NUFORC UFO Sighting 9638

Occurred: 1993-11-24 19:00 Local
Reported: 1999-09-10 00:00 Pacific
Duration: approx. 6 hrs.
No of observers: 5

Location: Harlowton (in general vicinity of Malmstrom AFB), MT, USA

Shape: Formation
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby, Landed, Electrical or magnetic effects

6-7 hr. long event during which a triangle,disks and an IMMENSE cylindrical object were observed clearly at close range and through optics.

This is actually a case of 2 separate incidents exactly one week apart.A family friend is a landowner in central MT near the town of Harlowton.As such, he invited my family up to his place (great fishing & hunting)any time our hearts desired.Over the years my brothers and I became intimately familiar with every canyon and creek on the ranch.We also began to realize that a lot more seemed to be going on there than at first met the eye and everything culminated in the event(s) I will describe. On this particular evening, my brother and I had just exited a thick patch of trees after a long day of deer hunting. It was nearly dark,the first stars were out and we had about a mile walk back to our truck. Being aware of anomalies in the area, we were always on the lookout for ANYTHING out of the "ordinary". Well, upon looking to the eastern sky , we both saw 3 "stars" that seemed to be brighter than the rest. These lights were stationary at this point and seemed to be regular stars out in space. I remember saying to my brother that maybe they were planets and we would check it out at home.We then continued on our hike to the truck and went home- nothing unusual.This is where it starts getting strange. One week later almost to the minute,my brother and I emerged from the same patch of trees after hunting all day.As we again surveyed our surroundings, we again noticed the 3 stars from the week previous in the exact same place they had been then.Only this time they were a different color(orange) and seemed to be moving slightly in conjunction with each other. Really interested now,we watched as the formation of lights gradually picked up speed coming in roughly our direction (west).We then realized that we were in a bad situation and started for the truck at a fast walk. Keeping an eye on the object, we observed it change direction to a more northerly heading and fly toward a low cloud formation, into which it flew. By this point we could tell that this was no ordinary aircraft(as a student pilot with 10 yrs in ! aviation ,I'm familiar with nearly all known a/c).The object was close enough for us to see a structured triangular fuselage dark in color. It made absolutely no sound. Upon the object entering the cloud, there was a flash of light similar to lightning but flourescent green in color. This was immediately followed by the object emerging from the cloud in roughly a 10 degree bank. As the object made it's way clear of the cloud, we observed the "cloud" literally change shape until it appeared like a tornado but horizontal to the earth not vertical, with the "foot" of the funnel pointing toward the object. At this point we broke into a sprint for the truck. As we ran, the object literally DRAGGED this "tornado" to the west. We could see that the whole eastern horizon was black now.Just as we reached the truck we were hit by huge gusts of wind and debris from the east and visibilty was around 2 feet. Concerned now, we piled into the truck to find that this reliable vehicle was completely dead( it was just like in the movies). With the nearest help miles away, we readied our rifles( made us feel better) and waited. Total elapsed time so far approx. 6 min.The dust storm and confusion lasted for about 10 min then the wind stopped and the dust settled. As visibility improved and things became quiet again, we could see...We could see objects- lots of them. Besides the original triangle a/c which was now making a 40-50nm circular flight pattern, we could see discs trailing the triangle, all moving independently.(We were by now using our 10x50 Zeiss binocs) and could see that the discs were definitley metallic in nature. The most impressive object however was a gigantic cylinder that descended from nowhere then hovered approx 500ft agl around a 1000 yds distant, over a field. Peter, I swear to you on my Father's grave that along each side of this thing were "windows" in which it seemed like there was movement! It was around 2 football fields in length, approx. 700-1000 ft in diameter, and bright silver in color.The "front! end" gl owed blue, intensifying the farther one got from the center and the "rear end" glowed red in the same manner.What drew your eye though was the yellow and orange strobe exactly centered on the "bottom".We watched this object in pure horror for about an hour until it ascended straight up and out of sight .It did not disappear in a split second but rose rapidly taking less than a minute to completely vanish.Well, back to the other objects, which were by now in the company of several F-15's.It was VERY EASY to differentiate between the jets and the other objects. The F-15"s flew around for about a half hr.then headed NW in a tight formation and the triangle followed close behind, all disappearing over some hills to the NW-we never saw them again.The discs continued to maneuver throughout the area.We had pretty much resigned ourselves to our fate by this point and now felt the worst was over.It all became rather entertaining by midnight.We spent a cold night in the truck, falling asleep eventually watching these discs and their erratic flight. In the morning, our parents showed up to look for us and we gave them the whole story. They believed us but advised us to say nothing. I just cant live with this secret any longer and felt it may be important as I believe I was a witness to some kind of WX manipulation Technology. I moved away soon after and hav'nt been back. I understand from friends that "things" are still happening there.

Posted 1999-09-12

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