Occurred: 1969-03-01 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2011-10-26 11:57 Pacific
Duration: thirty seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Omaha, NE, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object

Football shaped glowing orange light drifts straight across sky, west to east, to the top of a very tall TV tower and then disappears

Orange "football" shaped light drifts west to east across the night sky towards a TV tower. The orange light goes out when it appears to touch the top of the TV tower Date: February or March 1969 (approximate; certainly between Feb 1 and May 1 of 1969) Time: Near Midnight.

Location; West suburbs of Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA Visibility: Very Good, crystal clear atmosphere on the ground and up to the cloud base. Overcast sky with very high ceiling providing an opaque, starless, moonless background.

Situation: Omaha, Nebraska has three very tall TV transmission towers on a hill on North 72nd Street and Crown Point Drive.

These towers are about 1200 feet in height from base to the top. They are situated on one of the highest hills in the Omaha area, between Military Ave. ( a north-west to south-east diagonal street) on the south, and Crown Point Drive (an east-west running street) on the north, with North 72nd Street (a north-south running street) immediately to the east. The towers are arranged in a more or less North - South line. They are each about 600 feet apart, so the south tower is a total of about 1200 feet from the north tower. The middle tower is offset to the east about 200 feet, though most people think the three towers look to be in a straight north - south line with each other.

Line of sight: Clear, unobstructed view. My line of sight with the towers was almost exactly 45 degrees south-west to the north-south running line up of the towers. I was almost exactly six miles due south-west from the towers.

Distance: I was almost exactly six miles due south-west from the TV Towers.

Size of “UFO” , my guess, explained below, is that the UFO was somewhere between 50 to 100 feet long.

Shapw: It was shaped like an American football; strongly pointed at both ends and completely symmetrical. As it traveled the pointed ends were front and rear. It traveled in a very flat, straight horizontal line.

Appearance: The UFO was shaped like an American football. It was a bright, glowing, uniform orange color; much the color of true neon light (not “florescent” neon colors). It glowed steadily with no pulsation or variation in brightness or color.

I was driving North on 132nd Street (a north-south running street), just north of Pacific Street (an east-west running street) traveling slightly up hill. That hill on 132nd St. crests just a few hundred yards north of the Pacific Street intersection. As I crested the rise I could clearly see the three towers as outlined by their red blinking warning lights.

I was intimately familiar with this stretch of road as I grew up very near there.

Again; I was driving and looking due north. I had to look to the right to see the towers as I crested the hill.

I saw something I’d never seen before. A small orange light the shape of an American football was slowly drifting from west to east towards the towers. The “football” was moving in a perfectly flat horizontal line and the long axis of the “football” was horizontal, like a football would be if being thrown. To me it looked just like an orange neon light in both color and the way it glowed; very fascinating and pleasant to look at, neither too bright nor too dim.

I laughed as reminded me of a florescent orange Nerf Football, though it truly was illuminated.

This orange glowing “football” was traveling in a perfectly flat horizontal line, and apparently from my position, headed directly towards the top-most tip of the northern most TV tower.

As there were no other cars on the road, I stopped the car and turned off the headlights leaving only the parking lights on, so as to minimize any extraneous light.

I sat there watching this “football” for probably no more than 30 seconds (certainly less than a minute.) until it, apparently from my view point, drifted right up to where the leading tip of the “football” touched the top tip of the north TV tower and then it (the “football”) blinked out, went dark, never to reappear.

This left no visible outline. It was as if the “football” just disappeared.

I sat there for probably an additional five minutes waiting to see if the “football” would reappear, but it did not.

There was NO effect to the TV towers. The red safety lights on all three towers continued to blink normally the whole time.

There was NO flash when the "football" touched the tower.

The orange glow of the "football" never varied, never pulsed; it simply went out when it touched the tower.

I was absolutely fascinated by this and not the least bid frightened or disturbed, but then again, it appeared to be a fairly long way off from me.

Now, granting that I was six miles from the TV towers and it was night, so all I could see were the blinking red safety lights on the towers and the constant orange glow of the “football”, I cannot say for certain how the “football” actually lined up with the TV towers or where it actually was physically with relation to the towers; BUT, from my vantage point it appeared that the “football” was at the very same altitude as the top of the north tower and that the “football” drifted right up to the top tip of the north tower and then went dark when it “touched” the tip of the tower.

Having said the above; if the “football” actually did touch the top of the tower, and then gauging its size in proportion to the tower, I would say that the horizontal length of the “football” would have been between 50 (fifty) to 100 (one hundred) feet in length.

Posted 2011-12-12

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