Occurred: 2012-03-05 20:10:00 Local
Location: Leesburg, VA, USA
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 10 seconds
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2012-03-06 05:27:54 Pacific
Posted: 2012-03-13 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

03/05/12 Large green streak of light over Leesburg Virginia, perhaps a meteor.

My family went on a walk after dinner and we thought it was a shooting star but it was much closer and larger, it was a large green streak going from east to west travelling almost horizontally but heading south(but not a flare and not like a missile you see on news coverage) with a larger concentration at the head of it (perhaps a fireball) and we assumed it was a meteor instead of a falling star, due to its volume...we use to live on the prairie in Canada and saw falling stars all the time, but this was quite large....and beautiful..sadly we saw no other reports of any meteors falling but we could only imagine when this one landed someone would know about it.

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