NUFORC Sighting 97089

Occurred: 1977-11-17 19:00 Local
Reported: 2013-04-11 17:02 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Bensalem, PA, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

The craft hovered approx. 15 ft. above my station wagon.

November 17, 1977 walked out my apartment with three daughters (13, 11, 6). Oldest daughter directed me to orange object in the sky. It looked like a Chinese orange lanterns. We drove up I95 a short distance to see other daughter.

On the way back down I95 (7:30 pm) same daughter directed me to look out her window, front passenger window, and we saw the orange thing again. It appeared to follow us all the way up I95.

As I turned into our apartment complex it began drizzling and same daughter pointed ahead at our apartment. There above my apartment sat an object about 30 ft. above. It looked like it had two high beams, but no light was cast forward, as in car headlights. As it appeared to approach us, neither of us were afraid. All of a sudden it was right in front of my windshield although we did not see it travel toward us. It got to my car in about two seconds, although we did not see it advancing. It had three lights on the bottom. Now I can’t remember exactly which lights were where, but there were two same colored lights, one in the front and one in the back under the vehicle. There was also a light in the center of it. It was two red lights and one green, or two green and one red. Don’t remember.

She never ever showed an interest in UFOs. She yelled at me to stop the car and I did. She jumped out of the car and onto my hood. I was hanging out the left door looking up. Above me was a circular metal craft, with a definite top and bottom, but no seam to separate them. It was the length of my station wagon. I looked for widows, a door, an opening, screws and anything to figure what held the top and the bottom together.

As it passed my station wagon, it very slowly skimmed at about 3-4 miles an hour (guessing). It rocked back and forth as it went over us. It had a sound much like the fan in a bathroom.

I got back in the car first yelling for my daughter to get back in the car, which she did. When she shut her door she said, “Wow, Mom, did you see that thing take off?” I said, No, I got back in the car before you.” She told me it took off like a jet into the air and disappeared.

Once home a friend told me to call the nearest base (name not given here). I asked for the Officer In Charge and reported my sighting. He thanked me and said he may get back to me.

By now my daughter came out of the shower and asked me about marks on her stomach. I had never known about Betty’s Hill’s secret, so I couldn’t connect it. My daughter had three fresh needle marks below her naval. We could still see fresh blood. She said she didn’t get her skin caught in her zipper.

About four hours later the Officer in Charge called me back. He confirmed that I had seen a UFO because it was now being sighted over another state (can’t remember which one), but it was at least four states to the west of us. He asked me if I would talk to two agents on Sunday and I agreed.

The two men came and told me they were from UFORIC. I believed them. I remember the oldest man’s full name and that he said he lived in New Jersey. The other man I only remember his first name and he said he lived in South Philadelphia.

It took years for me to ask myself where they got the photographs of all those UFOs.

They had two thick albums with them full of UFO pictures. Some of the pictures were drawn by various people, but most of them were actual photographs. We could not identify the UFO we saw but agreed it was the top of one of them and the bottom of another. They asked us to separate and draw the UFO. They were almost the same except my daughter had drawn some kind of antenna on hers. I argued that there was none and one of the men said, she saw it on the opposite side, that’s why you didn’t see it. I don’t remember if we told him about the needle marks because I had not yet connected them to the sighting. Years later my daughter said to me, “I’m sorry Mom for telling you all this time that I remember the UFO, but I really don’t remember it at all. She wanted to pretend she saw it because I saw it and one of my daughters in the back seat saw it.

It was years later I learned of the one thing Betty Hill never told anyone, because when people told her they were abducted or saw a UFO, most didn’t mention any markings and that’s how she knew if it was true or not. I was stunned to hear this.

My daughter died on May27, 2004. My daughters and I were with her as she drifted into a coma. She said four last things. I will only tell you the pertinent one. She said “Tell mommy, the aliens did this to me.” Personally, I don’t think she meant her illness. Now I am guessing as she was dying, memories were passing before her and she remembered our sighting. I tried to find UFORIC and there was no such organization. But I did find that name in Canada. I believe these men were from the government.

I had been plagued with situations for years. They started about 1963 up until 1972. I was scared to death of my bedroom door. I knew there were some “things” at my bedside. I always saw the door start to open, but never saw who entered. Usually, there was one at the bottom of my bed, one at the top of my bed and one mid-center.

My youngest daughter when she was about thirteen used to feel something dragging her off her bed. She remembers clutching the shag rug, holding it tight, knowing “they” were trying to get her out the window. She never saw “them” and doesn’t remember if they got her out the window or not.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell the whole story. I will furnish the men’s names, where I lived and my daughter’s name if you request them.

Posted 2013-05-15

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