Occurred: 2010-01-01 22:00 Local
Reported: 2011-08-09 10:52 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Loon Mountain Ski Club, NH, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

It was a snowy night and a round reddish white oject appeared towards our hotel room.

Hi Peter, I'm bored at the office today as things are a little slow and stumbled upon my "ufo pics". Anyway, I thought I would send them out to several people to see if anyone could be of any help. I just wish I could zoom in with today's technology I'm sure someone might be able to see some detail with these.

Any how yes I'm saying that this is what I shot for a photo and I believe to be a UFO. I would fill out your form but I want to be taken seriously and not ((deleted)). I can’t believe what I saw and I will give you all my info here from my email. If you really need my info then I will do it.

This is how it went. January 1, 2010 my wife and I, and 2 of my good friends rented a room in New Hampshire at the Loon Mountain Ski club on the second floor of the building. We had a balcony off our room over looking the Kangamangus Highway. It was New Year’s night at about 10:00 pm. I was out on my balcony by myself at first and when I saw this object of a bright whitish some what red color it was round in shape. I slammed on the glass slider to my wife and friends to grab a camera. They came out so fast I almost went over the balcony. My wife had the video camera and my friend ((female name deleted)) had the still camera.

From there the object slowly came from over the mountain top towards our hotel. It gracefully made a left hand turn towards Rt. 93 which is a major highway. It did take about a minute or 2 before it was off in the distance and it seemed to appear and reappear. Then it was gone.

We went back into our room and I was anxious to see what we had photos and vid! eo of. It’s amazing that what was taken as a photo and what was on the video and what we saw are all three different object especially when you zoom in. I was so worked up my eyes watered and I became tingly and numb.

We got so intrigued that we started looking up info about sightings in that area. We found several occurring on that highway around the same days but different years. Put it this way, as I right this almost 2 years later it still makes my head go tingly and numb.

Well as for the sound it was 10 pm and it was cloudy and snowing out. You know how it gets when its snowing you can here a pin drop. We didn't hear a thing and believe me it was close enough that you would hear at least something.

It was too cloudy for a hot air balloon and 10 at night. It wasn't a flare because it went for miles. My uncle is a pilot locally here on the cape and I have been around small planes and helicopter my whole life. I mean what in the hell flies when it’s snowing and! you can see the ceiling of clouds flying over head.

This has no explanation.

Posted 2011-08-21

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