NUFORC Sighting 8653

Occurred: 1968-12-20 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-08-16 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes?
No of observers: 1

Location: Juneau, AK, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Earliest encounter, half-moon shaped object shot paralyzing light beam through bedroom window.

I've always been reluctant to report this (and another I'll be posting) until I found this website. This event occured when I was right around 5 years old, so although the memory burns bright, the exact date & time is an approximation.

It was winter, and near Christmas - and also happened very late at night. But I know I got the year right. :) Late on an early winter night in 1968, I was awakened by a medium bright whitish or bluish-white light coming in through the window. It was many times brighter than any moonlight could ever be. When I toddled out of my bed and stepped into the beam, I quickly became paralyzed and unable to move. The object I could see out the window had the appearance of a half-moon, but was tilted at a bizarre angle and the "flat" side wasn't flat, it had a kind of scalloped edge like you might see on the tops of medieval castle towers. It appeared about double or triple the size of the moon, from my perspective. Being so young at the time, it's really difficult to estimate; but I'd say it was hovering in place no more than a few hundred feet away, probably 150 or so feet in altitude. I don't remember any sound, no haze or mist appeared around it (the outline was sharp and vivid), and I don't remember seeing any aliens. Just the object and the bright beam of light it shone upon me. What I remember after that is very little; but immediately after the light went away my hearing was highly enhanced; a pin dropping or a floor beam creaking would sound like a piece of rebar being slammed down onto concrete; and I had (what I might now describe as) a kind of altered sense of awareness for hours afterwards. Following this night, I had very freqent and repeated (often nightly) instances of a kind of dream-like state, but each would start the same: square or rectangular blocks of brilliant yellows, greens and blues would appear in my visual field; rapidly appearing and superimposing themselves over previous ones; shortly thereafter an area of scintillating green would appear at the center. My hearing would be "enhanced" as it was the night of the event. At this point, I'd become paralyzed and unable to move; yet would be wide awake; often this would occur well before I'd even start to fall asleep or would occur in broad daylight while playing or at the table. A sense of great fear accompanied these. Over many years, I learned a technique that would "snap me out" of these most of the time; and after that they slowly decreased and finally, virtually disappeared by the time I was 20 or so. Only rarely, do these "visions" ever appear anymore, and I can almost always abort them before they go into their fear-inducing paralytic stage. I firmly believe I was visited; and always have believed. But who do you tell? Until now, only a couple of people over all these years have ever known. It's time for this to come out and become public.


We have been advised that this report probably is a hoax. See e-mail from Craig Johnson, dated 30SE99.

Posted 1999-08-30

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