Occurred: 1987-04-19 22:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2011-04-24 15:04 Pacific
Duration: 30 Minutes
No of observers: 12

Location: Carolina Beach, NC, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Emitted beams

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report Occurred : 22:30 (Entered as : Ap/?/87 10:30) Reported: 7/20/2000 10:57 Posted: 3/21/2003 Location: Carolina Beach, NC Shape: Cigar Duration:30 min.

Carolina Beach N.C. cigar I shined my bright headlights on it!Entry Date 7/20/00 As best as i can recall as time frames escape me, in the summer of 1987 as a resident of Carolina Beach,N.C. my mother began yelling from our back porch that she was seeing a u.f.o.. After ignoring her cries for three times,I was compelled to go check the situation out because of her "close encounter" scream! Upon entrance of the back porch facing the ocean ,I then observed a tubular shaped flying vehicle beaming the most spectacular blinding light into the ocean waters not more than 1000 yards away from shore!I turned to Mom and We both began to more or less "freak-out" about what We were seeing! I then instructed her to examine every detail about this "thing" so that We could better remember it's design. Imagine,if you will,say a 747 jet without any wings or tail,only gigantical and unpainted,the bare metal design showing no rivets whatsoever.Windows adorned the side from front to back and forms of occupants were hazily seen behind some in the mid-section.It made no noise! I! t hovered over the ocean as if looking for something in the shallow surf[speculation].I then left Mom and ran to the car and sped away at at least 80m.p.h. in a 20m.p.h. zone to the Phelps' pier at the end of Carolina Ave. North and slung the car around to face the still oncoming slow sailing airship. This angered local residents who came to confront my recklessness , but once I pointed to that "thing" all was astonished at "it".As it neared I clicked my bright headlights on it. It then slowly swung around and faced me dead straight! It now looked like a circle and had it's light off. It began to hover over me. At this point I closed my eyes and began to fervently PRAY!! When I looked back up ,it slowly moved back to surf just beyond the pier and "blasted" is too slow the term for it's departure! Instantly in the distance Wrightsville Beach N.C. lit up from the u.f.o.'s lightbeam. After a few min. the same thing began at Topsail Beach'N.C. . This happened up the North Carol! ina eastern coastline untill it faded from my sight. When I ! ! returned home my mom said local news would carry the story at 11:00 which was just coming up. In a brief report , they mentioned that the u.f.o. sightings being called in was nothing more than a "Coast Guard Drug Survailence Vehicle"! O.K. Carolina Beach 'You remember this!! Who could ever forget?! Back me up on this! UPDATE AND CORRECTIONS TO ORIGINAL POST ABOVE I wanted to be more precise on this as it was something that was vague in it's post back then. I just wanted to clarify it.It bothers me that so far only the first witness(my mom)has responded and posted about this event.

As best as I can recollect,(as the exact time frame escapes me),it was in the summer start in 1987 of mid April. I was a local resident of Carolina Beach, NC. Lying on my back in bed, playing an electric guitar unplugged, I began to hear my mother yelling from our back porch that she was seeing a UFO. After ignoring her three times,I was finally compelled to rise up and go check the situation out because she had just frantically ran up to my locked door and screamed out... "It's a close encounter of the 3rd kind!" So with that statement it really got my attention and upon my entrance out the back door onto the porch facing the ocean ,I then observed a very large and long tubular shaped flying vehicle that was beaming the most spectacular blinding light into the ocean waters not more than 1,000 yards away from shore! I turned to Mom and we both began to more or less "freak-out" about what we were seeing! I was astonished at it's huge dimensions and how far it spanned down the! coastline to it's right from it's front front. It had large rectangular windows that started from behind the nose section all the way to the rear. I was stunned at the close up encounter of this ship because of it's magnitude and awe commanding presence. I turned and looked at my mom and saw an expression I had never seen on her face and told her ..."You should see the look on your face" and she replied the same thing back to me! I then instructed her to please examine and to pay close attention to every detail about this "thing" so that we could better remember it's design having no camera to capture the image. I told her to remember the details and we were to write them down on paper later that night while all was fresh on our minds. We then began pointing out to each other how this airship has no signs of being assembled and riveted. It was so flawless. No signs on it at all of any wear or rust or scratches etc. We were close enough looking right from the back porch tha! t if I had a rock I could have struck it with ease as there wa! s no way I could have missed the monster sized UFO. Imagine a 747 jet shape without any wings or tail or front windows but only gigantic and unpainted. It rose very high and was very round and blimpish. Bare metal in design and showing no rivets whatsoever. Gigantic rectangular windows adorning the side from front to back (which by the way was easily several football fields long or yet longer in length) and there was this greenish/yellowish blurry light in the center section with forms of occupants that were hazily seen because it seemed to make you unable to focus upon them. It made no noise! It hovered over the ocean as if looking for something in the shallow surf with a blinding beam of light that shot out from it's bottom side. This wide and bright light did not shine outwards but stayed in a curtain like drop from the bottom that lit up the ocean water like the color of a swimming pool looks in lights at night while all surroundings were dark grayish night. It was slowly passin! g by but still right in front of us when I decided to get the car and go down the road towards the end of the island to see it approaching from that view. I left mom by herself on the back porch and grabbed her car keys off a hook on the wall by the front doorway and took her Plymouth Volare without her permission (my car had a weak battery before this)and sped away at at least 80 MPH in the 20 MPH zone to get to the Phelps' pier at the end of Carolina Avenue North. When I got there I slung the steering wheel a hard right and spun the car around in order to face the still oncoming slow sailing airship that soon would hopefully arrive. This angered some local residents but especially disturbed some tourists who confronted my recklessness from the balconies of some adjacent condos. They began "telling me off" and how they had indeed called the police. The police department was less than a mile away and it would just take minutes to get there. I told them..."Good... we're gon! na need them!" That comment seemed to scare them as if I had j! ust thre atened them. I recall they had a Queens New York styled or New Jersey type accent/dialect. One particular man in that group asked me why was I acting so strange and what was I trying to accomplish by my odd reckless behavior. I had gotten the car stuck in the sand and had it in a weird position and I now was just standing outside the driver's side door with my leg inside ready to click the high beams on. I replied..."You'll see"! He thought I was crazy and my answers were a threat. But I was so focused on trying to locate that UFO thing that nothing bothered me. It was a grayish dark night. The UFO had turned off it's lights and I could not see it. I walked out to the surf and looked right down the shoreline and it was nowhere to be seen. I was standing there thinking I was about to be arrested or took away to be evaluated when it dawned on me I was looking right at it! From the direct front it was a large circle! It blended in with the sky but was coming onward straight ahe! ad like I hoped it was. I ran to the car and positioned my foot above the high beam switch on the floorboard. That man continued asking me why I doing the things I was and that cops would be here any minute and I knew if I said anything about a UFO that it would only go from bad to worse so I just pointed at the area where it soon would appear and said ..."Just keep lookin' right there fellow!" As it neared I clicked the bright headlights on it. Two small headlight dots appeared upon the giant blimp like structure. They all saw it and began to go insanely frightened and saying all kinds of stuff and it caused me to smirk when they began asking me what it was etc.(As if I knew!)It then slowly swung around and faced me dead straight! It now looked like that circle. It began to hover right over me.I knew I had made this event happen by not minding my own business and it was now hovering at me. At this point I closed my eyes and began to fervently pray!I was so scared that I sm! ashed my face into the sand and was screaming out to God to sa! ve me. I think I repented for things I never did but feared I was perhaps about to die by maybe that light that can come from it's underside. That man that talked to/at me earlier was saying..."You can come up from there...it's leaving! It's backing up man!" But I was too frightened to believe him but he kept insisting it was cool to look up. So when I looked up it was slowly moving backwards just beyond the pier and then it turned so precise and they all saw its huge cigar shape just long enough to get a good mental picture and in just a split second it "blasted" (too slow of a term)away! More screams and explicatives came from the condo balconies and I pointed to the horizon to the left where the night lights of Wrightsville Beach NC were twinkling from and then instantly there in the distance, Wrightsville Beach NC lit up from that UFO's light beam. After a few minutes the same thing began to repeat itself at Topsail Beach etc. This happened up the North Carolina eastern coastlin! e until it faded like "heat lightning" from our sight. Those people who were angered at me...well they helped me get out of the sand and I went back home never once encountering an officer of the law kind! When I returned home my mom gave me an earful for leaving her alone and taking her car but then said that the local news was going to carry the story at 11:00 PM which was just coming up. In a brief report by a girl who's first name was Michelle, they mentioned that the UFO sightings being called in was nothing more than a "Coast Guard Drug Surveillance Vehicle" ! (I later asked the local news station for a copy of that broadcast and they told me that they don't archive news broadcasts). My mom and I both that very night had drawn our pictures of the craft and wrote out our affidavits about our encounter and put them in a separate file among the important paperworks stored in a special closet. Later that year we had to move and that particular paperwork was all we found missing! Many years went by and I've told this event to hundreds of listeners. I once told a retired Air Force officer and he cussed me out and told me that I had better keep my @#$%% mouth shut if I knew what was good for me. He continued cussing me out until I was red faced and hot under the collar and he drove off down the wrong side of the highway pulled over at a nearby phone booth and made a phone call. My wife was disturbed and asked me to quit telling others. Later that night when we got home, we found someone had entered our home with no sign of breaking in. We never found anything out of place except that someone had entered the house and installed a new cartridge of ink in our printer and used over half of it. It's like they wanted us to know it.

The strangest part of my encounter is that it was not late and had not been dark very long when I laid back to play my guitar. But when I returned home it was almost eleven o' clock. I was not abducted. I did not recall anything longer than perhaps thirty minutes time taking place. That missing time thing has bothered me. And those people on the balconies may have took photos. They had a lot of time to do that. And the police never showed up. And the TV station constantly shows archived footages of old news.

If I'm sounding somewhat paranoid then it's only because I have what I consider to be good valid reasons.

And to make it even weirder is that in the very same location where the UFO was first encountered, me and my brother-in-law both watched the figure of a person come out of the surf there one night in what seemed like gray flannel attire compete with a hood that covered the head and although it should have been dripping wet it's attire was completely dry and flapping in the wind and then it just vaporized in front of us! For readers this is the 800 block of Carolina Avenue North.

OK Carolina Beach people in April of '87... you remember this!! Who could ever forget?! Back me up on this!


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2011-05-02

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