NUFORC Sighting 87855

Occurred: 2011-11-29 22:30 Local
Reported: 2012-03-19 16:22 Pacific
Duration: 4-5 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: San Jose (Puerto Vallarta) (Mexico), , Mexico

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

UFO appeared, got fuzzy, disappeared, full moon appeared for few seconds then disappeared

I had a very strange sighting on November 29, 2011 in San Jose Mexico. My husband and I attended a baptismal party for our friend’s 4 year old daughter. We arrived late in the evening from about 10:00pm to 11:00pm. The party was on acreage, far from the city and this property bordered on the jungle with no other buildings or houses in sight. It was very dark that night, Christmas lights were strung around the yard, lighting up the area - tables were set up and about 30 out of 300 people still in attendance -it was a beautiful atmosphere. The party was pretty much over most guests had been there all day but a group of us who arrived late ate cake and watched the children and adults dancing in the open field. During this time I was playing “peek a boo” with a delightful little 2 year old boy. At the same time my husband was talking with the boy’s father as the little one ran around the table popping up in front of me and then running away. I happened! to glance up and saw 3 very bright lights in the jungle above the trees that I had not noticed before. I was puzzled because I knew there were no buildings in that direction and what I thought I was looking at was the top floor of an apartment building with 3 apartment windows lit up from within. I could have easily walked to it-it was maybe a football field away, it was very close, and the object very large. Before I continue I will state that I do not drink alcohol, nor use any mind altering substances so I wasn’t “seeing things”. I glanced down for a few seconds to continue my game with little boy and looked back towards the object I saw the lights changed somewhat. The light on the left was yellow, the middle light was orange tinged and the third light was whiter. The lights were not equidistance the light on the right was close to the edge of the object and the other two lights more closely grouped. I stared for a few seconds puzzled and something very stran! ge started to happen. The left side of the object began to ge! t fuzzy; blurry like it was fading away it was very very strange. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I had a very strange feeling come over me. I kept playing with the little boy my husband was in a deep discussion so I didn’t interrupt him, thinking back now I wish I did. The next time I looked up at this object it was gone, totally gone! I kind of shook my head and wondered what the heck was that? Very puzzled everything running through my head, it clearly wasn’t an airplane, it wasn’t a helicopter, it certainly wasn’t balloons and it wasn’t Chinese lanterns. I didn't really need to go through the list of what it wasn't because it was so obviously something solid, not moving, not making any noise and I kept thinking over and over OMG what was that? Now here is the strangest part of the whole experience. I looked back up at the area that this object was and there was the full moon! I was stunned, and a thought popped into my head, “it’s the moon, that’s what I saw – it was on! ly the moon!” What struck me at that point was that the idea that it was the moon was “planted” in my head! Again I kind of shook my head and said no way- what the hell – that wasn’t the moon I saw. Keep in mind I am still playing this game with the little boy. When I looked up again the full moon was completely gone! No object, no moon, no more thoughts, gone completely gone. The whole sighting lasted maybe 4-5 minutes; I am guessing the object to be about 100 feet long and about 25 feet from the ground just above tree top level. I just can’t get this event out of my head, the disappearing, shimmering, fuzzy morphing weirdness just doesn't make sense. The fact that I felt someone or something made me think what I saw was the moon, even though that wasn't the case. Then the moon itself disappearing! It was the strangest experience I have ever had. Since returning home I have scoured the internet looking for something that came close to what I saw and after 3 mon! ths I finally found an object that was almost exactly what I s! aw. It was in a UFO clip I found on the internet and I copied then cropped the picture to give you an idea of what I saw from my perspective. I listen to you on Jeff Rense and you always say to report what you see so that is what I wanted to do. Very very strange. I attempted to include my picture but wasn't able to, not sure why though. Anyways Thanks for your great work.

Posted 2012-05-13

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