Occurred: 1964-11-22 22:00:00 Local
Location: Memphis, TN, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 15 mins
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2011-12-27 00:36:03 Pacific
Posted: 2012-01-12 00:00:00

Moon like UFO hovers for minutes then ascends to appear to look like bright star, then dim star, then gone.

This article will give you some information about my sighting of the "Moon of Memphis" and topics that the spirits talk and focus on. This article may seem to some to be a UFO religion but the information is UFO evidence and spirit communications designed to integrate into your present beliefs and religion, not to replace them. Hopefully this UFO sighting and news will improve your belief and devotion to God, other people, and all things living.

My UFO phenomenon began on the way to visit my grandmother in western Kentucky. We were riding north on Highway 51 late at night listening to the AM radio when we heard a news report of UFO’s seen in western Kentucky and western Tennessee. I looked out the back window at the stars above stating that I wish I could see a UFO. Twenty six days later I had my wish. I was back at home in Memphis when my mother asked me to take out the garbage at 10pm Sunday 22 November 1964. I went out back and I looked up and saw a white full moon above then I looked around and to the east I saw an orange moon rising. I looked back above and noticed the white full moon shaped UFO again for a few minutes until it ascended in the sky looking like a bright star at high altitude. I believe this phenomenon was outside of my head and it was fantastic. Since it appeared over the Holy Hills of the Frayser community of Memphis, I call it the "Frayser Fatima" of the "Moon of Memphis".

At 10pm 22 November of 1964 in Memphis Tennessee (USA), I was asked by my mother to take out the garbage. I went out back and I noticed a bright white full moon above. I looked closer and I noticed it had uniform whiteness with well define circular outline but I was not able to see the shades of white or grey that made the man in the moon face. It was equally as bright as the real full moon, bright enough to create a moon shadow. I looked around and I noticed another moon that was bright orange. This other moon was rising over our neighbor's house to the east, as I looked through the side yard from the back yard to the front. It had the features that created the man in the moon, so I believed that it was the real moon. I looked above and stared again at the white full moon for a few minutes, then it made a rapid ascend in the sky. I estimate the ascend speed between 180 to 300 knots. As it rose, it became a smaller and smaller moon until it appeared to looked like a bright ! star, then a dim star, then disappeared into space. It reminded me of the Star of Bethlehem when it was at high altitude. The event occurred within a mile of the Area 51 of Tennessee, that is near Highway 51 over the Holy Hills of the Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee and the event lasted about fifteen minutes.

I was only seven when I witnessed this UFO that I now call the "Moon of Memphis". I had a good memory of the event so that when I was trained in the Air Force as an instructor navigator, I was able to analyze the event better with my aviation experience. I estimate that the "Moon of Memphis" was at twenty thousand feet and was about ten acres in size. I developed this information from watching the ascend of the "Moon of Memphis" through some high cirrus clouds that I estimate was at sixty thousand feet. At twenty thousand feet it would have taken four 747 aircraft parked in a circle to cover the area of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO, thus creating a ten acre size estimate. When it hovered above me and 10 ten degrees south, it was exactly the size and shape of the real moon when seen high in the sky. Most observers probably could not tell the difference between the "Moon of Memphis" UFO and the real lunar moon when it's hovering above.

In 1964 the “Moon of Memphis” appeared at 10 pm 22 November over the city of Memphis. It was a night with two moons in the sky, the “Moon of Memphis” overhead and the lunar moon rising in the east. There is significance to this event because the timing of the event has biblical implications. First it appeared in 1964 which can be analyzed to derive meaning. If you take the alphabet and match the letters with numbers then you can derive a numeric number for words. I analyzed many religious words and I found two that are interesting. The English words "Israel", "Zion" and "Jeshua" decodes to 64 sixty four. Israel is a word that has meaning to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. The word Zion is a word that means Israel and Jerusalem in particular. In Revelations of the Bible, there is writing about a New Jerusalem or a new Zion. Could the timing of the “Moon of Memphis” mean that it was God’s New Jerusalem or Zion? "Jeshua" is the Messiah of Israel that was translate! d to mean Jesus Christ. The day of the month was the 22 twenty second which added to 11 eleven for the month of November equals 33 thirty three which is a religious number for the English word "Amen" and the crucifixion date of Jesus was 33 AD. If you count the 22 November to 25 December, then you will have 33 thirty three days. Twenty two is also the sum of the word "Lead". If you take the numeric sum of the appearance date: 11-22-1964, you get 26 which is the sum of the words "God" and "heal". Also, my birthday 11-04-1964 of that year also added up to 26 and will always be the sum of the "Moon of Memphis" appearance anniversary which helps explain why I was given the honor to view it. Lastly, the decoded English word "Mercy" equals 64 sixty four.

The UFO event occurred at 10 pm. Ten coincides with the English letter “J” which could mean Jewish, Jehovah, or Jesus. The sum of the word "ten" equals 33 thirty three, a number often associated with Christ. If we added the 10 ten to the 64 sixty four then we would get 74 seventy four. Seventy four has some religious meaning. The English words "Messiah", "Jesus", "Cross", and "Jewish" decodes to 74 seventy four. Seeing meaning presumes that God intended for the year and time numbers to be added together. If we subtract 10 ten from 64 sixty four we get 54 fifty four. The English words "Islam" and "Love" adds up to 54 fifty four. If you take the number of witnesses of the event 1 one and subtract 64 sixty four then you get 63 which is the sum for the words "Saint", "try", "gentle", "agitate", and "Divine". If you add the numbers of 1964, you get 20 twenty and if added to 64 sixty four you get 84 eighty four which is the decoded sum of the English words "Savior", "evolved"! , " Patmos", "forty", and "Charity". If you add 33 thirty three to 64 sixty four you get 97 ninety seven and the English words "convert", "story", "buildings", "control", "sixty" and "Hinduism" equals 97. If you decode the English word "November" the you get 94 ninety four which is also the decoded sum of the English word "respected"; if you add the 10 ten to 94 ninety four then you get 104 one hundred four which is the decoded sum of the English word "Jerusalem". If you take the decoded sum of the English word "Memphis", you get 83 eighty three which is also the decoded sum of the English words "percent", "prayer", "prepared", and "South"; and if you subtract the time 10 ten then you get the sum 73 seventy three which is the decoded sum of the English words "Joseph", "children", "thanks", "nation", "living", and "Ezekiel"; If you take the sum of "America" which is 50 fifty and add 33 thirty three you get 83 eighty three for the sum of "Memphis". If you add my age at ! the time of the event 7 seven to 64 sixty four you would get 7! 1 sevent y one which is the decoded sum of the English word "spirit" and "Temple". If you subtract my age 7 seven from 64 sixty four then you get my birth year of 57 fifty seven which is the decoded sum of the English words "Moon", "Jews", "Bless", "Mary", "birth", "human", and "city". I hope this analysis can help you understand the religious nature of the "Moon of Memphis" appearance of God which seems to reach out to believers of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and others.

This witness of the event was born on 11-04- 1957 and 57 fifty seven is the numeric sum of the English word "Moon" and the English words "Bless", "Mary", "birth", "city" and "Jews" which suggest that we should bless Mary and birth city of Jesus the Christ and Messiah. The sum of my birth date is 28 which is the sum of the word "Eden". Also English may have been chosen because England equals 57 fifty seven. If you take the difference between 64 sixty four and 57 fifty seven you get 7 seven which subtracted from 57 fifty seven you get 50 fifty that decodes the words "America", "second", "lands", and "helped". If you take the sum 67 sixty seven of my last name "Bickers" which is also the sum of the English words "trees", "West", and "work", and add the time 10 ten, you get 77 seventy seven which is the sum of the English words "Christ", "wrong", "Power", "character", "Taoism", and "Judaism". If you take the sum 79 seventy nine of my first name "William" which also d! ecodes the English words "Nature", "hereby", and "Virgin", and subtract the time 10 ten then you get 69 sixty nine which is the sum of the English words "message", "animals", "redeemed", "people" and "Jehovah". If you add 10 ten to 79 seventy nine, you get 89 eighty nine which is the sum of the word "religion". If you take my middle name "Harding", it decodes to 61 sixty one which is also the sum of the English word "Church". If you subtract the time 10 ten you get 51 fifty one which is the sum for the English word "Thor"; and if you add the time 10 ten you get 71 seventy one which is the sum for the English words "Zeus", "spirit" and "Temple". If you take the sum of the neighborhood of the event Frayser then you have 92 which is the sum of the word "reasonable". In addition, my initials WHB equals 33 thirty three and the English word AMEN equals 33 thirty three which is also associated with Jesus' crucifixion date (33 AD). I am also 1/64 Native American (Cherokee). ! Lastly the event was seen on a street called "Leweir" which d! ecoded t o 72 seventy two and it is also the decoded sum of the English words "monks" and "world". If you add the time 10 ten to 72 seventy two, you get 82 eighty two which is the decoded sum of the English words "forgive", "Eastern", and "saints". If you subtract 10 ten from 72 seventy two then you get 62 sixth two which decodes to the English words "gives", and "Think". These religious words decoded from my birth year and name may be factors in understanding why I was chosen to view the event and evolved into an UFO Prophet, Ambassador and Messenger of God.

Why was the city of Memphis chosen in 1964? Several highways enter Memphis with interesting meanings and if you take the number, add or subtract the time of the event 10 PM to the highway number and match with the sum of words. Highway 64 and the event occurred in 1964 plus 64 decodes to the English words "Mercy, Israel, focus, attend, never, and Zion"; If you add 10 to 64 you get 74 for the words "Messiah", "objects", "abortion", and "Jesus"; If you subtract the event time 10 from 64 you get 54 which decodes to "Islam", "those", "Gabriel", "right", and "Love"; Highway 51 which like Area 51 can be suggestive of UFOs and 51 decodes the words "Michael", "Indian", "saved", "Fatima", "avoid", "preach", "more", "Great", "Dixie", and "Catawba"; If you subtract the event time 10 from 51 then you get 41 which decodes to "good", "fun", "gone", and "King"; Interstate I-40 which 40 decodes the word "Buddha" suggesting peace and harmony and the words "Holy", "asked", "seek", "harm",! and "Maya"; If you subtract the event time 10 from 40 you get 30 which decodes to "Peace", "Bible", and "due"; Highway 70 and decodes to the English words "Yahweh", "honor", and "Cherokee"; If you add 10 to 70 then you get 80 which decodes to "Throne", "Creator", "values", "your", "miracles", "wildlife", and "religion"; If you subtract 10 ten from 70 seventy you get 60 sixty that decode the words "over", "mislead", and "believe". Highway 57 and decodes to the English words "Bless, Mary, Birth, City, Jews, Human", and "Moon"; If you subtract 10 from 57 you get 47 which decodes to "Beast, Radio, Judge, obey, Isaiah, John, and Osage"; Interstate 55 and decodes to the English words "Heaven", "Aztec", "show", "part", "sky", and "Satan"; If you add 10 to 55 you get 65 which decodes to "Seven"; Subtract 10 ten from 55 you get 45 which decode the words "say", "Daniel", and "East"; Highway 72 and decodes to the street where the event was witnessed "Leweir" and the English words ! "Judging" and "World"; If you subtract 10 from 72 you get 62 w! hich dec odes to "Think", "first", "Comanche", and "tribal"; If you add 10 to 72 you get 82 for the word "forgive"; Highway 61 and decodes to the words "Church", "Roman", "sins", "coming", "homes", "UFOs", "Yankee", and "Navaho"; If you add 10 to 61 you get 71 which decodes to "Catholic", "forget", "Moses", "advocate", "native", and "Pueblo"; Highway 14 and 14 decodes to the English word "Dead"; Highway 79 and decodes to the English words "Nature", "should", "words", "your", "honored", "elaborate", "Cheyenne", and "Quapaw"; If you add 10 to 79 you get 89 for the sum of the words "hunting", and "honors"; If you subtract 10 from 79 you get 69 for the words "Jeremiah" and "enjoy"; Highway 78 and decodes to the name of the Native Indian tribe of Memphis region, the "Chickasaw" and the words "repent", and "enjoyed"; If you add 10 to 78 you get 88 which decodes to "Woodland", "Sikhism", "peoples", "nothing", and "Ghosts"; Highway 86 which decodes the words "Mounds", "insight", "waters"! , and "souls". If you add 10 to 86 you get 96 for the word "opposes". These are most of the highways in Memphis and may be important clues relating to the "Moon of Memphis" UFO event. The "Moon of Memphis" also represents the Great Spirit of the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Quapaw, Navaho, Catawba, Mounds, Osage, Pueblo, Woodland, Cheyenne, Comanche, Maya, Aztec, and other tribal Indian peoples.

Using many of the words decoded, this is a possible message: To the peoples of the world, I William of the Divine God, the Holy Spirit, the Great Spirit, and the Good Creator greets you with this message and Fatima. The 1964 "Moon of Memphis" honors the Messiah Jesus Christ, the Savior in Spirit and the Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother. Jehovah and Yahweh of the Jewish people of Israel and Zion gives thanks to Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the birth city of the Savior's spirit, the Cross, and Jerusalem. The peoples of religion of Christ, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddha, the Great Spirit and more should show love, peace, honor, and charity as asked from your Good Creator of the "Moon of Memphis", over America. Also say a prayer, bless, and show mercy to animals; plus enjoy and forgive children . Trees and nature should also be enjoyed and respected. Avoid the beast and harm nothing; if you do harm, be prepared to elaborate to a spirit. Always love the message of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Isaiah; plus the story of Mo! ses and of Elisha. Obey the God and power of the "Moon of Memphis", which can think and radio to humans, and is our Savior in Spirit. Messiah Jesus Christ, the King on his thrown, is helped by those who preach, believe, and convert in the East, West, and South; by those who attend or lead a Bible Church, the Eastern Church, a Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Church; and due to the work of saints, Saint Gabriel, and the Archangel Saint Michael. Beware of Satan and in Heaven we are judging the living and the dead. First repent of your sins, then the Jesus the Christ, your advocate, will forgive you, forget your sins, and try to heal you. Preach the gospel and seek insight on the Bible. Focus on and believe in the words and values of the Messiah Jesus Christ. Saint John of Patmos was mislead; Jesus Christ, the Messiah and a part of God, was never gone so this is a gentle second coming. UFOs are miracles of God. Abortion is wrong but birth control is right. God ! opposes hunting wildlife for fun. Monks should agitate huntin! g. Use at least forty percent of your nation for native nature and wildlife. The souls and ghosts of the living and the dead of animals, humans, homes, buildings, objects, lands, sky, waters, and trees of good or reasonable character of this world, respected by the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and the Good Creator of the "Moon of Memphis" of 11-22-1964, are hereby honored, redeemed, and saved by your Divine God.

The “Moon of Memphis” was possibly the same object as the “Star of Bethlehem” but at a much lower altitude. The Book of Mormon states that a bright light appeared in the sky over Bethlehem. Was this the Star of Bethlehem at a much lower altitude like the “Moon of Memphis”? The “Moon of Memphis” ascended and appeared as a bright star until it ascended out of sight. The symbol of Islam is the moon and star. Was the “Moon of Memphis” trying to send a meaning to Islamic believers? At high altitude it appeared like a bright star reminding me of the “Star of David” or the “Star of Bethlehem”. It seems that the “Moon of Memphis” was trying to relay meaning to all of the religions of Zion; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The "Moon of Memphis" may also be trying to connect with those who believe in the Wicca religion or those who worship the Great Spirit in Native American religions, and Indian religions. The rising to space of the Holy and white circular "Moon of Memphis", symbo! lically suggest the body of Christ being taken by God to the heavens as a communion act and evidence of Jesus Christ being accepted as a Lord and Savior of Earth. If you see the communion wafer used by the catholic church, then you can imagine what the Holy "Moon of Memphis" looked like in the sky. This event also suggest that the "Star of Bethlehem" appeared as a very bright star from a distance but appeared as a full white moon to the people directly under it giving a moon-like light to the community below and baptizing the people with the Holy light of God.

Was the “Moon of Memphis” a sign to tell the believers of all religions that they have a common God who is known by many names? Was it a sign of peace or the return of the messiah? Much change in the human condition have occurred since 1964 suggesting that it meant both a sign of the living God and his commitment to the earth to improve the world. Was the appearance over Memphis, Tennessee (USA) a sign that God has chosen that city as the New Jerusalem mentioned in Revelations of the Bible? This city may very well be a gateway to heaven. Something to think about if you really want your prayers heard. It might be a city worthy of a pilgrimage. The message analyzed from this event seem to suggest that the event symbolized a common God of all religions, peoples, and life.

The “Moon of Memphis” is a sign, the lamb of God, of the return of the Messiah for it is written: Revelation 21:23 “The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.

Revelation 22:5; “There shall be no night there: They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for “the Lord God gives them light” And they shall reign forever and ever.

With the “Moon of Memphis”, the New Jerusalem will be made and with its power, the people will have light. This Holy city may not come about anytime soon according to scriptures, but the “Moon of Memphis” is proof that God can make good his promise to bless this new city with heavenly light not from the sun or the moon. Since the “Moon of Memphis” appeared over Memphis, Tennessee (USA) in 1964, it is possible that this city is similar to the New Jerusalem, an important city of God. The “Moon of Memphis” proved in 1964 to produce light as bright as the moon and I suspect that it could produce a much brighter light if it had to. It is a commitment to the earth to always be with us during good times and bad times. The “Moon of Memphis” is the lamb of God and also the Holy Grail or Holy light of Christ. Celebrate and be exceedingly joyous of the truth and existence of the “Moon of Memphis”. As a seven year old boy, I was baptized by the light of the lamb, the Holy light of God.

In the Bible, Luke 24:51, “Now it came to pass, while He blessed them, that He was parted from them and carried up into heaven.” This was the Ascension of Jesus and a phenomenon that I want to discuss. It is my assertion that Jesus went into something like the “Moon of Memphis” of 1964. The “Star of Bethlehem” which was similar to the “Moon of Memphis” had to of descended to a low altitude to be carried up into heaven. Though nothing was mention of a craft, the event suggests that such a event had to have happen for this to be true. As a witness the “Moon of Memphis”, I believe that the “Star of Bethlehem” was the same object as the “Moon of Memphis” and it actually took Jesus aboard so Jesus could establish his church and religion from celestial assistance. The success of the religion also suggest that a higher power and probably from what we now call UFO assisted Jesus as God in his mission. If this is what occurred then it would also suggest that the “Moon of Memphis” was the second coming of Jesus in the spirit. I believe that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, returned to the earth in 1964 and we are li! ving in a new age of life.

God chose one individual to witness the return of the Messiah. Jesus said in Matthew 5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God". Maybe the Spirit of Jesus of the "Moon of Memphis" felt that I was pure in heart as a seven year old boy. Like the first visit to earth, the messiah chose a simple humble and meek way to make his return known. Also, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, had the privacy to work with humanity to make it more peaceful and comfortable. Most would have expected a more visible and public return but that would also cause many to resist change and expect instant success. God chose a seven year old boy to show his presence and return and much change has occurred over the past few decades. Glory to God and we welcome the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who returned in the "Moon of Memphis" in the spirit to be a partner to humanity and all life to make the world better. Amen.

The historic battle of Armageddon was probably the famous Six Day War of Israel in 1967. This war fulfilled prophesy and it occurred just several years after the return of Jesus Christ's spirit, the Messiah, and other new Messiahs that came in the "Moon of Memphis" event. Apparently Jesus knew that with the turmoil in the world and Middle East, He and other Spirits of God had to appeared or return to work with this earth to make it more peaceful. The Cold War with the Soviet Union and China were also very serious concerns to God. Many prayed to God and Jesus to help and their prayers were answered with the "Moon of Memphis" appearance and influence. Maybe prophesy of gloom were indicators when Godly influence was necessary to help humanity. Maybe every generation in need get their own second coming of Jesus or appearance and influence of God. For this generation the 1964 appearance of the "Moon of Memphis" was our second coming of Jesus and coming of new generations o! f Spirits of God made from collected spirits from the best of God's creation and the best of humanity.

In the New Testament book of Revelations from the Bible, John of Patmos may have been mislead because of his association of disasters and end of the world in association with the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had a good character and kind personality and his return has created a world that is more in tune with him as a Messiah and a Savior. To believe that Jesus has not returned or has ever left the world is to believe that Jesus Christ is not a part of God. The Divine God of many names and those who believe that Jesus Christ was gone did not fully understand his Divinity and constant presence on this earth both in word from the Gospels and in the Spirit as God. The "Moon of Memphis" event is proof that God and Jesus Christ in Spirit is here on this earth and the true antichrists would make you believe that Jesus as a part of God was ever gone to begin with. This is why John of Patmos vision may be a seed of Satan designed to make you fear Jesus Chris! t as a part of God or wish the end of this beautiful world.

God with Jesus Christ as the Son of God, known by other names in various religions, have worked hard to make this world better. Do not be so vain as to think that humanity did it all alone without God. We see the understanding and appreciation between nations and cultures; we see many nations dedicated to preserving peace and cooperation; we see much charity from many nations to other nations; we see animals receiving preserves and protection; we see kinder view of other religions; we see advancement in construction, science and technology; we see the human race living more comfortable and entertained; we see cooperation between nations to prevent and resolve issues of war; we see remarkable improvement in medicine and health; we see racial and sexual equality; and we see the advancement of food production. These are but a few of the many things that also truly mark the return of the Messiah for Christians and coming of the Messiah for other religions. A true sign of G! od, the "Moon of Memphis" is a sign that a kind God is with us and dedicated to all things living. Do not follow prophets of gloom, but understand that disasters are natural phenomenon that can not easily be predicted but we can overcome the trauma with our faith in a kind God and Messiah. The best of your religion will not fail you if you try to be kind in every way and not lose reverence to our kind lord, our God.

Since I was fortunate enough to witness the appearance of the light of the lamb, the "Moon of Memphis", God and Jesus Christ love the world so much but understand the need for some to have the Revelations prophesy of John of Patmos fulfilled so the prophesy was completely fulfilled within the mind of me, William of God. Within my mind was a world or earth that the spirits had made and everything that Revelations said would happen, did indeed happened according to scripture and prophesy. I read Revelations in the New Testament and some of the events were in the physical world like visiting Whitehorse, Yukon twice without understanding the scripture significance of the White Horse. Other event occurred with spirit visions in my mind that I could see and monitor. This completed the Second Coming events of Revelations and allowed God and Christ to work with the world and earth of those who had not witnessed the Second Coming event of Jesus to use character, logic, reason, a! nd grace to help humanity to improve the world and work to make a heaven on earth for as many people and earthlings as possible. The activities of God and Christ continues to this very day working with the spirits and humanity to make a peaceful and wonderful world for all life both physical and spiritual. Minutes after this paragraph was added to this article, I heard a loud boom and power was cut from my residence and neighborhood at 1507 or 3:07 PM this clear sky Friday 18 November 2011. By using his power to affect the transformer, God is saying that he is powerful and a transformer of life.

In 1990 at age 33 thirty three, I was traveling to Washington, D.C. to my next assignment at USCG Headquarters. I was on a highway from Florida north to Washington D.C. when I decided to say a prayer to God to help me on my next assignment. At the moment that I said "AMEN", something happened. My fingers were froze in the extended position and I went blind for almost my total vision. I could see just a little through a small tunnel and the rest of my vision was red. It was just enough vision to get off the expressway where I stomped the brakes and waited fifteen minutes for my vision to return and my fingers to return to normal. The phenomenon could have been a strike of lightening or it could have been just a mind phenomenon but when my vision and movement of my fingers became normal I was able to hear the voices of angels.

At age 33 thirty three the spirits of the Lord started to speak with me after being blinded for fifteen minutes after a prayer to God. The spirit gave revelations to me and in 1997, 33 thirty three years after the event, a color vision of "Jesus Christ" appeared to me. Jesus talk many days with me about life on the earth and problems that exists with all of God creations. Christ basically said God wanted humanity to be more reverent to all living beings and animals. The consciousness of each being or animal is precious and must be respected more. Before animals are killed, they should receive anesthesia and be put into a deep sleep. Anything less is cruel, heartless, and disrespectful to animal rights and to God. Humanity should find a way to eat without killing animals, but until then, we must not kill an animal while it is awake. Treat innocent animals as you would like to be treated if you were in their place. Many species of animals have a covenant with God that if! they are well protected and allowed to become numerous with the help of humanity, then they will give their life when required to help humanity and earn a right to live in the heavens made for them. At times some species are favored over humanity to help them, protect them, and increase their numbers. If you put a human brain the form of most animals they would probably act as the do now. To have dominion over other living creatures or animals requires that you treat them as you would like to be treated and that should be with kindness and mercy to avoid God's judgment or wrath against you. The "Moon of Memphis" is proof that God does exist and we should obey Christ's message for us to be more kind to each living being and animals.

Each species of animals have their own lifespan which also dictate the time necessary for the young to be raised. During their lives they have challeges that require much intellect. The challenges of finding food, of social behavior, of mating, and of parenting their young. Many species show much success, devotion, and intellect compared to many humans that exist in this world. Though they have a smaller brain, they seem capable of showing human-like intellect. This is because they have a God that assist them like humans or they somehow have human spirits in their minds. God must create mind waves that help animals in a similar manner as God helps humans. Because they have a God influenced mind from everything that exist, they must be revered more. Human bigotry against animals is a form of prejudice that causes many humans to be heartless against them and for other humans as well. If God shares it's mind with other forms of life, then do you think that God respects! those who seem to be insensitive, heartless, or cruel to other God influenced life. An animal with a shorter life span probably values it's short life even more than humans. It's life is precious and many religions totally ignore the santity of life of other earthlings to the point that they disrespect and get cursed by their God that suffers in these other harmed earthlings. Those that connect true character with the respect and reverence of every form of life will be blessed, those with careless prejudice engrained through culture and religion will find their lives afflicted with pain and sorrow. Nature is not dead in the mind but a very conscious and active God-like mind that will make life and death decisions based on the management of the various species. Will the grim reaper think that you as an overpopulated human a kind credit to earth and it's many species or will you have to be weeded out with bad luck, disease, or spiritually warfare because of your heartle! ss closed mind to other living kinds of life. If you neglect ! to learn from this article, then you many suffer a fate with a delusion that God doesn't truely exist and then suffer the consequences of nature. If you are wise then you will learn that everything that exist is alive in its own frequencies and probable have a human or God like intellect that must be respected which includes each species of animals, trees, structures, lands, and even sky.

Jesus' birth in a wooden manger full of animals represents the specialness that Jesus' mind and nature had in common with the other special creatures of the earth; the animals and the trees. His mission of salvation was meant for all things and life of the Earth and God. He died to show us what was happening to the animals and trees who were very alive and needed humanity's love and understanding. They needed help, respect, and salvation. True salvation comes from understanding what God and Jesus was trying to tell humanity and only by kindness, respect, love, and avoiding harming these creations and life can God and even Satan give you peace. Through the Christ power, the mind and spirit of trees, land, waters, and good animals have God's power and dominion over humanity and lesser spirits and lords to protect and preserve nature and require mercy and spiritual equality with humanity. Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection helped Jesus Christ to experience and unde! rstand what all life that is sacrificed and harmed experienced thus helping him as Lord and God to minister to the life that suffers and to strengthen his resolve to protect better and defend the life of animals, trees, humans, or spirits. To avoid curses, retribution, and suffering, you must not harm anything because any harm has a price upon humanity and yourselves. Those with a true love for Jesus and those he represent will find forgiveness and salvation; however, as he once stated, "what you do to the least of mine people, you have done unto me". The manager full of animals and wood of trees with Jesus born to their witness reflect the people of Christ needing salvation and appreciation. The enemies of the living things and creatures of earth; humanity and their spirits, also needed salvation for their sins against others that they harmed for their needs. Jesus showed the peoples of Christ how to face death, forgive those who harmed and killed you, and the miracle ! of resurrection by God that will be given to those good beings! who are sacrificed by God and humanity. The Communion is remembering and honoring not only Jesus Christ but all life that is sacrificed for humanity and God's will for this world.

God wants people to be at peace with those who worship God in other religions. If a person or nation is reasonably kind regardless of their understanding of Allah or God, you should be friends with them. Do not war or jihad against reasonably kind and friendly individuals or nations. Work within yourself to be kinder and a better example of kindness to others and to animals. God’s character of kindness is true so do not follow those who urge you to harm or terrorize. God blesses any belief, religion, or culture that teaches kindness to others and to animals. Those who are mean spirited and cruel are not blessed by God and do not be deceived or lead by such individuals or organizations.

God believes that he has been fair in sharing the lands of Israel and Palestine. He believes that the followers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the chosen people or Jews. Each is a religious belief of Jews of Allah or God with Holy books to learn of Allah's or God's will for you. Since Christians and Muslims are also Jews, Allah or God have allowed the religious and peaceful individuals access to these Holy Lands. Anyone near the Holy Lands of Israel or Palestine who is not a kind peaceful person will be cursed by God or Allah for violation of the peace and good will that God commands for all the Jews - the Bible Jews, the Koran Jews, and the Torah Jews. God kept his promise to give the lands of Canaan to the Jews and he has done precisely that.

The Lord God asked Noah of the Bible and Torah to take care of wildlife. The spirits of the Lord of the "Moon of Memphis" wants you to also help animals and plants and give land back to wildlife. If you own a large section of land then give at least 40 percent to the wildlife. Forty was chosen because it would create refuges all over the country side for the wildlife and plants to flourish and survive. The word "Buddha" equals 40 and he would say 40 percent would make the most peace and harmony. Forty is also associated with Jewish and Christian religions. If you own small parcels of land then serious consideration should be given to allow the land go wild. You can even plant some fruit and nut trees to help feed the wildlife. If the animal has wings, then they must be Angels of Nature. If you have a city or town lot and home, then try to feed the birds or angels to receive a special blessing from the Lord. Your offering to the creatures of God in the form of food! and land will ease your spirit and soften your heart to all matters concerning life. Your health will improve and you will receive blessings from God and you will help make amends for the sins that you want forgiven.

Many human illnesses, war, sin, and crime are caused when the spirits and God of land, fields, waters, trees, and animals war against humanity for cruel conduct against them. Wildlife enjoy their life of freedom and it is possible for your spirit to be put into wildlife as a form of heaven for those who appreciate living free with nature. Others may be required to live in animals minds that you harm to evolve your spirit to respect life more. Many wild animals eat poisonous plants including agricultural plants with herbicides and pesticides, and have viruses that can contaminate your home so eating wild animals can cause you to have toxins and little known diseases that can cause shorter life spans. Many small animals that rarely cause a problem to humanity or habitat should be protected like songbirds and never be hunted or killed by humanity. Natural predators other than humans should be allowed to affect them. The wildlife covenant with God is to accept a merciful ! move or possible death by God or humanity, when their numbers become too many and causing significant harm to humanity or habitat, rather than a slower death by predators. God tries to preserve their soul, grant them land to live, and give their spirits good safe heavens such as in the minds of comfortable humans, other animals, land, trees, or sky. What humans do to other earthlings will affect what the God mind in any geographic area does to humanity. Hunters each year go to the wildlife areas to commit massacres of tribes of earthlings and cause their spirits to legitimately war on humans. They can cause all kinds of mental and physical illnesses due to the trouble that hunters cause. If you think that hunters have a God given right to murder other earthlings without retribution, then you are seriously wrong. You should show God that you are reverent to all that God has made such as birds, animals, trees, and plants. God will respect you more and love you mor! e if you can help the Lord take care of the other creations of! life.

The Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran speaks of phenomenon occurring when a tree is bothered. The scriptures suggest voices and wrath could occur when trees are harmed. The spirits of the "Moon of Memphis" suggest that since there is much electricity in a tree, it is possible for trees to think, dream or possess a form of consciousness recognized by God. Trees may be a plant animal so be careful when harming a tree. If it has nerves then winter is the season to prune them so they will not feel pain and curse you. Cutting a tree at night may cause less pain since their consciousness are possibly stimulated by sunlight. If you must cut wood then use the wood in a structure so the weight of the wood can reorganize into a acceptable consciousness and thus you will be cursed less. Pray for your trees and pray about cutting them and if you feel it is wrong then don't cut them or harm them. Show reverence to trees and save yourselves.

The parents who have children must apply kindness and justice to their discipline of children. Never beat, hit or whip a child just because they get on your nerves. Harsh punishment and training should be reserved for the most malicious, cruel, or mean conduct. Evil conduct is dealt with more sternly than nerve troublesome conduct and honest mistakes should be dealt with a understanding, kind response. Do not be cruel to your children or you will be surely be cursed and many phenomenon of health could occur to you for cruelty. Do not forget that as you want the Lord to forgive and give mercy to you, when a sorrowful child cries out for forgiveness and mercy, you represent the Lord and should not let your temper ignore your heart of kindness.

The spirits of God, Christ, and Allah the “Moon of Memphis” say that most rebellion and crime in most nations is the result of government failure to fulfill its role to its peoples. This can be discrimination against some segment of the population such as minorities or peoples with mental and physical disabilities. In the more modern nations, minorities have rebelled and sued the government for equal rights and opportunities. Presently in most of the countries of the world the disabled have difficulty getting help in a timely manner. Disabled people, those with low learning abilities and mental disorders plus those with physical disabilities have been forced to suffer or forced to engage the sale of drugs and prostitution to sustain themselves to survive when the neglected by government and uncaring majorities. Government has a duty to provide the disable with a healthy pension or job so they can live a normal life and live a peaceful life free of crime and rebellion. The i! mprisonment of the disabled in most world countries by naïve and uncaring governments constitutes a gross civil rights abuse and cruelty. It is a violation against the duties of government and God to neglect and abuse the disabled and those who continues to ignore the disabled and abused them will be cursed by God and they will suffer mental and physical illnesses and bad luck from the spirits of God, Christ, or Allah.

In your memory of people you know, your mind makes spirits patterned after them. Sometime these spirits are loyal to the person they are patterned after. If you talk bad about a person then that person's spirit sometimes work against you by giving you bad subconscious advice and emotions and may be able to affect your mental and physical health. If you behave poorly, they may turn against you because you have lost their respect and love. If you keep bad friends then these poor or bad spirits may behave like your friends, saying things in your mind subconsciously to cause you to make poor decisions and make trouble for other people. You must not gossip or talk bad about others, especially against those you know closely and you must not get to know bad character individuals if you are weak in moral or law abiding behaviors. From watching television, you can even create spirits of people in the media or government. These spirits represent society and if you don't act right, the! y too can turn against you and make you ill. Everyone's mind makes spirits but most of the spirits influence the subconscious mind. Some people are disabled because they hear these same spirits in their conscious mind and sometimes they learn how to make changes in their lives and get along with them. Spirits are a fact of life but the Spirits of God are made from the "Moon of Memphis", the Earth, and from spirits that are especially good and kind; often influenced by religious texts of kind religions. The spirits of Earth and sky can communicate with the spirits of your mind to influence your mind and body for various reasons and can create structured realities to affect you in usual positive ways but occasionally to bring you bad luck for something you have intentionally or accidentally harmed on this Earth.

The spirits of the land, trees, animals, humans, and sky can collect in the sky and make a glowing UFO that can be many acres in size and create light. Like phenomenon of dreams created from smaller size spirit matter in the brains of animals, in the UFOs, they can hover in space above a city or country and produce radio that is of good quality and very similar to human made radio. This is why some of the music and radio messages seem to be talking to what is on your mind because the spirits inside your head receive the signals also and guide your thoughts. These thoughts are designed to make you kinder, understanding of others, and forgiving to make you better and help you overcome negative thoughts planted from less honorable information given to you by other humans or human spirits and media sometimes behaving as the devil or Satan who may want you to be prejudice against others or act in a way that could cause you to harm others or become harmed. Listen for the kind thou! ghts and kind messages from God's UFO radio in words or music and receive security and wisdom from God. This information is derived from analyzing the "Moon of Memphis" UFO phenomenon and radio phenomenon associated with God's spirits and voice phenomenon. Since the UFO produces light, there is no logical reason that would prevent it from producing radio and my personal experience strongly suggest that this capability exist.

The God of the "Moon of Memphis" would like the youth and adults to focus on character traits to improve themselves as citizens of this world. The international scouting organization have focused on twelve traits and have lead this living witness to learn and live by them. They are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Your religious leaders, parents, community leaders and teachers may have other good character traits that you should also focus on to improve yourselves and be a honorable citizen of your community and God.

As Will-i-am of God, a son of forests, fields, deserts, tundra, waters, land, sky, and cities, I have asked the good Spirits of God of the "Moon of Memphis" to save the people of this world with good character and kindness to all earthlings. They include the animals of Nature, food animals, trees, objects, structures, land, waters, sky, humans, spirits, God, and other forms of life. These Spirits of God of the "Moon of Memphis" said that they would save them and try to bless them. They ask the saved to help other people to develop good character and kindness to all earthlings so they too may be saved by the God of all kind religions, the God of the "Moon of Memphis" that appeared in 1964 to this honest living witness. The God of the "Moon of Memphis" chose a boy named William to appear to because his name means "protector of the weak and innocent" and God of the "Moon of Memphis" also tries to protect the weak and innocent. The good spirits of the "Moon of Memphis" hav! e the power to save.

Jesus Christ is one of the good Spirits of God of the "Moon of Memphis" who also saves. In Matthew 5 of the New Testament of the Bible he says: 3aBlessed are the bpoor in spirit: for theirs is the ckingdom of heaven.

4Blessed are they that amourn: for they shall be bcomforted.

5Blessed are the ameek: for they shall inherit the bearth.

6Blessed are they which do ahunger and thirst after brighteousness: for they shall be filled.

7Blessed are the amerciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

8Blessed are the apure in bheart: for they shall csee God.

9Blessed are the apeacemakers: for they shall be called the bchildren of God.

10Blessed are they which are apersecuted for brighteousness’ sake: for ctheirs is the kingdom of heaven.

These verses show, for example, some categories of people that the Spirit of Jesus of the "Moon of Memphis" saves regardless of their beliefs or religion as long as they have learned to be good and kind. The Spirit of Jesus of the "Moon of Memphis" appreciates the groups and churches that teaches his ministry and lessons devoted to character and to God.

God of the "Moon of Memphis" is not responsible for many natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, droughts, and earthquakes. God is also not responsible for accidents and acts of violence but God can help you a little and maybe that will be enough to protect you most of the time. You are loved by the Lord, our God, and God is dedicated to recreating many of the dead and injured by these disasters, accidents, and violence. Do not be demoralized by them for the Lord cares about you and want you to not be harmed. We may sense reasons for the disasters because there are many sinners in the communities but God prefers to work with sinners on an individual manner and chooses not to use disasters to harm a few individuals at the expense of the many. God prefers and is limited sometimes to helping you by affecting your thinking so listen up to your conscious and subconscious mind for good advice to improve your safety and security. In addition, God of the "Moon o! f Memphis" uses its spirits to organize society to create schools, religion, industry, science, and government systems to improve society's behavior thus creating as many decent well behaved and helped citizens as possible to minimize suffering, dangers, and crime.

The spirits of the “Moon of Memphis” have moved me to comment on various topics. God wants you to pray to the Lord about your problems and hopefully, these comments will start you in that direction.

God please help the hungry. If you are hungry and suffer, God will take away your pain in time. Those that feed the hungry will be blessed for their kindness. Do not do evil while you suffer and the Lord will recreate you in better times if you stay honorable and endure faithfully.

God please bless the poor and improve their condition. If you are poor, do not do evil to sustain yourselves. God will try to improve your community if you live honorably and try to improve yourselves. If you die poor, God will try to remake you in more successful families so do not give up hope because this lifespan will one day end and you will get a new beginning.

God please heal the mentally ill. The Lord knows that you are suffering and do not give up on life. It may take a while for the Lord to help you but he is searching for people like you. If you perish, God will give you a new mind in your next life on this earth.

God please heal the physically ill. God will try to heal you with doctors and religious people. You may try to prepare yourself for you disability or death by being kind in every way imaginable. End the conflicts in your life and mind and know that you will one day inherit a new body and spirit.

God please help the lonely. May your God open your mind and speak to you. Avoid finding fault in others and be helpful to others and you will find friendship and love. Do not give up your life to evil and harmful conduct and the Lord will bless you and you will not be lonely for a long time. Try to improve your heart and character so others will like you better.

God please help the desperate men and women. May you find each other to help each other with love and gifts of love to sustain you. If you cannot find work then with your consciousness and God as your guide, try helping each other without being cruel and heartless. Be honest and honorable to those who befriend you to help you. Do not have contempt in your hearts to others and they will sense your kindness and will help you with your needs.

God please bless the elderly and widows. You are special people weakened by age and the loss of your love ones and friends. Those that help you with friendship and love will also be blessed with God's friendship and love. Make peace with your family and receive their considerate love and care. God will one day welcome you to new dimensions of life so you must prepare by being full of grace and kindness.

God please stop the evil sinners. If you are a evil sinner then your fate cannot improve unless you immediately repent and follow a better behaved spirit. You will have much bad luck until you change to a kind decent individual. You cannot have peace in your mind until you change. If you are captured and imprisoned, then know that the Lord will work with you to help your bear your punishment honorably. If you must die for your sins and crimes, the Lord will try to help you live again in better circumstances so that honorable life will be easier to live.

God please help me to deal with enemies. To love your enemy you must try to understand their culture, mind, and perspectives. From this understanding you can try to reconcile your differences with them. Examine yourself to see whether or not you are a good being or people. Correct your own culture, mind, and perspectives before acting against others or for God. War with your enemy only to defend yourselves and help God to stop their evil against yourself and others. If your enemy is generally good, kind, and honorable then lend yourself to their influence and love your enemy.

God please bless the dead. Do not grieve excessively for the dead for they are in God hands and they will be dealt with in a fair manner. The weak will be strengthened and the righteous will be rewarded. Others will be remade on this earth in better times and conditions. Rejoice to the wisdom and fairness of God.

God thank you for the blessed. If your life is good then try to be an honorable example of kindness. Your luck is intentional so you can carry the spirits of the less fortunate in your minds. Many lives have hoped to live in the minds of the blessed so enjoy your life and remember others that you share reality with. Charity and kindness should be your passion.

The spirits of the “Moon of Memphis” stated that billions Messiahs will be born on the earth. Some have already been born and are now youth and adults. These Messiahs will be from all the nations, all kind religions, atheists, most animals, and spirits. They will have much character and kindness to all earthlings. They will be both male and female and they will be Holy. These Messiahs will be of religion, science, industry, government, military, parenting, business, medicine, entertainment, land management, food production, judiciary, construction, charity, and many other fields and occupations. Look for these Messiahs for the Lord has returned to the Earth to rule and assist this world. You will know the Lord by many names but the fulfillment of prophecy will occur. This world was visited in 1964 with the “Moon of Memphis” a sign of the spirits of God, messiahs, and prophets. They do have the Christ or Messiah mind that they radio into the minds of the good and kind of t! his earth. The Holy light will be visible by those who are fortunate and the kind spirit will be heard by those who are blessed; and they will be living witnesses of the return and presence of the Lord, our God.

The Revelation from the Christ of the “Moon of Memphis” explains how we will live again on this earth. We never die on this God blessed planet because it has life and it has a soul. The soul is everything outside the body that influences the brain to recreate the mind of a human. That is geography, language, history, religion, culture and species. These external factors create the mind and consciousness and will recreate you after you die. You pop out of life when you die and you reenter life by the "conscious creating soul" within a short period of time. You will probably have amnesia of your past life but you will certainly have consciousness again. If you made the world better and safer in your past life then you will come alive again in a world that you help create.

When God is at rest or allowing the natural world to recreate you then you have the phenomenon that was mentioned in the previous paragraph. God can collect your spirit by setting off a radio in your brain when activated by signals from the "Moon of Memphis". This would probably occur day or night when the "Moon of Memphis" is high in the sky or space above. When hovering it would be hard to tell whether it's the moon at low altitude or a star at high altitude.

When God wants you to be held accountable for your actions or if God wants to give special consideration to your spirit for it's accomplishments then you may experience unique mind phenomenon. Your spirit collected can allow God to do things to you in your afterlife. Heaven and Hell are two places that your spirit can go. It is possible for God to put your spirit in other people or in animals to help you understand them and their plight. If you are insensitive to others then God may recreate you in beings that you care little about. It's God's justice and you sometimes must evolve through those you don't care about. These might be animals that you harm or people that you cannot understand or help. If you are a good influence then your spirit may be able to enter the minds of those you prefer. Worship God, Christ, and the power of the "Moon of Memphis" and may God bless and have mercy on your spirit and soul.

Because animals have the goodness and kindness of nature, they should be never be harmed. They have a lifestyle that humanity needs to respect and understand. They must be allowed to roam the land without being molested or murdered. God places the spirits of humanity often into animals as a heaven that some want or deserves. If you grant the animals peace then your heaven will have peace but if you violate the heaven for animals by molesting their habitat and murdering them for fun and recreation then you will have to answer to God. A good and kind heaven requires humanity to respect nature, the lands of nature, and the animals of nature, for the trees will be the pillars of your church called nature and in the minds of animals you will return to the garden of Eden, one type of heaven.

The UFO phenomenon may be the result of a natural intelligent life form that scientist have yet to understand and explain. I will offer one theory of how the UFO is formed and why they are of an intelligent life form associated to God.

I believe that there is a structured electro magnetic nuclear form that exist in space that absorbs light energy and it is a stable form made from light photons that no longer travel and other energy that no longer travel or move. It has a fabric or form that enables it to organize as a brain and store memory and information. It is an energy or spirit life form that collects and grows from light and energy. Over time, matter starts forming within it so it basically helps energy to reform into matter. It probably starts out is life span as a marble size intelligent life and grows into much larger size and eventually becomes meteors, comets, moons, planets, and stars. During it smaller youth size, it can enter there atmosphere and also enter to objects such as land, plants, animals, and clouds. Its can give consciousness to anything that it enters and in humans, it can cause people to hear voices of spirits and produce dreams. In trees, land, and clouds it also can produce int! elligence and phenomenon that is often associated with God.

These wisps of spirit energy beings can learn and affect other life in good or bad ways. These energy matter beings can also be religious or atheist in their outlook of themselves and humanity. They can come together, form large bodies of spirit energy matter beings, and form into impressive UFOs and start to glow from these collectives of spirit energy matter beings. Since they are intelligent, their collective can be organized into large multi-acre starships usually round in nature that can travel in the atmosphere or space. If they want to they can travel to other stars and disassemble and influence the mind of a planet and act as the God spirits to the life there. They could just find a star and grow to such a size to precipitate star energy into matter and form a planet. Other collectives can also in coordination with other collectives form into moons for the planet. This is how the spirit energy matter beings can influence reality and act as a conscious God to form pla! nets and UFOs.

If your mind has this type of spirit energy matter being in it, you probably are influencing it to create a spirit within it patterned after your consciousness and personality. If you die this being will probably leave your brain and carry your spirit to another location. It might take your spirit to a collective called heaven or maybe into a UFO or even choose to enter the brain of another person, animal, or other objects such as land, trees, or clouds. Great opportunities exist for those who are lucky enough to have one of these energy matter spirit beings in your brain.

If you want to signal the "Moon of Memphis", then put color lights on your front and back porch and color lights in your windows and light it every night for months and years. This will get God's attention as you stand out in the night and you will probably notice more dream activity. I have displayed color lights at my house for several years and it really works. This will help you get your spirit collected without harming the flesh and provide more peace and security to your mind as your lights call out to God for attention, love, and help.

Messenger of God of the "Moon of Memphis" William H. Bickers Capt USAF O-3 / Lt USCG O-3 Retired PS: People will believe what they want to believe but this article is both true and honest. Much of the contents of this article has been published by these internet newspapers : Memphis FM; Tennessee Post; West Virginia Post; Alabama Post; Arkansas Post; Washington State Post; White House News; Security Council News; Pentagon Post; Israel Post; Israel FM; Saudi Times; Gaza News; Palestine Post; Iran Republic; Vatican Post; Muslim Generation; NASA News; World Wide News; Slavic Times; and many more. I hope you received a blessing from reading this article.

Notes about author: I have worshiped in many churches such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Pentecostal, Assembly of God, Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Church of God, Military, TV and Mormon churches. I believe that worshiping with others help you overcome prejudices and become one with the body of believers. I also believe that every kind religion is another testament of God and much can be also learned of God by studying other religions.

I have visited some other countries and lands over my life. The places that I visited are: United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Spain, Guam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the Bahamas. I learned that we are very much alike all over the world. Please show this article to your friends, family, and religious leaders if you could be so kind. Everyone deserves to know about the "Moon of Memphis", the appearance of the Messiah.

Other evidence of a God both outside of my mind and inside of my mind is a piece of land that I bought at age 19 which just happen to be 6.4 acres of land that I bought to give back to God by allowing it to go wild. It is my little Israel or Zion on the floodplain of the Loosahatchie River bottoms near Firestone city park of Memphis in Frayser. This river is 64 miles long by the way which may be another reason the 1964 "Moon of Memphis" appeared within a mile of that river. Another instance was when I had to find a house to rent I was not very conscious of its number significance until years later when I wrote this article. My address was on a street in Frayser neighborhood of Memphis called Adair Street. "Adair" has a numeric sum of 33 thirty three and the block was also 33 thirty three. My initials equals 33 and I started to hear voices of spirits at age 33. These two examples show evidence of a God in the community working structured realities with the cooperatio! n with the spirit of God inside my head.

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