Occurred: 1999-07-03 01:30 Local
Reported: 1999-07-04 00:00 Pacific

Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA

Characteristics: Electrical or magnetic effects

Fireball streak across the sky; and two semi-trucks stopped side by side in the desert in the middle of the night on I-40 E in New Mexico.

Jeff Rense suggested I report this in case you got other calls. This is the email that I sent to him.... Hey Jeff, ((name deleted)) from Hot Springs, Arkansas here.... This may be a ridiculous question, but I immediately thought I could ask you. We were driving back from CA 2 days ago. Friday night (actually around 1am Saturday a.m.) we were on I-40 E. between Albuquerque and Clines Corners, New Mexico. We got in a standstill traffic jam for about an hour before we turned around in the median and got on access road and went around. A trucker had told us that two trucks ran out of gas. Sure enough as we passed from the access road....sitting side by side completely stopped were sitting those two trucks. It looked like they just stopped next to each other, completely lined up. I find that so unbelievable that two trucks just ran out of gas. It just seems too fishy. Also, while we were waiting we saw a huge shooting star! Not like a small streak the size of the stars like we usually see; but a large golden shooting light across the sky. ((name deleted)), my husband, said to keep in mind it is 4th of July weekend, and most people will probably use that to justify the light; but I was wondering if you heard anything about something being up with those trucks?

Posted 2001-08-05

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