Occurred: 1974-06-06 14:00:00 Local
Location: Green Cove Springs, FL, USA
Shape: Orb
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2013-06-12 21:17:36 Pacific
Posted: 2013-07-03 00:00:00

Ever seen an orb, and then the mother ship. I have. Then they gave me something.

Summer 1974 at Knights Fish Camp at the mouth of Black Creek, on the St. Johns River in Florida.

An orb approximately 12 inches in diameter entered the building through the door that faced the east. It was a faint orange and yellow in color and glowed. It circled the room once and then stopped directly in front of me. Three others were present, Both the owner and his employee were standing behind the counter, and a customer/owners friend was seated on a stool. I was standing near the door that the orb entered through and it hovered about chest high, not more than 15 inches in front of me. I thought about reaching out and touching it for a moment but quickly got a sense that if I did I might get shocked or worse.

The orb stayed stationary in front of me for about one minute, then circled the room again before departing through a window. No one said a word, we all just looked at each other in bewilderment. I helped out at the fish camp after school and on weekends for free. My payment was the ability to take out any of the rental boats when ever I wanted and the occasiona! l free sandwich and drink. I asked the owner if it was alright if I took one of the boats out and he shook his head OK.

The fish camp had a small channel next to it where we kept the boats, so I climbed into one of them and left the channel. The boat was a 12 foot Stump Knocker, with a 6 hp. Evenrude engine. At the end of the channel was the entrance to Black Creek. Next to it was a wooden bridge that rotated open for passing sail boats, it took both train and car traffic. I steered the boat under the bridge and after passing under it, there it was. Off to my right was an aircraft hovering above the water. It was beautiful, a perfectly shaped craft, silver with no visible windows. But what I couldn't understand was that it made no sound, and the fact that the water under it didn't move. How could something that big suspend itself like that without an engine that should surly be roaring. And why wasn't there even a ripple on the water. And no exhaust smoke. It obviously couldn't be ours, so that meant that the orb came from it. I assumed that the orb must have returned to it before I got there. Where else could it have gone. This I just had to touch. I figured that if I idled the boat up to it very carefully that I could touch it, I might even be able to board it. They or it had to have come from some place a heck of a lot smarter than us, so they surely could teach me a lot. But as I placed the engine in and out of gear to nudge myself closer, it backed away at the exact amount. It matched my movements, it didn't want me any closer. I left the engine in neutral and kept staring at it. I asked myself why, but then figured that that's what they wanted and who was I to question them. So I thought to myself if I couldn't touch or board the craft than what can you give me. And I thought, if I could receive anything from you, than give me something that could help the world. Make this a better place, and benefit everyone.

I never got an answer, so sounds, no lights, no smoke, nothing. Again I just continued to sit there and appreciate the beauty of this aircraft. Suddenly I got the idea that I could possibly charge it, force my way to it and at least touch it. But the engine just wasn't fast enough. As I put it in gear and started forward, it simply rose up about 20 foot. Then it moved away from me and rounded the corner. That's when I really got impressed, as it took off in a blur and then just disappeared. It was as though it was able to constantly increase its speed without limit. One moment its stationary, the next its going hundreds of miles per hour, then only a blur. WOW. Or at least I thought that I never got an answer.

Have you ever had a dream, how about having the same dream every night for Ten Years. Some how they were able to give me the details of an engine, or is it more than that. Every night its details became more and more detailed. Eventually It got to the point where I could assemble it in my head. I figured that I had better put it down on paper before I forgot, or something happened to me. So I did. I continued to go over it in my head over and over again. One part was similar to a helicopter, so I enlisted in the Army and began working on them. I had to figure out how they could change direction without the main rotor changing its pitch. That answer was easy, a few of our pilots were remote control helicopter nuts. So I showed them the plans to what I wanted to build. They couldn't believe their eyes. They wanted me to let them hold my design so they could show their commander. That was fine, a while later they returned wanting me to give them my design. I told them that ! I would sell it to the army, but I wouldn't give it to them. Maybe I should have, at least by now I could have a working model. I went to college and told my physics teacher that I wanted to make an electromagnetic engine, and he told me it was impossible. I asked why and he said that because there wasn't one in existence. That's no excuse for me, there isn't one yet, because no one has made it yet.

I don't have the dreams any more, but I still have the memories, and I have my design. I met a young man a few years back and he asked me if I had seen the ufo next to the bridge there in Green Cove Springs. I suppose he was in a passing car that went over the bridge. I laughed and told him that if he saw it, then he saw the guy in the boat. He said ya I saw that. That's when I told him that I was the guy in the boat. It's funny, when you have the money to build something you don't have the time, and now that I'm retired and have the time, I don't have the money.

I keep hoping that maybe one day Ill put all the pieces together, slowly but surely I'm gathering everything. I just hope I don't die first.

Like I stated the engine works off of electromagnetism, no fuel, no fumes, no noise. It can be placed in anything. Something as small as a power tool, or as large as an aircraft carrier. It'll work on land, in the air, under water or even in space. But what would happen to the power companies if every home powered itself. Or the oil companies if we no longer needed fuel for our cars, trucks, jets, planes, or for the military. They spend what 6 Billion dollars a year in fuel alone. Or was that ten years ago..

I guess that's really I hadn't built it yet, what happens to those who come up with ideas like that? Those who put thousands out of business, or those who take the money out of rich peoples pockets.


Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD

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