass down our street, traveling incredibly fast.11/26/03
11/15/03 23:00Colorado (on interstate)COUSATriangle60 minutesSilent craft followed highway10/30/12
11/15/03 22:45Palm CoastFLUSATriangle7 secondsVery large V shape with lights, haze, silent,moving east extremely fast.11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00South PortsmouthKYUSALight3minutesI was walking outside for a breath of air.It was about 10pm.I looked uped at the sky to look at the planes and stars.I looked towards P11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00Jacksonville BeachFLUSARectangle2 minutesUFO streaks past hotel and unreported aerial search of beach and ocean is conducted by the navy (most likely) or coast gaurd11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00AthensALUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular shaped craft with three dimmly lit lights on the bottom of it and It was following something on the interstate going south.3/23/04
11/15/03 21:00SalisburyMDUSADiamond10 secondsSighting of a huge, diamond shape UFO in Maryland.11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaLight4 to 5 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large bright florescent green colored round ball of light.11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00ApexNCUSAFormationstationary?I photographed 3 planets lined up but my digital camera came back with a strange "constellation"??1/31/04
11/15/03 21:00IrmoSCUSACircle5 minutesStrange Hovering Object6/18/04
11/15/03 21:00Bournemouth (UK/England)United KingdomEgg30 seconds-1 minGLOWING EGG SHAPED CRAFT FLIES OVER RESIDENTIAL AREA. BOURNEMOUTH, UK7/5/05
11/15/03 20:13EnglewoodFLUSAFormation6 seconds4 ights in a row wiggling like a centerpede11/26/03
11/15/03 19:30Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown1min.Strange lights moving together across the night sky then disapear moving extremely fast.11/26/03
11/15/03 19:30Sierra VistaAZUSAUnknown1 hour +The pulsating light kept moving over our area for over an hour with no sound emitting from it and the light pulsating the whole time.11/26/03
11/15/03 18:15GilbertAZUSAFireball25Nov 20 Bright Red light low in sky moving northeast across Gilbert, Arizona.11/26/03
11/15/03 18:00WatersmeetMIUSALight2 hoursMystery Light in Northern Michigan12/19/03
11/15/03 18:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSADisk1 minuteI was traveling on state road 1010 heading towards Hwy 401 around 6pm, just North of Fuquay Varina, NC. Just above the tree line on th1/10/09
11/15/03 18:00StrawberryAZUSADisk45 minLanded Object viewed with High Power Scope at Length5/24/05
11/15/03 17:30BradentonFLUSAOther3-5 minutes3 objects that were very odd in color and moved quickly and then hovered at times. Bright flashes of light as each disappeared.11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00TracyCAUSATeardrop7 minsI had just left tracy, CA traveling west on I-205 towards San Francisco. The sky was a little stormy but there was a clearing in it ju11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00Sky CItyNMUSAOther5 min.New Mexico and UFOS11/26/03
11/15/03 17:00Union CityMIUSAOval17:26Orange/red meshed object Union City, Michigan3/4/08
11/15/03 16:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSALight30 seconds or sowhite light on the sky, moving slowly, then suddenly disapearing over the sky ( the sky was clear, really clear that day)!7/25/04
11/15/03 15:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAOval10 SECONDSWHITE OBJECT OVER ABQ, NM.5/4/04
11/15/03 14:00SuperiorAZUSASphereat least 1 hrSilver Sphere Hindreds of Witnesses Superior AZ11/26/03
11/15/03 11:30Coachella ValleyCAUSALightGroup of fuzzy, oval illuminations in the desert night sky11/26/03
11/15/03 11:30PoughkeepsieNYUSALight1-2 minRed light in the night sky.1/27/05
11/15/03 02:00SanteeCAUSAFormation12 minutesFour saucers in a diamond formation.11/26/03
11/15/03 00:20Twenty Nine PalmsCAUSADiamond30 secFast moving vehicle with no sound.11/26/03
11/15/03 00:00Moe (Australia)AustraliaLight5 minsa moving object seen in the distant stars3/2/04
11/14/03 23:34La Canada FlintridgeCAUSAOther8 minutesdidnt see object very well but saw a HUGE amazing yellow light covering my WHOLE window and saw only one of its lights from the object5/15/06
11/14/03 23:15Floral CityFLUSAChanging20 minutesCircular/Oval shape with red, orange, blue and green lights hovering11/26/03
11/14/03 22:30HortenseGAUSACigar2 hoursObject appeared just below the Big Dipper. Colors were red,yellow,green and blue. Seemed to descend as we watched it. Began to ascend11/26/03
11/14/03 21:00Lake ButlerFLUSALight1-5minbright white light shot down below treeline11/26/03
11/14/03 20:00Punta GordaFLUSAFlashsecondsflashes and power failure in florida11/26/03
11/14/03 19:30SanfordFLUSALight15 minTraveling east on I4 I spotted a bright white light w/ 2 flashing red lights11/26/03
11/14/03 18:00Haslingden (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle20 seconds4 lights square 1 red dot traveling anti-clockwise11/26/03
11/14/03 17:30NilesOHUSACirclepresently ocurringObjects were soft blue in color, formation appeared as fuzzy clouds. They did not make any sound, hovered and frequently criss crossed11/26/03
11/14/03 17:30NilesOHUSACirclepresently ocurringMUFON/OHIO FOLLOW-UP REPORT: People followed and watched by objects in Niles, Ohio1/17/04
11/14/03 17:00La CenterWAUSATriangle7 minutestriangular craft spotted in washington state11/26/03
11/14/03 14:50CharlestonSCUSASphere5 minutessilver orb associated with chemtrails12/9/03
11/14/03 12:00Port AngelesWAUSAUnknown10-15 secondsUnexplainably loud , extremely close, hovering noise which resembles a large aircraft.11/26/03
11/14/03 00:00MidlothianVAUSACircle10 to 15 minutesThis was pretty weird, we live in the country somewhat. My house is high on a hill and my deck you can see the woods far away. I woke u11/26/03
11/13/03 21:30Atlantic Ocean (Virgin Islands)Virgin IslandsRectangle1 minuteA bright Orange Object appeared to be observing our cruise ship in the southern atlantic ocean11/26/03
11/13/03 21:30HortenseGAUSAChanging20 minutesbright object with colors of red,blue,green and yellow, moving in an erractic pattern and changing shape11/26/03
11/13/03 21:10Port OrchardWAUSAUnknowncontinuingMy husband went out onto our back deck at approximately 21:10 on Thursday evening and suddenly called out to myself, and my daughter to11/26/03
11/13/03 20:00South PortsmouthKYUSALight3minutesI saw a ufo at 9:00pm on the 13th.12/9/03
11/13/03 19:00WarrenMIUSATriangle10 Min.4 lights close to horizon11/26/03
11/13/03 18:45London (Canada)ONCanadaOtherLarge square object with white lights flying about 40 feet over my head completly silent2/12/04
11/13/03 18:00Boothbay HarborMEUSALight20 minThis is the Second Report I have done in the last two days. I had written about UFO Objects that hover in the sky that first appear to11/26/03
11/13/03 18:00Virginia BeachVAUSADiskUFOI went out to back bay . I was taking pictures of the area. I captured this on my digital camera. that about sums it up. I was alone.11/28/07
11/13/03 18:00Boothbay HarborMEUSALight20 minStar Like UFO's that are Hidden in the Stars, But With Binoculars, Are Obviously Discs; I Saw 10-20 tonight!!!!11/26/03
11/13/03 13:34New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAFireball1 minI was sitting in my backyard And i saw a Big red fireball across the sky, my wife marge, and my dad, George were with me i was worried11/26/03
11/13/03 06:50St. LouisMOUSACigar45 secondsCigar shaped slow moving haze or shadow11/26/03
11/13/03 05:00Hanover ParkILUSATriangle2 MINPossible triangle caught on tape in Illinois.11/26/03
11/13/03 02:30EdenUTUSADiamond15 minsthen out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light11/26/03
11/13/03 02:00Montour FallsNYUSAOvalOval shaped with lights on under belly.12/9/03
11/13/03 01:30Aruba (Caribbean)ArubaTriangle3 HOURS AND 20 MINUTESStrange lights off the coastline of Aruba1/17/04
11/12/03 23:45Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaLightapprox: 8 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright green lights in the area.11/26/03
11/12/03 23:30OrlandoFLUSACone1 hourApproximately 11:30 - midnight the night of Nov 12, 2003, I observed a cone-shaped hovering object in the Southeasterly sky. It was to11/26/03
11/12/03 23:00KalispellMTUSASphere10 secondsRed Orb flew over our vehicle8/6/20
11/12/03 22:05NashvilleTNUSAOther20 secondsSerpentine object with windows.11/26/03
11/12/03 21:30LyonsCOUSASphere3 HrColor was yellow,red and it did not move in any direction,it just disappeared.12/16/05
11/12/03 21:00Boothbay HarborMEUSADisk1 hourBright Red Objects with Orbiting White Lights/ Hovering Discs with Green,Red, Blue, White Lights Dancing Around It11/26/03
11/12/03 19:20CharlotteNCUSALight1 minute more or lessdimming light that rotated counter-clockwise and then shot across the sky and vanished11/26/03
11/12/03 18:30Arkansas (NE part, US Rt 67)ARUSAOther1-2 hrsNE Arkansas Sightings12/9/03
11/12/03 15:32LivermoreCAUSAOtherTwo MinutesI was driving down Lido Lane in Livermore, California, driving northwest. Something caught my eye that at first glance looked like a st11/26/03
11/12/03 09:301I recognized what could be a typical UFO in the news ((NUFORC Note: "UFO" is street lamp. PD))11/26/03
11/12/03 09:30TomballTXUSATriangle1 minutev shaped almost triangles moving across the sky11/26/03
11/12/03 09:00CantonMIUSAOval1-2 minutesOval shaped, Gray colored, and flying low and fast11/26/03
11/12/03 05:00El MonteCAUSAOval5-10 secondsOval flying object across my window screen 5-10 seconds11/26/03
11/12/03 01:00Huber HeightsOHUSAUnknownover 30daysThe objects moved in a fasion not consistent with conventional aircraft and were completely silent.11/26/03
11/11/03 23:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaTriangle1 minute3 triangular white lights traveling too slow and too low to be a plane11/26/03
11/11/03 22:00AuroraILUSAFormation2 hoursevery ten minuts the 4 disk shaped formation flashed about half an hor later i past out11/26/03
11/11/03 21:00Chesterfield (UK/England)United KingdomFireball20 secondsit came from left to rite ,in a green fkesh going down,,11/26/03
11/11/03 20:50HawksMIUSAChanging3 min.One night my friends and I were coming home when we saw a very bright light that disappeared.11/26/03
11/11/03 20:50Paddock LakeWIUSASphere2 secondsSilvery sphere, glowing white, headed southwest very quickly from Paddock Lake, Wisconsin11/26/03
11/11/03 20:00WilliamstownmMAUSATriangle2 min.Long Triangular Object seen around eclipse12/9/03
11/11/03 19:50WewahitchkaFLUSAOther4-5 secondsGreen object falling but not as fast as a shooting star11/26/03
11/11/03 19:00GrayslakeILUSADiamond1 minuteDimond shaped craft with pulsating multicolor lights -- very fast -- not a plane.11/26/03
11/11/03 19:00LansdalePAUSATriangle30 secondsLow, slow, nealy silent delta wing 'airliner.'11/26/03
11/11/03 18:10BrandonFLUSADisk15 min.Glowing saucer-shaped light hovering, then lowering.11/26/03
11/11/03 18:00HueytownALUSAOther2:00min.Y shaped11/26/03
11/11/03 16:50San JoseCAUSAUnknownaprox 30 secondsstationary Object apeared at first to be star than faded and became two or three objects then faded out ocmpletely.11/26/03
11/11/03 16:00WoodstockGAUSATeardrop30 minsGreat design for travel and being seen clearly.11/26/03
11/11/03 00:00South LyonMIUSALight3 min3 bright lights flying in formation around each other. then, vanished into the sky11/26/03
11/10/03 23:50TuscaloosaALUSACone15 minutesBulky Conical object abducts human11/26/03
11/10/03 22:21PensacolaFLUSASphere5 - 8 secs.Orange Sphere over Northwest Florida11/26/03
11/10/03 21:30PortsmouthNHUSATriangle15 minutesSaw Triangle UFO, low right above trees, with white light at each point. Did a 180 turn directly over road without slowing down.7/3/13
11/10/03 20:00WatsonvilleCAUSADisk5 minDisk shaped object flew low, had 4 light and an antenna, once i began to run after it, it lowered as if it were goin to land.11/26/03
11/10/03 20:00Las VegasNVUSAFormationStrange light formation on photo of night sky over Las Vegas11/26/03
11/10/03 19:00ChinoCAUSACircle1 minuteWatched as hovering green circular craft stopped and then flew off.11/26/03
11/10/03 18:30West CovinaCAUSADisk5 minutesCloud-like saucer shape with top and bottom domes having flashing lights moving slowly at low altitude.11/26/03
11/10/03 18:20PasadenaCAUSADisk15 minDriving East on 210 Fwy, looked to right, and my Daughter and I saw a saucer, fluorcent lights, just kept on hovering, did have a red l11/26/03
11/10/03 07:30AudubonMNUSALight20 secondsmoving light in sky, changed direction and disappeared11/26/03
11/10/03 02:30TucsonAZUSALight10 minutes3 starlike lights moving together in unison very bright and low, then disappearing together.11/11/03
11/10/03 00:45Las VegasNVUSALight1 min or less7-8 objects with green lights in las vegas11/11/03
11/9/03 22:56RutledgePAUSAOther30+ MinsEratic moving star - sphere with with crescent reflection.11/11/03
11/9/03 21:00HaywardCAUSATriangle30-sec.Trianglular object11/11/03
11/9/03 19:30KauHIUSAFireball2.5 Hr.In Nov. 2003 my two friends and I saw 50 or so Fireballs4/30/04
11/9/03 18:05RocklinCAUSALight15 - 20 secondsBrilliant white light that pulsated, enlarged, pulsated again, faded and moved away.11/11/03
11/9/03 14:00BataviaILUSASphere5 minutes4 object in daylight11/26/03
11/9/03 00:30SpringfieldMAUSAFormation2 MinutesNovember 8 Lights over Massachusetts11/26/03
11/8/03 23:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaLightunknownHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Continuing Abduction Problems For Kelowna, B.C. Family. Plus Green Lights Return.11/26/03
11/8/03 22:00Battle CreekMIUSADiamond30-40 secSilent UFO over Battle Creek MI on night of Eclipse.1/22/04
11/8/03 21:30RichmondVAUSATriangle20 secondsA V-shaped formation of triangles moving across the sky1/17/04
11/8/03 21:15New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChevron15 minutesV-shaped translucent object seen near the moon during the eclipse5/15/06
11/8/03 21:00CharlottesvilleVAUSAUnknown60 seconds3 flashing objects moving , stopping flashing blue and red in the sky then disappearing in space11/11/03
11/8/03 21:00BearlakePAUSAUnknownUnknownLunar Spotting11/26/03
11/8/03 21:00St. JamesNYUSATriangle5 minthis happened during the end of the luner eclips i would have put it on eairlier but i have been out any way this was around 9:00 i was11/26/03
11/8/03 21:00WashingtonNCUSALight2-3 minutes50-75' lights hover than streak away out of sight6/20/05
11/8/03 20:35College PointNYUSAFormationabout 10 secondsThree large luminescent objects5/15/06
11/8/03 20:35New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle45 min-1 hour"V" shaped light formations over manhattan during lunar eclipse11/26/03
11/8/03 20:35PortlandMEUSAOtherabout 3-4 secondsI was watching the lunar eclipse out by Back Cove from a soccer field. I was alone, and pretty much freezing to death. I saw a shape mo11/26/03
11/8/03 20:30New York CityNYUSADisk~1 minuteDark, silent cylinder/worm shape over NYC the night of the eclipse12/9/03
11/8/03 20:30Ozone ParkNYUSATriangle15minutesSliver or Dark Grey Colored Boomerang With No Lights Or Sound11/11/03
11/8/03 20:30CornishNHUSAOther1 minuteI observed the lights for only a brief time (30-40 seconds) and dismissed them as a distance cluster of stars as they didn't move.11/26/03
11/8/03 20:30New York City (Manhattan) (upper east side)NYUSAChevron15 MINUTESTwo Chevrons over New York City11/26/03
11/8/03 20:17AugustaMEUSASphere14 secondsI went out side to look at the Lunar Eclipse, When i asked my Fiancee to come outside and look at the Lunar Eclipse. As I was looking a11/11/03
11/8/03 20:16New York City (Yonkers)NYUSAFormation2 secRight half of arrow.11/26/03
11/8/03 20:15New York CityNYUSATriangle1 minuteTriange shaped object moving across the sky in New York City on a Lunar eclipse11/11/03
11/8/03 20:10NewingtonCTUSAOther20 secondsI was in my backyard viewing the lunar eclipse when i noticed 15 objects flying just below the lunar eclipse at about 8:10pm, they were11/11/03
11/8/03 20:10Penn YanNYUSAChevron1 min 30 secLunar Eclipse UFOS - Illuminated Geese11/26/03
11/8/03 20:05SewickleyPAUSAUnknownmomentsJ shape by Moon11/26/03
11/8/03 20:04London (Canada)ONCanadaRectanglesecondsRectangular shape, white, fluttered out of a cloud, descended, then sped off very quickly.11/11/03
11/8/03 20:00VeniceFLUSAFlashsecondsTwo separate flashes across the sky on 11-08 lunar eclipse seen from our driveway around 8pm-8:30pm11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00Old SaybrookCTUSALight30 minGroup of 6 to 8 luminous objects slowly moving form NE to SW in the direction of New York City.11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00HoltsvilleNYUSAOther10secondsV-shape object seen in backyard during lunar eclipse.1/17/04
11/8/03 20:00New York CityNYUSAChanging2 minutesStrange Line Over Manhattan11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00ParkertownNJUSAOther1-3 secswhile watching the lunar eclipse I observed a metallic object over the moon.1/31/04
11/8/03 20:00Merritt IslandFLUSAOther15+ minutesMoving stars underneath the lunar eclipse11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAFormation1-2 min.A v-shaped line of lights moving in unison.12/9/03
11/8/03 20:00New York City (Jamaica area)NYUSAOther10:00UFO SIGHTING DURING ECLIPSE NOVEMBER 7, 200311/11/03
11/8/03 20:00HarvardILUSATriangle5 minutesHarvard, IL. 11/8/03 8:00 pm 5 minutes triangle shape no noise traveling to the south south east lights on side and rear11/11/03
11/8/03 20:00London (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle2 minutesCLear veiw of very large craft on night of Moon eclipse11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAFormationApprox. 1 hourShape-changing formations above New York City during lunar eclipse11/11/03
11/8/03 19:55BrooklineMAUSAOther4 minuteshook shape of multiple small lights gliding silently at night during lunar eclipse11/11/03
11/8/03 19:55SayrevilleNJUSAUnknown40 secondsWhile watching the Luner Eclipes with a Meade Telescope, passing objects have been videotaped3/2/04
11/8/03 19:50BridgewaterNJUSALight30 secondsDuring a lunar eclipse: faint reddish light zig-zagging swiftly away from the moon.11/11/03
11/8/03 19:45GraftonMAUSAFormation30 secondsLooked like ducks flying south with lights.11/11/03
11/8/03 19:30LaFayetteGAUSAChanging30 secondsboomerang shaped, football field size, gliding silently, reflecting stars above it to the underside of it11/26/03
11/8/03 19:30AttleboroMAUSATriangle30seca very lowflying massive craft spotted during lunar eclipse11/11/03
11/8/03 19:30Virginia BeachVAUSAChevron45 secondssighting during lunar eclipse11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00Glen LyonPAUSASpheresecondsTook a series of photos of moon eclipse at five minute intervals and one captured lights in the sky.11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00West BloomfieldMIUSAFireball5 to 6 SecI also saw a fireball on the Night of the 11/08/03 Lunar Eclipse!11/26/03
11/8/03 19:00PensacolaFLUSAChevron10 secondsAnother boomerage shaped craft during lunar eclispe11/26/03
11/8/03 18:52BellinghamWAUSAUnknowna few secondsThree orange streaks the time of the lunar eclipes.1/17/04
11/8/03 18:40Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther1 minuteBacklit by the nearly eclipsed moon, my husband and I saw a dark, fuzzy boomeranged shaped object moving slowly.11/11/03
11/8/03 18:30Gananoque (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle5-6 minsOrange oval eclipe night11/26/03
11/8/03 18:30MadrasORUSACircle15 minutesAt about 6:30 p.m. 11/08/03, our next door neighbor's litte girl came over, knocked on the door, and asked if we wanted to see a UFO.11/26/03
11/8/03 18:30PhoenixAZUSAFlashseconds"Shooting star" below cloud layer4/9/04
11/8/03 18:10Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaCircle10 SECSWe were driving west down hwy 174 from Orleans just east of Ottawa at 1810hrs at about 15 to 20 degrees in the NW direction were notice11/26/03
11/8/03 18:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight5 minThree reddish orange star-like lights pass high in the sky.11/11/03
11/8/03 17:55MeridenCTUSALight2 min.We saw the lunock light for about 2 min. the took off in the light!11/11/03
11/8/03 17:30West CentralMNUSAOvalFew secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object was oval in shape, turns to a vertical position and emits a red glow.11/26/03
11/8/03 15:00SpringfieldORUSACigar10 minutesTwo dark objects flying low without any sounds.11/11/03
11/8/03 13:00Maluhia (Maui)HIUSAOtherseveral minutesIntriguing rock shaped object12/7/06
11/8/03 07:00AdelantoCAUSAOther1 minutesomething drew my eyes to it, as I do not always look in that particular direction when walking on my walkway11/26/03
11/8/03 00:05MarsingIDUSAFlashflash then several minuteWhile sitting in living room talking about the bible, a brillant flash came through the windows, ran outside seeing meteriors shooting11/8/03
11/7/03 22:00TulsaOKUSAFormation15 minutes plusHundreds of glowing white objects in dozens of formations silently traveled for 15-20 minutes over Tulsa, Ok., 10/31/03 or 11/7/03.11/26/03
11/7/03 20:00NewportORUSAOtherabout 5 minThis object was on the south beach area near the airport. I believe the object was partially behind a hill, so I wasn't able to get a11/11/03
11/7/03 18:30Barrie (Canada)ONCanadaOther45 secondsI have never seen anything like it before.11/26/03
11/7/03 18:30EnglewoodFLUSALight30 minutesA large bright light moved swiftly across the ocean after sunset suddenly stopped and didn't move any more.12/9/03
11/7/03 17:11Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3 secondsSuspected meteorite - glowing debris descending very fast and steep11/8/03
11/7/03 17:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It was large and had a long flaming/ sparking tail.11/11/03
11/7/03 17:00Quesnel (Canada)BCCanadaLight3 to 4 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light shot across the sky getting brighter11/11/03
11/7/03 16:00OxfordALUSACylinderabout 1 minuteCrystalline Object appears briefly near Mount Cheaha in the Talladega National Forest.11/26/03
11/7/03 09:30El PasoTXUSASphere45 secondsround object moving very slowly has no kem trail while another obvious jet does dissapears then NASA's jets start flyin around.11/8/03
11/7/03 07:00Port AngelesWAUSAFireball10 minutesObject with glowing, sparkling tail seen traveling across the sky, disappearing over mountains.12/9/03
11/7/03 01:00GlendaleAZUSATriangle10 secSitting outside with wife and witnessed a large triangular shaped object had no sound or lights. I got my wifes attention and she witne6/4/04
11/7/03 00:00Horizon CityTXUSALight3 minutesBright star like object11/26/03
11/7/03 00:00PikevilleKYUSALight30 mins.Odd crying and electronic beeping from hills, odd creature seen during childhood.12/19/03
11/7/03 00:00LivingstonMTUSAFireball5 secondsRound green sphere, dropping beind the mountains, and landing.11/11/03
11/6/03 22:30KitteryMEUSACylinder20 MINUTESBRIGHT LIGHTS NEAR NAVAL BASE11/8/03
11/6/03 22:00MoultrieGAUSAOtherabout 40 minutesI wasted 40 minutes of my life gazing at flashing lights11/8/03
11/6/03 21:00PoulsboWAUSAFireball10 secondsLarge Green lighted object falling from sky.11/26/03
11/6/03 20:00Santa ClaritaCAUSACigarone minutecigar shaped craft, huge in size with a number of red lights slowly crossed the moon lit sky with a small craft chasing after it.11/8/03
11/6/03 19:50RenoNVUSACircleone minuteBright white disc of light the size of a full moon approximately shot straight up into the sky & disapeared in less than 1 sec.11/26/03
11/6/03 19:30Portland/GreshamORUSALight1 minuteYellow/orange light in evening sky followed by military jet activity11/11/03
11/6/03 17:50GulfportMSUSAChanging4 minCluster of small red blinking lights that changed shape with each blink, no background11/26/03
11/6/03 11:30Portland (I-5/Lombard Exit)ORUSASphere2-3 min.Young woman reports witnessing F-15 fighter jets approach a peculiar sphere over Interstate 5.11/8/03
11/6/03 11:30New RichmondWIUSAOval2 min.I was driving along on I94 about 25 miles from St. Paul, Mn. I seen an oval shape object moving was approximately 1 mile awa11/11/03
11/6/03 05:15San JoseCAUSA15 MinutesAbout 5:05 saw a huge ball of shining light that lasted for about 15 minutes.11/11/03
11/5/03 22:36Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomCigar7 minsThis was very wierd (and cigarish)12/19/03
11/5/03 22:30Glasshouse Mountains (Australia)AustraliaLight45minsA single light flashing all over Mt Ngungun, including well above it and halfway down sheer cliffs.12/9/03
11/5/03 21:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 secsLight swooped in, I was on highway 400 north at exit 88. Light was Greenish blue about400 feet off the ground, thought it was going11/26/03
11/5/03 21:00Weona-Harrisburg-WaldenburgARUSATriangle1-2Trinangles and Meteors seen over Nortrheast AR.11/26/03
11/5/03 21:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFlash15 secondsBURST OF GREEN GLOWING LIGHT IN THE NIGHT SKY11/8/03
11/5/03 20:50St. JosephMOUSAOther3-5 minutes2 ufo's with red lights on the sides and a large white light in the center came 50ft above my car on the higway shining light on me.11/8/03
11/5/03 20:35MabankTXUSAOval5 SecondsIt came up from the pasture and darted toward the car. It had a yellow glow around it.9/29/04
11/5/03 20:26Granite FallsWAUSAFireball1 - 2 secondsBrilliant green fireball was seen falling and trailing debris near Mt. Pilchuck11/8/03
11/5/03 20:00ParrishFLUSALight1 minuteStrange cone-shaped beam of light moves through clouds over Florida.11/8/03
11/5/03 19:00AlexandriaVAUSAUnknownfew seconds6-8 Bright lights, in a line. Moving slowly north. Over or near Old Town Alexandria/Potomac River.11/8/03
11/5/03 12:20BurlingtonVTUSADisk1 minuteOn Nov.5th,2003 at 12:20 P.M. our 12-year old son was home early from having only one half a day of school, I was home early from work11/8/03
11/5/03 11:30Esperance (Australia)AustraliaTeardrop20 secondsWhite spot, moving in one direction and at a slow pace. No defining shape, just a spot.12/19/03
11/5/03 11:00PortlandORUSACircle5 minutesDear PD, On 11/5/03, my wife described a sighting to me that sounds very similar to one reported by a witness in your database for Port11/11/03
11/5/03 08:30Horn LakeMSUSAFireball5 seconds?Totally unexpected, brilliant and very possibly a slightly curved course.11/8/03
11/4/03 23:15Bowling Green (Plum Springs)KYUSAUnknown30 secsStationary object appeared a little brighter than mars when it was visible a couple months ago. Obviously something low in the atmosph11/8/03
11/4/03 23:15LovelandCOUSAOval1 minuteOval ufo speeding SE to NW11/8/03
11/4/03 22:52Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight15 minutesA bright white light with purple/blue glow. Got Big.11/8/03
11/4/03 20:50DemingNMUSADisk15 sec.Orange glowing disk south west of Deming NM on night of 11/04/0311/8/03
11/4/03 20:30EllsinoreMOUSALight30 secFirst saw 3 large bright lights at treetop level. The lights were horizontal and evenly spaced. As we were looking at the three light11/8/03
11/4/03 20:00The ColonyTXUSAUnknownongoingSpherical cell formation, to strange lights and aircraft in the sky, and now actual beings amongst us.11/8/03
11/4/03 20:00BelvidereNCUSAOther10 minutesMy family saw strange flying object making wild jerky movements while other objects hovered above in a circle11/8/03
11/4/03 19:00RyeCOUSACircle10 SecondsCircular Orange object11/8/03
11/4/03 18:00PoulsboWAUSACircle5-10 secSaw a Circular Floursecent Green Object Hover and Disappear near Poulsbo8/11/04
11/4/03 17:20WexfordPAUSACylinder10 minutesWhat ever it was it was not from this world.11/26/03
11/4/03 06:15PhoenxivillePAUSACircle30 minutesThe objects were flying around.11/26/03
11/4/03 05:27California City (east of)CAUSALight5 minutes5 large red/orange hovering lights east of California City11/8/03
11/4/03 01:14SeattleWAUSALight6 secondsThis was a meteor sighting. It was very bright, and broke in two after a few seconds.11/8/03
11/4/03 00:00Waldenburg/Harrisburg (between)ARUSATriangletriangle aprox. 20 ft on each side with a large white light in the front, two blue flashing light on the back, and small red in center11/8/03
11/3/03 22:30RockledgeFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesLights like a plane, not exactly the same, and disappearing after trees blocked my view.11/8/03
11/3/03 21:45CampbellCAUSALight15 secondsPinpoint of light moving far too fast to be a satellite...Also not a meteor because there was no trail......11/8/03
11/3/03 21:00CharlotteNCUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle shaped object with 3 round lights11/8/03
11/3/03 18:30MiamiFLUSAOther30 minWhat thought to be stars that suddenly moved.11/8/03
11/3/03 17:40North BergenNJUSAOther45 minutesStar moving on a zig zag and cicular motion.11/8/03
11/3/03 15:20Holly PondALUSAOval7 - 9 secondsOn my way home from class this afternoon, I saw a very shiny object in the sky. It looked like a shiny egg lying on its side.11/8/03
11/3/03 11:45MobileALUSATriangleabout 1 min.a triangular bright white object seen out of store window in Mobile, AL with eratict motion..11/8/03
11/3/03 05:30AshdownARUSAOther30 secondsA bright light followed by a hazy tail, wider at the end, with a smaller bright light at the end, hovered in place then moved quickly.11/8/03
11/3/03 00:50EverettWAUSACircle5 MinLarge Bright Oarnge Ball shaped light and Dark shape above it and weird Star like thing in distance11/8/03
11/3/03 00:00Lake Buena VistaFLUSAOthershortEpcot UFOs explained11/8/03
11/3/03 00:00MorrisALUSADiamond1-2 hoursI saw what i thought was a star going super nova.11/8/03
11/3/03Lake Buena Vista (Epcot Center)FLUSAUnknownHow many time must I say this?3/1/04
11/2/03 00:00RockfordILUSAUnknown2 secondsNovember, Exact date I'm not sure of except it was early in the month. Sky was clear and I was taking a walk as I usually do. It was ju11/8/03
11/2/03 22:00InolaOKUSALight2 HoursStrange flashing lights.11/8/03
11/2/03 21:15DallasTXUSAFlash3 secondsVery bright light (almost green) fell out of the sky and then disappeared in a very well-lit area. Did not look like a shooting star.11/8/03
11/2/03 18:00Forest LakeMNUSATriangle5-7 minutesSaw a triangular shaped craft that emmitted a beam directly at us and then followed over the top of our vehicle for a short distance.11/26/03
11/2/03 17:00Delhi (India)IndiaEgg5 secthe eeg shape thing moving with great velocity and glowing completely with white light following a rainbow path11/8/03
11/2/03 13:19Seoul (South Korea)South KoreaDiskless than 1 secAmong 3 pictures taken in 1 sec in a row, it showed only in the middle11/8/03
11/2/03 04:20Round Lake BeachILUSATriangle1 hourtwo objects one v shaped 3 lights on top, under brownish dimmed light another triangle shaped lights on top flying north.12/9/03
11/2/03 00:30SpringTXUSAUnknown1 minuteThere were pulsed white light surrounding an object with circular blue lights with a ring of red and white light underneath.11/8/03
11/1/03 23:56FairfieldCAUSADiamond40 secondsDouble-diamond shaped object sighted in Fairfield CA. Silhouetted by half-moon. No speed estimate.11/8/03
11/1/03 23:20San FranciscoCAUSAOval1 hourlarge hovering object UFO I thought was plane isn't moving and isn't a star -- I've done astronomy11/8/03
11/1/03 23:00PhiladelphiaPAUSACircle10 minKings Dominion Circle, seen at night five years ago8/5/09
11/1/03 21:00HaywardCAUSALight30 secondsobject appeared dropped 'pod'and disappeared11/8/03
11/1/03 21:00Chawton (Hampshire) (UK/England)United KingdomOtherabout 30 minutesThis is not I REPEAT NOT made up! I was over across grass field feeding my two pet Goat's one evening when I noticed a white light at a6/5/15
11/1/03 21:00MiamiFLUSAFormation60 secondsFour starlike objects, arranged in a quadrilateral formation seen over Miami11/8/03
11/1/03 20:11Wind Creek State ParkALUSALight30 minbright lights in the sky11/26/03
11/1/03 19:30Ewa BeachHIUSASphere15 secondsI was looking up at the sky slightly northward hoping for a glimpse of the aurora due to recent high solar flare activity when I notice11/26/03
11/1/03 19:30Chandler Gaspe (Canada)PQCanadaSpheregreen lights in the sky over Gaspe Canada12/9/03
11/1/03 16:48PortlandORUSASphere1 minutePink-Orange sphere photographed near downtown Portland, OR11/26/03
11/1/03 16:00Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere20 secondsLow flying basketball sized translucent spherical bubble12/12/11
11/1/03 15:30Oil TroughARUSAOvalunknownThe object apparently made no sound nor appeared to be moving in any direction11/26/03
11/1/03 12:00Palm CoastFLUSACylinder30 secondsMetallic cylinder object12/9/03
11/1/03 11:04Grand RapidsMIUSAOval15 secondsgrey oval in the sky in the daytime in Michigan11/8/03
11/1/03 09:15Grand JunctionCOUSA10 MinutesVery strange whirring noises - about 3 minutes apart11/8/03
11/1/03 02:00LemooreCAUSACircle5 minutesLast night my husband and his friend were out fishing. They saw a small ball of light rise from the ground to the sky. The color of the12/9/03
11/1/03 01:00Gold CanyonAZUSACircleSeveral MinutesCircle of Red Lights1/31/11
11/1/03 00:00CheyenneWYUSAFireball5 secondsA huge fireball east of Cheyenne Wyoming1/17/04