NUFORC Sighting 90391

Occurred: 1956-06-15 20:32 Local
Reported: 2012-07-04 14:32 Pacific
Duration: 1:08
No of observers: 3

Location: Salem, NJ, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

We walked out side during supper, woke up standing in the back yard, then I saw 5 of them watching me.

My UFO encounter happened in South Jersey ("1956") when I was in second grade.

It was dark outside, I was about 8 years old, we just started a late supper when dad said; "What's that funny noise?" Mom was standing next to the kitchen table dishing out food, we cut a look at each other in disbelief (cause dad's hearing was never good) how did he hear something we didn't? Dad enthusiastically said; "Come on, let's go outside. Let's see what it is. Not me, I was hungry & kept eating.

Dad rushed back in the to get me, saying; "come on, come on, come on, you don't want to miss this!" Reluctantly, I got up (& for some unknown reason) turned directly around to note the exact time ... 8:32 PM on a school house clock. (Dad continued to coax me outside.)

When I got outside dad was pointing to this dark spot in the night sky, it was terribly overcast with just a few stars here & there. Dad had put the yard light on (making it difficult to see) I couldn't make out a shape, just a darker spot in the sky. He pointed saying; "Look at the funny lights! See-em? See-em, right there." I was looking but I didn't see any funny lights, just a very dark spot.

I decided to walk further away from the yard light. Mom & dad walked a few steps away too. I was about 25' to 30' further down the yard than them when I decided I was going to concentrate (with all my might) to make out a shape.

Boom, that was it, the next thing I knew, I was waking up. Mom & dad were asleep standing the yard with their mouths open, & that's when I realized my legs were aching like I ran a marathon. I looked in the direction they were looking but it wasn't were, it seemed to be further away, slightly higher, and left.

(All three of us were in slightly different positions than we were.) I cleared my throat out loud and sheepishly said; "Ah, dad ... dad?" he woke up as my mom did a second later, they both put their heads down & walked directly in the house. I said; "There it is right there! Look!" they paid no attention.

The next thing I knew, that thing was much lower, easier to see, I walked under a tree, & closer to get a better view.

More than anything, I was extremely angry, I could now see the UFO with 5 of them staring at me. (About 150' away, it was no more that 25' off the ground at this point.) (They had rounder bald heads than the grays, the best I can tell, there was like a hazy fog around their ship.) I remember thinking ... you lousy bastards, you mess with us, then sit there watching what we do? Thinking about that P.O.ed me even more! I found a rock and threw it at them, I looked for another but only found a dirt clod so I threw that feeling I showed them how I felt about them. (Although they didn't physically react, I did get a minor feeling they were somewhat surprised I did that.) I turned then stomped in the house.

I heard dad walking up the stairs, while mom keep repeating; "Would you look at the time? What happened to the time? Where'd the time go?" (About 3 times over.) Don't know if I would have noticed if she hadn't pointed it out.

Shocked, it was now 9:40 (an hour & eight minutes later in time). Mom suddenly declared; "I'm going to bed right now!" With me still staring at the clock, & with a burst of determination she quickly went around behind me and shot upstairs. (???) My mom, as long as I knew her Never Ever went to bed before 12. I was dumbfounded knowing that ... I had lots of questions, I tried processing the events but could not figure out how this happened, it made no sense.

(With no answers, I remember thinking, I'll have to figure it out later, and went to bed.) The next morning food & dishes were still on the kitchen table, mom was having a fit, shoving a dish right in my face saying; "Nobody finished supper, we left the food on the table all night, I cooked supper for nothing ... " & etc.

I went to school that day, waiting until supper (to kind of re-create the moment) when I questioned them both. They completely ignored me at first, I mean I had one heck of a time getting their attention. I asked dad again & again; "Dad, remember you said you heard those funny sounds last night?" after 3 times he finally turned with the most blurry, blood shot, dead eyes, and said; "Uh-huh." I said; "Dad, dad remember you saw those funny lights?" I repeated it over & over until he turned to me again & said; "Uh-huh." That's it? I turned to my mom saying; Remember when you said; "Look at the time? What happened to the time? Where'd the time go?" I repeated it several times until she finally turned to me with bleary, welled up, blood shot eyes, and said; "Uh-huh." Nothing! Ahhhhh!!! Mom & dad started talking about something else, and me, I put my head down realizing they didn't remember anything, they were no help at all.

I thought, here's my father one of the most brilliant & talented people I know he was a pilot, an inventor, RCA copied the long range TV antenna after his model, he was smarter than any of my teachers. He had an amazing memory, quoted Shakespeare, could add a full shopping cart of groceries before the checker could finish punching in the prices, he had ESP & could read minds, telling me (word for word) what someone was going to say before they said a thing, he told me my future (things that were 40 years out) & yet, he didn't have chance against them, he can't remember anything, they're more powerful than he is.

I felt very alone & with no one to protect me from those rotten bastards. I felt hopeless thinking ... what chance do I have? In third grade, I was home (by myself) when I saw a UFO account on broadcast TV (it involved story after story about crashed military aircraft, including a passenger airliner that had supposedly been downed by UFO craft in the "1950's".

(I was amazed) it showed UFO's darting a crossed a clear blue sky, & told how the military had made a decision to not attempt to shoot at them because of too many lost lives & equipment losses.

After watching that film I was excited & asked just about everybody. I told my parents, believing I'd soon have answers & find the real truth ... sorry to say, that was it, no one I knew saw it, & nothing ever became of it. (I've looked on line to find that same broadcast ... but nothing except for a tiny segment you can see on a Disney broadcast.) "Disney UFO Documentary: 'Alien Encounters'" In sixth grade my class had the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Mixner (we all loved her) one day she asked if anyone had seen a UFO. Feeling brave I raised my hand & told her & the class the whole story, it was the first time I opened up about what happened. Classmate, Mary Anne Catalano volunteered that she & her parents had seen a strange light in the sky (I was hoping for more) Mrs. Mixner asked her several questions, but she didn't remember anything else, that was it? (Ahhh ... !!!) As teen, and as an adult, I would sometimes bring the subject up to dad ... he would just freeze up. I do remember a few times when he'd say; "You know there are UFO's and E.T.s out there, anybody who believes we're the only species in this universe is stupid!" I would always say, yes dad, I KNOW we're not the only ones.

Through the years I read whatever I could find on the subject, told my friends, coworkers, two wives, & my kids, but I never had anyone tell me of any experiences.

It always ends the same way, no one ever makes a comment after I tell my story.

One of the last times I talked to my dad (he called from Florida) he was especially up beat & cheerful telling me all the stuff he was doing, fishing, the green house he made, & so I decided to slip in our UFO incident.

Oh man ... I've felt horrible for doing that ever since. I waited. He didn't say Uh-huh that day ... it was just this very long pause (dad was always worried about the phone bill & with him not saying anything it was highly unusual) finally I asked if he was still there, he said; "Yes." I only talked to him one more time after that, I killed his spirit of joy, and that call ended abruptly. Dad died in "1991" I decided to move to Florida staying with my mom for a little while. I told her the whole UFO story, carefully detailing every part, what everybody said, & what my thoughts were, just hoping she'd remember or say something helpful.

Mom didn't say a word during the story, she just listened. (I seriously doubted she would even respond after all those years of nothing.) Big surprise (as soon as I finished) mom immediately shocked me by going into a story about the time she was pregnant when I was little. She said; "You probably don't remember this ... " I said; "Oh yes do (I recounted) I remember the day dad asked if I wanted a little brother or a sister. I was standing by the grape arbor eating grapes when he came out and asked me, he had this bounce in his step, filled with joy, and as happy as I'd ever see him." Then Mom said; "You know, your dad could never figure it out what happened ... it just went away." Ohhhhh ... noooo, alarm bells went off with my knowing about that hybrid program the E.T. were doing, ahhhhh! Could I have a 1/2 alien brother or sister out there ... ??? ... oh no! Okay, occasionally a fetus can be absorbed back into the mother's body, but under the circumstances, considering the time line being so close to that same time (I have NO proof) but I do have some serious concerns as to what could have happened.

Mom died in 2005 and I must say I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to relate that story to her, and more than a little spooked to learn what she had to say in return.

I'm still searching for answers …

Posted 2012-07-04

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