NUFORC Sighting 87088

Occurred: 2012-02-07 20:55 Local
Reported: 2012-02-07 19:34 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Adamsville, AL, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object

Hovering bright sphere with red lights over Adamsville, AL

I had opened my back door to let my dogs out and a few seconds after I stepped out onto the porch, I noticed a bright light in the shape of a sphere hovering through the trees. At first I thought nothing of it, dismissing it as a bright star, but I noticed as I moved on the porch, where tree limbs in the distance covered it up, it would suddenly not be so hidden by the trees. I purposely moved several times to where the tree limbs covered the light, only to see it a second later. This went on for about two minutes until the object stopped hovering and began moving toward the city of Birmingham. It moved slightly faster than I’ve seen planes fly, but not so fast as you often hear of UFOs ‘speeding out of sight’. I waited for the light to emerge through trees that were blocking my view, and when I finally saw it again about a minute later, I noticed a few red lights moving in a circular direction, like circling the earth. These red lights were not visible when the sphere was hovering. I lost sight of it after that. I am not a UFO skeptic, but I have never witnessed a UFO, nor sought really to ever see one. I see planes all the time in my area, the airport isn’t very far, but I’ve never noticed a light just hovering, and I was really surprised and even somewhat spooked that it seemed to emerge when I was purposely trying to ‘not see it’ by attempting to obstruct it from my vision with the tree limbs. I’m not sure if it was even a UFO, it just seemed like a very strange occurrence to me and I’ve never seen an aircraft do that before.

Posted 2012-02-10

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