Occurred: 1970-06-08 00:00 Local
Reported: 2012-03-17 12:38 Pacific
Duration: 0.00
No of observers: 0

Location: Burnaby (Canada), BC, Canada

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Changed Colo

The reports above you...

Mr. Davenport Sir: This is not UFO report. I have something I think might be an implant on my right thumb. This was not there a couple days ago. This looks like a small brown purplish color dot. Before I have a weird small lump on that same hand above mu wrist. Now that's gone. This lump felt weird when I touched it. Like it moved when I touched it. Now it's not there. I was wondering if that small lump moved under my thumb nail. This is weird and I can not explain this.

When I was in my teens I witnessed a what you might call a craft. I was hitch hiking towards Port Hardy. I know what a searchlight is. This sighting was near the airport runway. First is looked like a large flashlight beam of light coming from the skies. It came down pretty fast. Then it stopped.There were strobe lights on and off as it floated to the left very gently. Then this craft floated behind the trees and I couldn't see it anymore.I finally got picked up for my ride.I told this guy what i seen he no interest in it. That's my sighting.

When I was younger, I started to have this thing they call flying dreams. I was little then and we didn't know at that time what this was. One dream I had I was walking towards the back yard of the house.I came a cross this small hobbit looking being sitting on a small rock. It had this alien ears looking being I might say. This little creature got up with a flash ran. It was behind some large stinging nettles. I placed my hands and divided the nettles trying to find this creature. I did not even feel a thing when I touched the nettles. I came a across my dads large fence and there inside was a some pulsating lights. I did not know what this was. It threw a beam of light rays through the fence. Pulsating. Then I woke up.I was about 8/9 years old then.

The above stories are adding up to what going on with me. Even though I am a 1st Nations and wondering why I am choosing for this events. I am an artist and I did a painting of Jimmy Page playing a violin bow on his guitar. On the top of the painting there's a UFO craft shooting a laser beam towards the end of the violin bow. I placed a diamond on the end of the bow. There's a small rainbow effects coming from it. There is also a dolphin watching Jimmy Page playing this violin bow to. I do not know why I have choosing a dolphin. I still have that painting to this day. It's on my website on page 2.


And I will stop here for the time being.

I am in Vancouver area living in Burnaby BC.

Thanks for your time.

Posted 2012-04-18

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