NUFORC Sighting 9958

Occurred: 1977-06-15 03:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-09-29 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 20 min.appx.
No of observers: 100 - Military

Location: U.S.Navy-USS Glover AGFF-1-Burmuda Triangle, FL, , Puerto Rico/Burmuda (between)

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

I was on watch above the bridge port side when a bright red,orange-round object came out of the sky & approached our ship.The starboard watch saw it at the same time.Then 2 more of the objects appeared we contacted the bridge & CIC to report 3 contacts.All hell seemed to break loose,the ship went dead in the water,all power,including radar&sonar was lost.The 3 objects formed a triangle over our position after performing amazing aerodynamic feats across the sky The ships officers were panicing & myself&the other lookout were trying to keep cic informed of their positions for what seemed like 10 - 20 min. weather conditions were clear & seas calm as glass no clouds The panic on the bridge got worse by the no one could figure why the ships systems and engines weren't operable.At the end of the enconter the objects formed a triangle appx.200 yards directly above our position then all 3 objects came together to form 1 bright orange circle and dissappeared as quickly as it had appeard.Within seconds the ship regained full power and all systems came online. Hours later we had another encounter but this time with a surface contact travelling appx.70 miles an hour and frequently submerging without slowing at all.We were never able to visually see this contact and it finally dived to the deapths of the atlantic and disappeared off our sonar and radar screen.The next morning we were assembled on deck and ordered to forget everything we saw.The explanation we were given was we saw an experimental Russian helicopter. No helicopter could have done what we witnessed. After the encounter our ship experianced severe morale problems.The objects appeared to be about 15 or 20 feet across and appx.10 height.The way they maneuvered from horizon to horizon across the sky in a split second and could completely change direction without slowing or circling was beyond our known technology as well as the Russians.That our commanders expected us to believe their helicop! Ter st ory was absured.

Posted 1999-10-02

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