Occurred: 1975-09-15 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-09-16 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Berlin Heights/Huron, OH, USA

Shape: Light

Ufo attracted and responded to flashlight from aprox.60-80 miles away.

My husband was out in the back yard of our country home, (about 8 acres) to take care of the dogs in the kennel. He was shining an ordinary flash light toward the stars on a clear night. Time was about 11pm. The sky was very clear and dark, no lights from the cities. He had been outside for about 15 minutes when he called me to come and look at this funny star. I came out and he pointed at a star that seemed to be moving at right angles-the distance from us was hard to tell--but it was only the size and brightness of a star in the distant sky.. He was turning the flash light on and off, and when the light was on the object begain to move closer (could tell because it grew larger and brighter--as though it were homing in on our little light) When he turned the light off it retreated back to it's orignial size and place in the distant sky. At the time we were certain it was not a star because of the movement, and the angles of the turns and speed of which it grew closer, and withdrew, it was doubtful that it was a plane. My husband kept playing with the light, moving the light, and shining the light toward the object, (which looked still star like) and the object got larger and brighter as it came toward us. In a very short time (seconds) it seemed to travel a great distance to stop over our yard and hover there. The light was so bright that we saw our shadows in the darkness and the whole field was lit up like a carbon arc light. By this time I was frightened because we didn't know what it was, or who it was, but it was certain it was nothing like anything known. There was no sound at all, only this intense light, which shone so bright, that it was impossible to tell the shape, or see the craft itself...however it was directly over us.. impossible to tell how close or the size. We could only see the light and here no sound. We ducked down behind the bushes, which was a joke, because they didn't hide us at all, and I urged my husband to turn the light off...he did and the object/light withdrew from us and grew smaller and smaller until it was the same star-like ofject we had seen before. My husband turned the light on again and shined toward the "star" and once again it zoomed toward us and grew into this brilliant light overhead. Once more he turned the light off and it zoomed away...off into the distant horizon. We went into the house, and turned off the lights....locking the doors..I called my mother to report on what had just happened. A few days later there was an article in the Lorain Journal or the Sandusky Register paper, about 2 nurses who were leaving work and chased by a ufo on their route home. This was on the same night! The direction they were coming from would have been in the same direction this light came from. The milage from there to where we were would have been about 34-45 miles, and if it was from the Cleveland Ohio area the distance from us was about 65-80 miles...if I remember correctly. So it traveled a long distance to reach us in seconds...and also what is interesting to take note of, is that what kind of technology would it have to have to spy our flashlight at such a distance...and be able to zero in on it's location, and be there in seconds....so we were open to the idea that maybe it was not from somewhere else but maybe some unknown craft of ours. My husband had a mathmatics degree and was a scientific person. so this is why he kept playing with the light to see what would happen, and before the experience was not a believer in ufos. Prior to this event some weeks before this I had been alone at home and spotted hovering glowing objects over the woods late at night. The area where we lived was within a mile of a proposed neclear powerplant to be built by Ohio Edison. They purchased land without telling the truth to the people who sold to them. They thought it was going to be a resort. Later the truth came out. There was great oposition to it.The lights that I had seen were hovering over that area. One note of interest. This experience had an impact on me, and I have always saught an explaination...a few years or so after this event, I started having out of body experiences...once, for some reason I became really still during one of these experiences and asked with my thoughts, about the ufo experiences....and a voice answered me saying, "They are real, they are related to us in that all energy is related, and, were in the area to influence the population who lived there, to protest the building of the neclear power plant." Believe this or not, there was enough protesting and the plant was never built on this property.

Posted 1999-10-02

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