NUFORC Sighting 80835

Occurred: 2011-04-08 20:30 Local
Reported: 2011-04-11 06:47 Pacific
Duration: 30 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Unionville, TN, USA

Shape: Orb

Star exhibits unusally fast and erratic movements in the eastern sky.

Standing on deck looking east viewing stars to the east. One particular star or orb was brighter than the others and appeared to be moving upward in the sky which would indicate moving toward my location. I presumed it was a helicopter as we have a weekly run over our house by a chopper. But it was far away and I thought it was a star.

Suddenly, it picked up in speed, shooting straight upward. Then, suddenly, it stop on a dime and then made a 90 degree turn, heading north. It continued heading north for about half the distance it had gone when moving upward. Suddenly, it stopped on a dime, then made a reverse 30 degree change and headed back south and went farther than the prependicular location where it was first sited. It stopped again, then headed upward which would be west. It continued west for twice the distance of the initial advance.

It traveled hundreds of miles in seconds, then stopped abruptly and changed direction.

I called my wife to come see to be sure I wasn't hallucinating and she watched the activity and confirmed the same observations.

It continued these triangular and irregular movements for several minutes whereupon we gave up and went back into the house.

We had never seen an object in the sky move like this. It was too fast for a helicopter and I have never known planes to stop movement on a dime and change directions.

Something is going on, either man-made or in the natural realm.

But it is extremely curious and . . . disturbing.

Posted 2011-05-02

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