Occurred: 1987-04-16 15:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2011-03-03 14:10 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Clearwater, FL, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

This is not the flying spaceship UFO, but since it wasnt on the ground or identifiable this seemed the place to go. For 24 years I kept this to myself and for some reason I really want to report it now. - I try to be percise but this gets a little in depth, since I saw it twice.

In 1987, while returning home, I spotted what I (now)believe to be an Event Horizon, approx 1ft in diameter, gliding next to the road approx 3 ft from the ground and 1ft from the road edge (Union st. 200yd east of N. highland Ave). At first I believed the object was a smoke ring. I was not on drugs or alcohol, but for some reason my thinking was and my reactions were slow, I had actually passed the object before the (for lack of a better term) Wrongness of it registered. There were no cars for it to have come from and it was not dissapating. So I turned around and went back to look at it more closely. I was about 2 ft from it when I realized it was no longer moving down the road, It had stopped moving and the circular formation of it was now directly facing me (I never saw it turn, it was facing me when I turned about). It appeared to be a Haze, like vapor between glass panes. I stared at it for about 30secs before I suddenly believed it was a reflection off my contacts. I turned walked about 2 steps before I stopped myself. I Have never seen a contact reflection and the object didnt move with my eyes. So I turned and walked back to it. It was still right where it had been. I decided to touch it. I had just started to move my hand twards it, when I suddenly thought how uniportant it was, turned walked home. Sat in a chair turned on the TV and just watched my normal shows for about 15 minutes, when I suddenly stood and remembered what I had just seen. I had no explaination for why I had suddenly forgotten the object walked away and continued on like I hadn't observed it. I kinda believed I must have daydreamed it.

But in June of 87 I saw it again. I was biking home from a friends house, when I came to the SE corner of Sunset Poind rd. and N.Belcher Dr. When I saw it again. It was the same size, the same distance off the ground, and the same distance from the road approx 20ft from the NW corner of the intersection. I crossed N. Belcher and the Sunset Point Road. I had no sooner hit the NW corner of the intersection ( determined to find out once and for all what this thing was). The next thing I knew I was fleeing up Sunset Point Road. I was in full tilt running for my life mode, Run was all I could think of. Then I stopped. The fear just went away. I was on Peppermill dr and Sunset point road, and I just sat there stunned. I did not go back. I went home.

I have never seen the object since that day.

I do not know why after 24 years Im now reporting this. Its been on my mind alot lately, which is strange since I barely spared it a thought for 20+ years. I have no doubts about the accuracy of the events, just the dates are approximations. If this isnt the appropriate agency please forward it to the proper one.

Posted 2011-03-10

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