NUFORC Sighting 87080

Occurred: 2012-02-04 11:00 Local
Reported: 2012-02-07 11:19 Pacific
Duration: 65 minutes +
No of observers: 2

Location: Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Electrical or magnetic effects

Multiple Shimmery Objects in sky above Huntington Beach @ 11:00

We took video of a shiny Ufo today. It was one of 3 UFO's. As my girlfriend and I sat outside tending to our garage sale waiting for people, I glanced into the sky. A shiny object flickering in the clouds caught my eye and so I told her to look at it. We both looked at the object for about 5 minutes while it seemed to shimmer or flickering the sun light while staying perfectly still in one spot. I told her to go get her Camera as my iphone wouldn’t be adequate to actually get any discernable video out of.

The one we took video of was Stationary for 20 minutes in the sky around the same height or a little bit higher than the Chemtrails that were being sprayed at the time of filming. Looking at it intently we made out two films before the fully charged camera stated running low on battery then the cam died, but we kept watching. The Object then started drifting northwest very slowly becoming obscured by trees. I walked down the sidewalk heading east and found the object to be still visible from a couple houses away.

We started wrapping up our garage sale and I went around the neighbor hood in my car to go fetch the signs. When I arrived back, I went to go check if I could see if I could see the object again. I had found it again this time further away than I had last seen it. I walk back to our original viewing spot of the first on and now in the sky was a 2nd object that looked identical to the first appearing around where the first one had appeared. I put up a piece of wood and aligned it with the power line as a reference point to see if the object was moving in any direction so I could determine its movement pattern to rule out if it was a balloon or something caught in the upper winds. While looking at the 2nd object after a minute or two it started drifting southwest at a slow steady pace in a completely different direction from the original object. As it started drifting I noticed a very faint 3rd object to the right of it that slowly dimmed out after 4 minutes. Then the 2nd ob! ject that was traveling southwest slowed coming to a stop. It was at this time while I was observing the 2nd Shiny Silent shimmering object being stationary once again, that a 4th object seemed to appear right where the 2nd object was. This 4th object seemed a bit closer and started moving at a much faster rate. I moved off fast in a more westerly direction through the clouds off into the distance. The 2nd UFO stayed in it's respective spot indefinitely.

Since we had got the original footage and looked at all this action for about 45 minutes or more, we felt we had gotten our fill of these objects. We cleaned up the rest of the garage sale stuff and went on about our day.

I’m post a video of the first object. The camera ran out of battery after taking 8 minutes of footage. This is around 2 minutes of it.

Funny thing about this day was, that we had gotten into a conversation with some one whom stopped by at the sale, about 2012 and the new age that is beginning. Although I believe the action we saw was more related to the Super heavy tandem planes spraying the skies this day.

Posted 2012-02-10

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