NUFORC UFO Sighting 84071

Occurred: 1979-09-01 21:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2011-09-21 22:02 Pacific
Duration: 2 hours
No of observers: 4

Location: Carrollton, MO, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams

UFO Abduction ofr Four People Near Missouri River in 1979

My husband and our next door neighbors and I decided to drive out to the Missouri river outside Carrollton, Missouri at around 9:00 pm to have a picnic at the river. I don't remember why we would do such a thing after dark out on a country road with no lights or houses around, but we did. After we arrived at a certain spot the four of us got out and took a couple of blankets and some sandwiches and drinks out of the car and went down the embankment. We ate and talked for about 20 or 30 minutes. The two men got up and walked towards the river's edge and were throwing rocks in the water, when I noticed a bright light across the opposite side of the river and some distance away over the woods. The light was moving towards us and getting larger. They guys thought it was a star at first, then realized it wasn't because of the size of it. Then the light shown on the water. We thought it must be a helicopter. It moved quickly towards us, getting larger and ! larger as it approached, heading directly for us and flying very low – maybe 60 feet or less above our heads. The odd thing was that there was absolutely no sound whatsoever. As the bright white light came over all of us, we ran up the embankment, intending to get into the car. At that point, my memory is a blank. All I remember after that is getting back to the house at about 12:30 am and not knowing how we got there. With time to drive to the location and eating it should have been one hour before we headed back, so we should have arrived at the house at about 10:30 pm. So we had two hours of missing time. I spoke to my husband and our neighbors about it the next morning but all they said was it must have been a helicopter. No one had a good explanation for what happened and none of them wanted to talk about it anymore.

I often wondered what happened that night and since then asked my now ex-husband about it two or three times since our divorce in 1981. He claims he remembers nothing at all – not even going out to have a picnic that night. I lost track of the neighbors so can't ask them about it.

I had a regression done by a licensed therapist recently and found out that we did not get into the car when I thought we did. The light stopped right over our heads and there was a large cylindrical craft hovering above us. We were taken up into the light and onto a craft, where I saw each person take to a different room by short, grey beings. I was not afraid or trying to get away during this experience. I was allowed to look out of a window as the craft moved away from the Earth, and watched as the Earth got smaller and smaller. Then the craft took off at a high rate of speed and I could no longer see objects out of the window. I was taken to a room and sat on a table, where a couple of these beings placed needles in my arms and calves. They didn't hurt. They had me look into some type of eye examination device that had a bluish light inside of it. I couldn't focus on many details in the room – or perhaps there were none to see besides what they brought near me. ! I could hear talking in an unknown tongue, but also sensed that there was some type of telepathic communication between me and one of the beings, who stayed near me the entire time. I don't know if they were male or female. They were muscular, thin framed, short (about 4' tall), had no body hair or hair on their heads. The heads were large, and the being with me had a larger head than the others did and he had a more whitish tinge to his skin. I remember seeing his mouth move. He had big eyes with large irises that were a strange lavender color. I remember thinking that must be why I am leery of people with lavender eyes. I was then shown a planet outside the window that did not look like Earth. It had two moons, with one larger than the other and farther away than the smaller one. We did not land on this planet, but the being told me some things about it that I can't remembers. We were shortly taken back to our vehicle. I did not see how they got us to drive or get! to our house.


Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD

Posted 2011-10-10

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