Occurred: 1982-06-01 01:00:00 Local
Location: Atlantic Ocean, , Atlantic Ocean
Shape: Circle
Duration: 5 min.
No of observers: 5
Reported: 2011-10-25 23:40:10 Pacific
Posted: 2011-12-12 00:00:00

(6) six glowing green circles/discs below surface of mid- Atlantic observed by Navy Destroyer.

During an ISE enroute from Norfolk, Va. to San Juan P.R. aboard USS JOHN KING DDG-3 in the spring of 1982, I oserved along w/ the rest of the bridge crew,(6) six discs or circles beneath the water.

As JOHN KING approached, I oserved a green glow up ahead,similar to the glow of stirred algea, but brighter, The circles were arranged like the six dots on a dice.

With no alteration in course, JOHN KING passed over the three on the right.The glow illuminated the bottom of the ship, which drafted approx. 20 ft. and the uniform diameter of each of the circles was greater than the length of JOHN KING, approx. 450 ft. It was a sea state 1 moonless warm clear night.

As QMOW, I dutifully logged exact time, lat. and long, and a full description in the SHIP'S DECK LOG.

The Captain was not woke w/ regard to this and the OOD called it algea- six perfect circles in two rows of three- you decide.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

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