Occurred: 1974-05-22 05:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2012-03-25 23:03 Pacific
Duration: Two Hours
No of observers: 1

Location: Mescalero Indian Reservation, NM, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Emitted beams

Huge rectangular object emmitting intense white light across roadway with extremely loud roar.

Dear Sirs.

I was browsing youTUBE videos on various topics when I came across one on the Coast to Coast broadcast with George Knapp as host. He was interviewing Peter Davenport. And when Mr. Davenport gave the url for his website I wrote it down, and sure enough it was accurate. I meanwhile listened to the whole broadcast that was from March 2012 {about a week ago.} But towards the end of the show Mr. Davenport urged listeners who believe they had seen a ufo to "write down their sighting" and then go to his website and list the report there. So that is what "I" am doing now, as I feel that all reports are important of this nature and perhaps in time will aid researchers into figuring out who this phenomenon is all about. With that said here is the description of my first sighting below...

It was late May of 1974 early on a Monday morning, approximately 5:30 A.M. "ish"...I was in the USAF stationed at Holloman AFB near Alamogordo, NM. I was coming from a mountain community called Ruidoso, NM and heading down the mountains through the Mescalero Indian Reservation, heading West on Highway 70 ,heading back to Holloman. I had spent the weekend in Ruidoso and attended the Horse Races, and did some shopping in the village. It had rained the night before and the narrow mountain Highway could be a bit treacherous back then due to the narrow winding roads, and numerous deer and elk that roamed freely across the Reservation. So I opted to spend the night at a local motel and head back early the next morning to get back to base in time for work {approximately 7:30AM.} I had just come down the winding road from what is commonly called "The Summit" {being the highest point} between Ruidoso in the mountains and Alamogordo down on the basin floor. There was a straight part of the highway that ran for about 2.5 miles. At that time there was virtually no one who lived near that stretch of highway. It was also "foggy" from time to time as I came down the mountains. {Fog in this area is usually clouds that have lowered down into the upper crevices of the mountains. The other type of fog normally seen in this area is caused from a "hot pavement" after a rain, when the humidity is high...it will rise from the pavement like a thick "steam".} As I rounded the last curve to the right coming down from the summit, I gasped as up ahead was the "brightest light" I had ever seen...it was not like a car light or street light, which were usually more "yellowish"...this one was "white as snow", and was not shining "at me" but oddly enough was shining from "right to left" across the highway {which was East to West.} I slowed down from about 50mph to about 25, as I came closer to where that light was emminating. It appeared that is was coming from "up a canyon beyond where the edge of a taller mountain met near the roadway" just ahead of me. At this point in time I experienced "no fear" just "total curiosity" as to what could be causing this odd light? I continued to slow down as I had driven this stretch of road many times "to and from" the mountain town of Ruidoso on many weekends, although most of those trips were to and from in the daytime, but a few were occasionally at night...but I had "never" encountered a light of this nature before, either there or any where. {I must make a note here that I have often seen a "rain shower" on the long stretches of highway in the southern New Mexico desert areas, where you can actually just drive right into the rain as if it was a "curtain of moisture" hanging from the clouds in front of me. A very weird sensation to experience. Very simila! r to driving through an "automated car wash" nowadays.} With that said...this extreme, white light was stretching across the roadway ahead of me in the same fashion. Whereas, most "light" tends to "fade in and out" of intensity from it's "source"...this light appeared to almost have an "edge" to it. I figured the only way to find out where it was coming from was to drive into it and look up the canyon to the North. {I also need to say at this point that when I drove at a distance I tended to play the car stereo often. And sometimes I played it loudly and would sing along if I knew the song. I had been doing this on my trip back to the base.} But it suddenly dawned on me about the time I neared the light that I could no longer hear the radio or even the car engine as there was a very "loud roar" coming from outside my vehicle. {But at the time I had not yet associated the roar and the light as having any connection to each other.} But then I entered the light.

It was just the "oddest" effect as I drove into the light...just like laying on a beach as the tide rolled in to cover your legs...this emmense white light was consuming my vehicle as I passed through the edge of it. And once I was apparantly consumed into it I slowed down to almost a stop and veered off the roadway to the shallow ditch, so as to not be hit by any other traffic which might be coming up behind me, although at that point I realized that there was virtually "no one" on that whole stretch of road that morning, except me. Once I came to a stop. I put my car in park. I fumbled through my glove compartment for a pair of dark sunglasses. I found them and put them on, and even with them on the light was so intense I had to hold my hands in front of my face. Realizing this was not working I opened the car door stood out and turned and still holding my hands in front of my face, gazing as best I could through the dark sunglasses, I stepped up on the rim of the b! ottom of the opened door to raise myself up a bit for a better vantage point. I frankly have no real recollection of "time passage" at this point. I assume I stood there trying to see something amid that loud roar that seemed to be coming more-or-less from the same direction as the light source {to the North.} I spent what I thought was the next "few minutes" going between holding my hands in front of my face to guard against the bright light, and cupping my hands over my ears due to the instense roar! And there must have been some passage of time as the faintness of the sky, or clouds above the light appeared to be brightening also.

All of a sudden I realized that the "white light" was "artificial"...meaning it was other than "natural daylight or sunlight". That it was emmiting from either a man-made source, or an alternate source of power. And as the "natural daylight" increased, the white artificial light "decreased"...to the point I could see that the white light was emmiting from "four" {4} round holes approximately twenty-feet {20} in diameter, and in a row from left to right against something that appeared to be solid and black. {In my mind I equated these lights to the "Hollywood Search" lights that can easily be seen criss-crossing at a Hollywood Movie Premier.} It was like a giant rectangular black box just sitting up in this field or valley against the mountainside. And about the time this registered in my mind I saw the "movement". {Imagine for a moment you are at a stoplight on red, at night on a city street just after a rain, as the pavement glistens in the street and headlights...and as people scurry across the street in front of you...you can see the "scissor-like movement" of their legs, like waving your finger back and forth in front of a tv screen.} This is the type of movement I noticed at the bottom of those big, white lights. At this point my mind thought..."They must be trying to make repairs on something"? And with that thought my next was "repairs on what"? and "Why" in the middle of a "field in the mountains"? And oddly enough after that my next remembered thought was..."this might be a UFO"? And with that thought a big "gasp" of instantaneous FEAR came over me. "Oh my God I need to get out of here". I quickly got back into the car, shut the door and locked it. {I remembered stories of people having a close encounter and their car engine stopped, and their watch stopped ticking, etc. The roar of that sound was so loud still that I couldn't tell if my car engine was still on or not? And the light was so bright that I couldn't see the face of my wristwatch.} I felt like my only option was to step on the brake and put the car in gear and "hit the gas" and hope for the best. And that's what I did and to my surprise I moved. So I came up out of the ditch onto the pavement and drove like a "bat out of Hell" till I ran out of that white light just the same as I drove into i! t. And once out of it...when the "loud roar" was behind me, I slowed down and stopped the car on the side of the road. I got out and felt myself all over...as if to make sure that "I was still in one piece"? And there behind me at a bit of a distance was the faint roar, and that still emmense white light across the road. I just shook my head and and said to myself as I got back into my car an drove on..."Man, no one is ever going to believe this".

I got back to the base in time to put on my 1505's and go to work on time. {It was also a bit "odd" to me in thinking about this later that the "whole event" from first seeing the white light across the road in front of me, to driving into it, and parking near the ditch, and gazing at the light and seeing the movement near the ground below the beams...that quite a bit of time seemed to have passed. Yet it was about 5:30AM or so when I left Ruidoso and it was normally about a "one hour" {60 minute} trek either way, but I got back to the base with plenty of time to change into my uniform of the day, and get to work, open up and make coffee for everyone else. It was as if "time had stood still" during that whole event?} But no one other than a couple of very close friends "ever" heard this story until I had been discharged from the USAF in 1976. {I have another amazing event that happened to me while stationed at HAFB, NM that didn't have a resolution until almost twenty {20} years later.}. Some people might live their whole life and never have a ufo sighting, or close encounter. And then there are those of us who feel like we have had "more" than our fair share. But I will share the other encounters at another time.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2012-04-18

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