NUFORC Sighting 92784

Occurred: 1966-07-15 22:00 Local
Reported: 2012-09-15 10:35 Pacific
Duration: One evening
No of observers: 20

Location: Cold Springs, NY, USA

Shape: Unknown

A Strange Night At Summer Camp...

In 1966 I was 8 years old. At sleep away summer camp {Surprise Lake near Cold Springs NY on the old Cornwallis estate}.

I had a strange night. After the day's activities we returned to our bunk on a forested hillside.

There was a light shinning through the window that normally was not there. My four bunk mates and I did not really think anything of it because it actually illuminated the whole cabin which was normally dark and kind of scary.

It was in the woods below a place on the hill side called "Bald Spot" a patch of granite where no trees grew.

We figured a counselor must have set up a flood light out side.

We all fell asleep.

That night I dreamed two figures were standing over me looking down at me.

On the left was a typical "Grey" with almond shaped eye shades and on the right, a round headed, round faced and round eyed looking dude with a mouth stuck in the position like he was saying "oooo."

The "Roundy Round" had on like a sombrero that made him look Mexican.

The "Grey" had on a silver space suit.

The "Grey" had a long probe/rod with a round glowing orb at the end of it that he inserted into my forehead all the way to the back of my skull.

They then looked at each other.

The "Grey" pulled the probe back out of my forehead and showed the still attached glowing orb to the "Roundy Round" They both looked at each other bewildered, like "I guess we got him already!" and moved across the cabin to my sleeping bunk mates, visiting each one.

The "Grey" inserted the rod into their forehead, and when he extracted it the orb that had been on the end of the rod stayed in their heads! Next the "Grey" and the "Roundy Round" waited at the doorway as all my bunkmates arose like they were sleep walking, and followed them out of the cabin into an intense white light.

I pulled the covers over my head. I figured this is just a neat dream and fell back asleep. For some reason I was not afraid.

We all awoke the next day as if nothing had happened.

The Very next evening the counselors created an unusual activity for us. They blindfolded our whole encampment{20 kids}. They marched us through the early evening to a geodesic dome structure that was an indoor basketball court.

This they artfully transformed into an alien space craft using aluminium foil, crepe paper streamers, strobe lights and the creepiest rock music they could muster on a portable phonograph.

We sat along the inside perimeter of the dome and the counselors who were made up and dressed up as "Aliens" proceeded to abduct us.

I was in on this as one of three volunteers that helped the counselors decorate the geodesic dome "Spacecraft" in preparation for the activity. I had been sworn to secrecy! Now after about a half an hour of this event the counselors had to call it off, as most of my bunk-mates where being frightened to tears by what was going on.

Some of them actually screaming for their mothers in terror! The counselors could not even console them by showing them it was all a hoax, and quickly had to evacuate the dome to get the children to the safety of the mess hall! In retrospect I realize now that the whole encampment-19 kids and 5 teen-aged counselors were actually abducted the night the light shined through the window. The next night the light was gone! The night in question I was left in bed because "I was already implanted or they could not implant me for some reason" The very next day the counselors subconsciously reenacted the whole event. At that time I actually felt left out, because they left me behind. In retrospect I was the lucky one.

Posted 2012-09-24

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