NUFORC Sighting 89879

Occurred: 1969-08-01 21:00 Local
Reported: 2012-06-21 17:27 Pacific
Duration: 50 minutes plus
No of observers: 8

Location: New Castle, PA, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail

This was in 1969 and I was only 16. There were eight of my family and friend that witnessed this event.

My UFO sighting in 1969 It was a warm summers night in Princeton Pa. and I was visiting my girl at her house. Unlike today communicating with your family could be a problem. You see back in those days we were lucky if we had land phones in our houses. Many of these phones were still the old party line phones too. So there could be a long wait at times to get to use your own home phone, unless of course you interrupted the conversation of those who were using it and asked them to allow you the use of the line. Fortunately for me such was not the case on this particular night.

My girl and I were at our favorite spot which was right beside her little record player in a room in her downstairs. We were listening to some of our favorite tunes on single 33 records. Those old record players were cool because you could load up a half dozen or so records and not have to change them every 3 minutes. It was the high tech of the day! At least for what we could afford.

As we listened to some songs the phone rang and I was told it was for me. When I took the call my Mother was on the other end and she was quite excited about something that was outside of our house. She asked me to get home as soon as I could to see this object which she claimed was floating above our farm. I told my girl friend about what Mom had said and we piled into my car to go see it. She had a younger brother who wanted to go so we let him this time. I had only been driving since Oct. of 1968. Which was about nine month's total. So it was always cool to get in my 57 Chevy and speed down the road. Today you can hardly get me to drive anywhere.

We were only 5 miles from my place so it took no time for us to make the trip. As we topped the last of several little hills on the way we could see an amber colored object in the sky hovering above Mom and the rest of my family. They were all standing in our driveway looking up at this thing. The object did not move the whole time we approached the house and parked the car.

When we got out of the car it was still hovering over the trees. It covered the house and the road and some trees across the road. It was huge, at least four times the size of our home and it was silent. It made no noise at all. The object was not like many UFO's that we had seen on T.V. reports. Most of those were blurry movie film and camera stills. This was crystal clear and it was amber in color. I say clear because we had no trouble making out that it was nothing like any of our aircraft. The only thing was that its color came from a light that was around the whole craft. We could see what appeared to be a disk shaped metal craft inside of the amber light. We could not see any markings on it or any windows or doors. It looked solid in the light and it was silent.

Well silent that is for most of the time. What this craft would do was hover over the trees and house for approximately five minutes. After that amount of time it would turn on some kind of device which sounded like a very large vacuum cleaner. The noise from the craft lasted only a minute or so and then it would stop. Every time the noise stopped the craft would shoot straight up until we could barely see it. It went so quickly that we could only see a streak of orange light trail behind it. It would stay up there a little while then it would shoot straight back down at us. It came down so fast we thought it would hit us. Lucky for us it always stopped at tree top level. It repeated these sounds and the up and down manuvers for approximately an hour. I do not know how many times but I will guess a dozen or more.

I am writing this event down one more time for my children and their children too have a record of. I believe it is worth remembering. I do not have any memory of an abduction of any of us that night. Even though the craft behaved strangely and returned so many times. If I believed that hypnotizing someone is actually possible I would be hypnotized just to remember the event better and hopefully find out if there were any abductioned.

We did try to contact the police but that was a joke. They laughed at us and said yea right then hung up the damn phone. Ever since this experience I have not trusted any policeman to help me out of any fix. Of course it was 1969 and people then were a lot less inclined to believe that there were any UFO's in our skies.

The little picture I linked to this post is eeriely reminiscent of that night. However, the light from the craft did not shine out from it like a flash light. It just enveloped the craft and barely light up the tree tops.

One more thing before I close, the book of Ezekiel speaks of a craft that the prophet saw in a vision. If you study hard you will see that Ezekiel's craft was a bright shiny amber colored object. (amber is the color of a highly polished brass/bronze metal) I have wondered many times if our sighting was of the same craft!

Posted 2012-07-04

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