NUFORC UFO Sighting 7859

Occurred: 1999-05-23 02:10 Local
Reported: 1999-05-23 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 53 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Shape: Light

((NUFORC: The witness who submitted this report identifies himself as an amateur astronomer, serious enough in that pursuit, for example, to possess computer software that allows one to identify visible satellites. Hence, we consider him to be a qualified observer. We have no idea what he witnessed, but we have several reports on file of multiple objects passing overhead in formation.

Please see article in Sky & Telescope, circa June 1960, regarding the "Cyrillid Meteor Shower," which was observed in Canada and over the Atlantic Ocean on St. Cyril"s Day, February 1913. Dozens of brightly lighted objects were seen proceeding across the night sky in symmetrical formations over the course of several minutes time, and each formation was visible for several minutes. Peter))

At 2:00am I observred what I thought was a single satelite moving north to south.Soon I noticed a multitude of these objects following the first and counted 74 of these objects on the same trajectory within the span of 53 minutes.

At 2:10 am Sunday morning May 23rd,I observed what appeared to be a satelite traveling from north to south.It seemed brighter than most I had seen and made note of that to myself.Soon afterwards,I noticed three more of these same lights following the same path.Wow,I thought,looks like the space program got the funding they were after.At this point I scanned a 45 degree arc in the sky from due north to the northeast.I noticed a multitude of these objects within this frame of view.It struck me as very strange at this point and I decided to count the objects just to see if I might be able to explain what I was seeing to a meteorologist or scientist so I could know what the hell I saw.Then ,some of the objects started coming in distinct patterns.Some were triangles,others were following in a straight line. I started to get freaked out because I knew that satelites did not behave in this fashion.I looked to my right (toward the NE) and saw one object that was going from northeast to southwest.It suddenly shifted from that to a straight north-south direction.OK what the hell is going on here!?Some of the lights were very bright and had a bluish tint,others were more dim with a yellowish tint.they all apeeared to move at the same speed though I did see one that sped up and then slowed down.The sky conditions were partly cloudy there were no airplanes in the vicinity.It is interesting to note that they were moving the airport to a new location that morning to Austin Bergstrom International Airport.The airport is south east of me.The new one is even further southeast.At the old airport the planes would fly directly over my apartment at about 500-600 ft.As far as the planes they moved form the old airport to the new,they were flying about 20 of them and would not have gone over my building because the new airport is in the opposite direction.Which leads me to my final observation:I counted 74 fast moving objects at high altitude for a total of 53 minutes.Does'nt seem conducive to what was going on during the move of the airports.My neck was starting to hurt after awhile and since I did'nt hear any explosions I assumed that we were not under attack and went nervously to bed.

Posted 1999-06-23

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