NUFORC Sighting 94969

Occurred: 2012-12-04 19:10 Local
Reported: 2012-12-04 21:00 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Adams County (on Co. Hwy. D), WI, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

3-5 Yellowish-orangish sphere/orbs seen by retired police officer in central Wisconsin

December 4, 2012 at approximately 7:10pm Traveling West on County Highway D just east of 6th Ave in Adams County, Wisconsin (returning home from appointments in Madison), my mother and I saw some yellow-orange fireball like lights/orbs hovering in the sky. They were hovering lower than a plane would fly, but higher than the tree line.

The orbs were larger in size than any aircraft lights I've ever seen-I'd estimate about twice the size of a landing airplane's lights. There were 3 lights/orbs in a slightly arched triangular form, then a 4th orb appeared between the 1st and 2nd orb. They weren't moving, just hovering and glowing. They were visible for less than one minute and then vanished. I saw a very diminished light blue colored streak appear for a millisecond and it was gone. My mother said she saw it too but dismissed it as an airplane for lack of explanation/perception on the matter.

Our vehicle was the only one in the area, except for a pick-up truck that was in front of us aways.

I am retired law enforcement, my husband is active law enforcement, and we are experienced in responding to all sorts of strange calls about lights, fireworks, etc...but nothing I have ever seen has ever looked like these orbs.

However, approximately 10-11 yrs ago, on the same road traveling the opposite direction I had an experience seeing some strange lights above the tree line and then for 2 hours I was "hypnotized" in some sort of trance like state. My fiancé witnessed this and informed me that I spoke to him the entire 2 hours but was not "myself." He said when I got home I went directly to bed and slept for 2 days.

Posted 2012-12-20

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