Occurred: 1999-08-15 23:00 Local
Reported: 1999-08-27 00:00 Pacific
Duration: a few minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Rio Rancho/Bernillo (between), NM, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

my mom and i were driving home from work we saw the sky lite up almost like day light a few seconds later we saw this trail like thing fall from the sky and it kinda turned into a ball of fire

this has to do with what i saw on aug 15 it was like around 11 at night my mom works in santa fe nm, and i went with her to help her out we finished closing and left around 10 we live in rio rancho nm which is like 45 minutes to an hour from santa fe....we leave my mom's work and we're heading home we get into bernillo thats like 15 20 minutes from my house, my mom is driving and we're on this stretch of a um it's kinda like a highway or something i dunno you can go fast on it so i dunno whatever well it's disolate you cant really drive without your brights on it's dark i mean dark anyway we are just talking up a storm laughing and whatnot,so i light a smoke and i'm sitting indian stlye and playing with my shoe my back is facing the car door and i'm looking out at the sandias(our mountains) marveling over how scary it looks and me and my mom are talking and i was like well i'm happy for ......as i was saying that i see that the sky is lit up and i was thinking cool lightening rock on and my mom is just looking up and she kinda slowed down and we're both kinda staring at the sky and everything was silent the sky stayed lit up for awhile(perhaps 10 seconds if that) and i looked at my mom and i was going to say something but then i turn my head towards my window for some reason and i see this huge and i mean HUGE trail kinda looked like millons and zillons of sparklers coming down it was long then it just exploded it was brillant, it lit up the sky more i dunno how to explain it it was like first the sky lit up then it went dark then the explosion came and lit up the sky like daylight the explosion(thats the best way i know how to call it an explosion) was like a white yellow orange type colour all rolled into one but the center of it was white and bright almost as if the sun was falling it came down super fast but when it exploded it slowed down after it exploded it was all normal again no trails of like stuff falling down it just stop as if nothing ever happened it was at an angle when it was falling but before it exploded it went straight ummm lemme see if there is anything else i can shut my eyes and still see it clearly the trail ....well um lemme see if i can explain it just started it wasnt like there was a long trail leading further up into the sky it kinda just started in the middle then fell into the explosion there were a few people on the road that saw it also there wasn't any sounds made during this it was all quite and calm it was so amazing to see i am glad i did see it's kinda scary ! though not knowing for sure what it was,the morning after that had happened i tried watching the news to see if any one could tell me what it was but to no avail everyone i ask they either didnt see it or dont know what i am talking about i tried to describe everything the best way i know how when i say explosion i feel it dosent do justice to what i saw it wasn't like a saw an aircraft explode it was like when the trail was falling it started in the middle of the sky right,then it fell for a few seconds then the trail kinda turned into this ball like thing, it was so big as soon as the explosion thing appeared the trail went away i think that is pretty much it thanks for your time

Posted 2002-12-23

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