NUFORC UFO Sighting 84355

Occurred: 1983-07-20 22:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2011-10-05 22:52 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes
No of observers: 5

Location: Goldens Bridge, VA, USA

Shape: Chevron
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Immense Chevron Hovers Silently Over I-684, the wingspan eclipsed the 8 lane highway, shoulders and maybe another 50-100ft further

One night in late spring we (myself, my boyfriend of the time, and his 3 best buds) were driving down from North Salem going the quickest way to I-684 to get to Katonah. As we were driving this winding tree crowded road, we saw glimpses of what appeared to be a strange “plane” with a highly unusual fuselage and even stranger lights through breaks in the tree tops. My boyfriend was the first to notice this puzzling sight. He was convinced it was a UFO and hit the gas to chase it. We were flying down this backroad trying to get to an open spot for a better look before it was gone. He shut off the headlights so that we might be able to track it’s path better. Then suddenly we broke out into the road leading up to the over pass for I-684 South, we were near Katonah, and we stopped the car on the over pass and all got out. We looked around for it and suddenly there it was, about a mile away, coming North directly over I-684, why no one stopped or slowed on! the highway to watch this still puzzles me to this day. It was huge! In the shape of a chevron, it’s wingtips eclipsed the edges of the highway, surpassing it on either side by at least 100 ft. on either side. We watched it come in silence. We were all holding our breath, in shock watching this amazing site. It was no more than 100 feet above the highway and moving slow enough that due to it’s immense size it should have just dropped out of the sky were it using any kind of propulsion that we were familiar with. It was moving so slowly that it scared us. We walked from the car to the bridge rails faster than it was moving towards us. But we stayed rooted to our spots, watching it come. There were lights all along the bottom outer edge of the vessel, the lights spanned the bow of the "ship" from port to starboard, but did not encompass the aft or stern; this area stayed in darkness for the most part. The lights were multi colored and flashed in a pattern similar ! to a chasing pattern. The lights were blue, purple, green, wh! ite, red , yellow, pink many colors and the raced about the edge of the ship one color chasing another. It was amazing to watch, the pattern changed sporadically with some areas blinking a set of colored lights while the rest continued their chasing racing pattern about the anterior. We stood there for at least 10 minutes watching this, and still it came closer. At the point where it was almost completely over us we saw a glowing light of a color I cannot name emanating from an area in the center of the underbelly. We looked for markings but other than the lights saw nothing. We looked hard at the shell to discern it color and composite, but it seemed to absorb the night around it so that all we could tell was the outline of the vessel. It was at this point that we realized the only sound we heard was ourselves breathing very hard. The vessel was utterly silent. There was an odd occurrence, as if all of this were not odd enough... not only was the ship silent as the grave bu! t we did not hear anything else, not all of the cars rushing directly under us at 70 mph, this was a Saturday Night and there were cars constantly rushing below us 2 and 3 at a time on 8 lanes. We did not hear crickets or anything else but the wind, and even that seemed like a faraway breeze. As we stood frozen to that spot, all thinking similar thoughts the ship stopped for more than a few beats, not moving at all and yet it did not fall out of the sky and crush us. Now, this hits us all at the same time and the spell breaks. We all drop our eyes and look around at one another and without a word we all simultaneously start to walk backwards slowly from the rail watching this “ship”. Someone tripped or something and we all looked to see if he was okay, when we turned back the vessel had started to move ever so slowly north again, we turned with it to watch it move. And without even blinking our eyes it was gone. We could not fathom how it just disappeared and looked ! to the skies to see if we could find it, and there it! ybe 10 m iles up I-684 moving slowly again, directly over the highway and not veering from following it north.

I was a 18 and leaving for college, my boyfriend was an advanced degree engineering student at a NYSU school, his friends were all business men from NYC. We were all sober and not under the influence of anything.


Source of report indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2011-10-10

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