NUFORC Sighting 84276

Occurred: 2011-10-01 21:20 Local
Reported: 2011-10-02 00:19 Pacific
Duration: 10 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Carlsbad, CA, USA

Shape: Fireball

I was driving south on the 5 Freeway this evening. I was passing Canon Road in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California. I saw 3 bright orange lights at 9:20 pm Satuday, October 1. These lights were only about 200 feet high and just east or inland from the freeway. Thousands of people had to have seen them. They were not planes. They were not flares. The only possibility, besides UFO's, was Chinese Lanterns. I have never seen Chinese Lanterns; but I don't think that's what they were; because these were low enough, if they were Chinese Lanterns, I should have seen the balloon part illuminated by the flames. Plus, these lights seemed like they were larger than I would expect a Chinese Lantern to be. The lights were about the same size as a police helicopter light at 200 feet; but again, the lights did not shine light down----they were just bright orange lights---very bright.

I was driving with my window down. I did not hear a helicopter sound. I pass Camp Pendleton Marine Base all the time----if these lights were helicopters, the helicopters would have easily been heard. In fact, they would have been loud. I heard nothing. And I did not have the radio on.

These fiery lights were orange (and one may have had blue on top). The lights were a different color than any police helicopter light. The lights were low. 2 of the lights were almost above the freeway, and the third light was more inland; so I got a good look at the 2 lights. Anyway, I saw the 2 lights for about 10 seconds---again, as I was driving. These 2 lights were not connected; they moved independent of each other. I have seen many hot air balloons in Del Mar area. These lights were not hot air balloons.

The wind was calm tonight. 2-5 mph. I checked the weather channel as soon as I got home (about 10 pm)----winds were variable about 2 mph. These lights were moving more than 5 mph (more like 30 mph) and heading north along the freeway ( I was driving south). I did not look very much at the third light-----I focused on the 2 closest lights. Again, These lights were low. My guess is a couple hundred feet. They were bright; but did not emit towards the ground. The lights were not flares. There were no sparks or smoke being emitted from the lights.

I don't know what they were. Carlsbad in about 15 miles north of the air show at Miramar----which did occur earlier this evening. These were not helicopters or other air craft. I see military jets every day.

It will be interesting to see if others. There had to have been thousands of people driving on the 5 freeway at 9:20 pm Saturday night October 1.


One of two similar sighting reports from the same source. Other sighting was over San Diego at 22:05 hrs. on Thursday, October 06, 2011. Source of report describes himself, suggesting that he has scientific training in his background. PD

Posted 2011-10-10

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