NUFORC Sighting 94982

Occurred: 2012-12-01 18:55 Local
Reported: 2012-12-05 14:50 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Dayton, OH, USA

Shape: Formation
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

9-12 objects in apparent formation black and firey orange circular on bottom/photos and video captured

Last Saturday night (1 December 2012) shortly before 7:00pm, I was leaving home to go to a local store on Valley Street to purchase some cigarettes and play a few lottery numbers. This store is located in Dayton / Riverside Ohio, and very close to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Dad is currently buried at the local VAMC and is retired Air Force.

When I stepped outside and was going to get into my car, I noticed a strange object flying overhead and breaking into a turning pattern to the right and upwards movement. I thought to myself how odd and I wish I had my digital camera.

I thought oh well, it is gone and I missed my chance to get it on tape. No sooner than that happened and I was getting into my car, I noticed that there were three more of these flying vessels identical to the first. (All of these objects seem to have the same flight path / plan). At this time I took out my cell phone to try and capture still images or video. Oddly enough, I was able to capture a photo of three of the objects in one still frame photo.

I thought to myself, oh well at least I got a still image photo and will look at it later. I put down the phone and backed out of the drive-way, pulled forward and made an immediate right-turn and proceeded to travel down a street that I drive down everyday. Oddly, enough I didn't get very far and I observed more of these strange looking vessels coming my way. I slowed down to a stop on the right side of the roadway and started capturing what I could on my cell phone again. This amounted to a few still images and a few short segments of video.

Once the last one went by, I called my mother on my cell phone and told her to go outside and look up to see if she saw a UFO. She did, but was unable to see anything. She stated that it was cloudy outside. From experience I know these objects do become obscure by clouds sometimes. Even in the video footage that I was able to capture, clouds can be observed in the night sky. Another strange thing is that there seems to be a moon like glow coming from over top of the clouds. Therefore, it is possible that there could have been an obscure mother ship in the vicinity.

I could tell these UFOs were not regular jets as the lighting was different looking. There were no airplane lights mounted on them blinking at all. There is always aircraft in this area and you will see their lights twinkle when flying over-head, or off in the distance.

NOTE: The objects were dark on the top and firey orange and circular on the bottom. The power source seemed to be coming from the bottom area and you could look up into it and observe a circular pattern. The objects appeared to be some type of circular shape. It is so astonishing to look at something for such a brief period of time and try to rationalize what you are looking at. I am so use to the after-burn being on the back-end of a flying vessel that it was very puzzling.

Strangely enough during this event I did note other regular jets flying at much higher altitudes but off to the far right and left sides of these vessels. When I think about it all, it makes since that they would break off. This is a populated area and I think it would be very bad to intercept or try to intercept these objects over our cities, unless we had no choice.

This is just my opinion and is based on what I observed. I can't say what the military or civil agencies had up and flying in the area during this time. I did not contact anyone at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, been there done that. I have been involved with UFO Research off and on since 1983. This is the first time in all those years that I have been able to capture photographic images.

I did some brief internet searches utilizing key words pertaining to what I witnessed and the first search turned up positive and interesting results. I am submitting this report to various UFO Agencies within the USA as they are trained in working with the Public and private citizens in this field of research.

I am a US Veteran and if called upon to work with the Government, I would gladly do so and assist in anyway I could.

Posted 2012-12-20

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