Occurred: 1974-08-21 11:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2012-03-26 00:50 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Holloman AFB, NM, USA

Shape: Other

Had my military career and life threatened by an officer while in the USAF

As a teen growing up in North-Central Texas back in the late 60's I had once bought a paperback book on the subect of UFO's. And years later in the late summer of 1974 while I was stationed at an Air Force Base here in southern New Mexico, a case in that book caused me to have a very strange encounter.

I was an "Administration Clerk" {called a 702 in Air Force terms.} Once while my Boss and I were in the West area of the base doing some inventory of computer parts in a hangar, I noticed across the road was another hangar with a very tall chain-link fence, barbed wire at the top, and a lot of junked crates piled near the top on the inside, so barely the roof of the hanger was in sight. The sliding hangar door where we had gone to inventory computers was only secured by a chain and padlock. So I thought to myself that the other hangar must have some real important items inside to have such protection around it. But when I asked my Boss about that, it was to my shock and surprise when he said "they only store junk in there". This made me curious and suspicious. I called my Mother and asked her to send me that old book I had as a teen, that was in the bookcase in my old bedroom at home back in Texas. She found it and mailed it to me. Upon studying it again I re-read the case about an "object that came down and hovered over a runway at the base I was! stationed"...I think back about 1963, and in the event that pursued our people managed to get it to the ground, and dragged it off to a hangar in the West area and nothing more was ever seen or heard about it. It was my estimation that if this event was correct as described in the book, that maybe I had "found" that hangar. I did some checking around the base trying to find a way to gain access to that hangar to have a look around. {At the time my rank was an Airman First Class.} One day I was sitting at my typewriter working on a document in my office near the flightline. My Boss was out to lunch, and the Colonel who was in charge of my office was gone to a meeting. I was virtually alone in that part of the hangar. The door and windows had dark curtains over the windows to keep glare out of the office both early in the morning and later in the afternoon. So other than a desk lamp, the office was rather dark at times. All of a sudden I noticed that the door to the office {which opened outward into the main part of the hangar} had been opened but I wasn't aware that anyone had entered. My first impression was that it was my Boss coming back from lunch. But after a minute or so it seemed odd to me that no one had come in, so I paused from my work to glance that direction to see who it was. I did a bit of a "double-take" when I noticed it was an officer in "full-dress blues". I stood up and walked around my desk to face him at which time he ab! ruptly ORDERED ME to "Attention" {with a salute.} {Now this was very odd because "no one" did things like this in Permanent Party situations on base, unless it was a special event outdoors, but not inside an office.} But in my shock and amazement I went to "Attention" with a salute as this man out-ranked me and it startled me so. As I stood there at Attention I stared at him in the doorway, as he appeared to be sort of "siloutted" with the daylight behind him. All that I could make out at the time was that he was either a "Major or a Colonel", and he had a "three word name" on his Name tag but in the dim light I could only make out two of the names.

Standing there at Attention for what seemed like forever...the man finally spoke and told me the following {paraphasing}: "Soldier...If you value your Air Force career and your life in general, then I hereby ORDER YOU to Cease and Desist from the search you are doing, as it's bigger than both of us, and could lead to a Court Martial and your ultimate demise"..."Soldier, do I make myself clear"? To which I said "Sir, Yes, Sir"! And with that he "concluded the salute", and shut the door. I remember standing there "shaking" for several minutes until I realized he was gone, and then carefully opened the door and stuck my head out and looked around? I saw no one. I ventured out and walked around down to a couple of other offices nearby and asked the personnel in there if they had seen anyone in "Dress Blues", but they had not. I finally made my way over to the other side of hangar where the front parking lot was, and once outside saw "no strange vehicles" in the parking lot. I just shook my head and went back to my office. I sat down and took a deep breath, and realized that I was going to have to "give up my search for that UFO"!, as now I knew beyond a doubt that it was "real" but I did not have the rank to challenge it. After a few mintues I calmed down and came to terms with what had happened...and proceeded to continue my work.

About a half hour later the office door again "opened" all of a sudden and like a chain reaction I "jumped up to Attention" and in-so-doing my knees bounced the typewriter off the table onto the floor, and the carriage fell off. This time it was my Boss {a Staff Sergeant} returning from lunch, and the look on his face would have "stopped a clock" as he stared at me and said "What on earth is wrong with you"? And then I just slumped into my chair with an almost feeling of collapse! As he bent over to pick up the pieces of the typewriter, I said "Oh my" and got down and helped him. Then he sat me down in my chair and bugged me until I was willing to tell him about the "whole event". Once I was finished he got "very upset" and said "he didn't care who it was, that the guy had NO RIGHT to order his people around", etc...He told me to lock the door behind him and not to open it for anyone until he got back, as he was going to hunt fo this guy. I did as he instructed me but feared the Colonel would come back and get upset with me...but he didn't. When my Boss returned I let him in the office and he said he looked all over and asked a lot of people but couldn't find anyone by the "two names" that I saw on this officer! 's name tag, that was either stationed on base, or visiting that day. So from that point on that event remained an "unsolved mystery" to me.

Then...Some twenty-odd years later {about 1992} I was at my home and was going from my home-office to the bathroom when I passed through my bedroom where I forgotten to turn off the television earlier that morning. A Television Talk Show was coming on. {it was 10am.} I heard the "well-known" TV Talk Show Host announce that the topic of discussion was the "UFO'S". And I stopped and turned around...went over to the television, and grabbed a blank VCR tape and put it in the VCR, and pressed "play/record". Then I sat on the end of my bed to see who was on the panel. There were several fairly well-known entertainers, and other's whom I had seen on TV before discussing this subject...but when it came to the last man on the panel, there sat a man with short, graying hair, glasses, a little on the chubby side wearing a brightly colored tropical sport shirt, and when he spoke his name...I FEEL OFF THE END OF THE BED ONTO THE FLOOR. IT WAS THE SAME MAN WHO "THREATENED ME" way back in 1974 when I was in the USAF. Once I gathered myself, ran to the bathroom, and came back and sat back down on the bed, I watched the whole show as I recorded it.

In "summary"...that man's purpose on being on the show was to tell people there is NO SUCH THING AS UFO's and NO GOVERNMENT COVER-UP. {But from then on I knew his "real name". I had only seen his first and middle name, but not his last. And if I mentioned it here most "EVERYONE" who reads this would know it. He's a retired USAF Major.} This basically "ends" that event but in closing I wanted to say that since this event there were two well-known UFO Researcher's who came to my city and were on a Radio Program I listened to. And afterwards I called the motel where they were staying and spoke to one of them at length. I told him about this event and a few of my others and he told me he felt I was a credible witness, and very knowledgeable on this subject of UFO Phenomena and gave me a WATTS LINE for further reporting.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2012-04-18

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