Occurred: 1974-08-20 23:45 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-08-02 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Delta, UT, USA

Shape: Disk

Three spectacular sightings. Two diamond shaped formations (4 each) about 30 seconds or a minute apart. An hour later 8 discs flying side by side.

Four bright white lights in a diamond formation appeared moving across the sky. The light in the rear of the formation left the formation and began moving down towards the ground. The other 3 maintained their places in the formation and continued moving across the sky. The light that left the formation and dropped close to the ground suddenly shot across the sky back to the other lights and began spinning rapidly around one of the lights in the formation then shot to another one spinning rapidly around it also. 30 sec. - 1 minute later another diamond-shaped formation appeared behind me and travelled across the sky in another direction. About an hour later 8 white luminescent discs travelling side by side in a row appeared, moving in the opposite direction of the first group. They were silent and moved along a wiggly path, not a straight line. Again 1 or 2 left their place in the row and rapidly spun around other members of the group.

Posted 1999-08-10

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