NUFORC Sighting 94978

Occurred: 2012-12-04 22:00 Local
Reported: 2012-12-05 10:33 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 3

Location: Morrison, IL, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Electrical or magnetic effects

Aircraft of some sort flying violently as if it was about to crash that wiped out power throughout a city for 15 seconds

I was driving South from Morrison, IL on 78 South towards Prophetstown, IL, and in the sky I saw what appeared to be an aircraft flying as if it were losing control. It was heading West and it looked like an airplane or jet violently flying, as if it were about to crash. It was pretty low to the ground, but not dangerously close. The object had dim lights (like those of an airplane or jet) and they were spiraling and moving around everywhere with the tumbling aircraft. I can't remember if the lights were blinking or not. The aircraft left a jet stream (or what seemed to be a trail of smoke or something) in the sky for about 5 minutes before it faded away. I was waiting for this 'plane' to crash and make an explosion, but it just spiraled out of view. As I was watching it, I almost called 911 or the police to report what I saw in case it was in fact a plane crashing. But because I saw no impact, or explosion, I didn't call. I called my father and my words wer! e "I think I just saw an airplane crash". The object was visible in the sky for about 20 seconds. The jet stream it left stayed in the sky for a good 5 minutes.

The weird thing about what I saw is my friend (also from Morrison, IL) saw the same exact thing as I did at about 11:45PM. He posted a facebook status about what he saw and I IMMEDIATELY called him and had him describe to me what he saw and it was EXACTLY the same thing as what I witnessed. There was a few differences in what he saw, though. The object he saw flew East, the opposite direction of the craft I saw. Also, he told me as he watched the aircraft fly over the town of Morrison, the power went out citywide for a good 15-20 seconds while it was overhead, and as soon as it disappeared, the power went back on. He explained it the same way I did, a violently moving aircraft of some sort that was not flying straight at all and left a jet steam.

Also, this is a different friend's status besides the two stated above: "I would say I just saw a shooting star, but no shooting star moves like that." Here is a comment he made about what he saw: "Didnt have colors that i could tell. It looked like a shooting star, but it stopped. Then went the other way. Then it was gone. Right when i looked up."

Posted 2012-12-20

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