NUFORC Sighting 96632

Occurred: 2013-03-19 08:00 Local
Reported: 2013-03-20 20:41 Pacific
Duration: few minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Cedar Hill, TX, USA

Shape: Formation

group of 5 independently moving craft

Shortly after driving away from my house on my way to work on Tuesday morning in Cedar Hill, I saw a formation of 4-5 craft hovering and/or floating in the sky to my southwest. The craft were very odd appearing, dark in color, with each craft oriented in the same direction, facing south. The shape of each craft looked similar to an outline of the New England Patriots helmet logo, with the tapered end facing north.

Each craft "floated" independently, with slight movements among them in different directions such that I was able to discern multiple crafts instead of one. The height of the crafts was about 3000 feet, and they were drifting away from me to the west. When I first saw them, I had a very eery feeling as if they were monitoring or observing the ground from above.

The crafts were silent. They were too large for birds. I had wondered if they were drones, but they moved so close to each other that it would have been impossible for them to prevent interference among them with propellors or with other conventional means of propulsion. I had also wondered if they were kites, but the objects were too large and too high to be kites because there was no wind that morning that could have kept the kites aloft.

I stopped my car, and walked around to the other side near the west to begin taking an iPhone video of them. By the time that I had started the video recording, the crafts had drifted sufficiently far away such that they appear only as very small dots on the video. Because they were drifting away, and because I was late to work, I stopped the video recording, and returned to my car.

Posted 2013-05-15

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