NUFORC UFO Sighting 77620

Occurred: 2010-08-13 00:00 Local
Reported: 2010-09-04 12:34 Pacific
Duration: 2-3 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Randolph, MA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

orange light comes down, changes, turns, takes off

I was driving my friend home. I went straight through the center of town and down South Main St., heading towards her street when I noticed a bright orange light in the sky, over the street on the right side of the road, just to the left of and slightly above the trees lining parts of the street. I laughed and mentioned it to her, joking that maybe it was one of my dad's meteors (my dad had come home from work that night complaining that he had wanted to watch the meteors but it was too cloudy to see anything). I also jokingly asked if she thought the insurance would cover it if it hit the car because it appeared to be descending fairly quickly. I asked her if it looked like it was coming down and she said it sure did. It was orange, similar in size and color to some of the street lamps in town but it was, at first, higher in the sky than the street lamps. And as it got wat I believe to be lower, it also got slightly bigger.

This friend and I have seen strange things in the past, one of which I also have reported to NUFORC (11/1/95, Randolph, "Light appears over power lines"). And this was in the same area. So I decided to drive down the same street we saw the other light. Partly because I wanted to see if there may have been others by those power lines again and partly because I wanted to get off the main road so I could stop safely. So I took a right and quick left to a parallel street and we still saw the light (so at this point I can be sure it was not a street light - with the trees and houses between the two streets it would be impossible). I stopped the car in the middle of the street and we watched as the object got a bit lower and then turned sharply to our left (object's right). At that point, my friend said, somewhat disappointed, "Oh, I think it's a plane." And it kind of looked like airplane lights then, because the orange light had "gone out" as it turned and was replaced by ! 2 or 3 white lights, and it was traveling horizontally to our left instead of down. Then, it turned again, sharply, heading away from us, going either back (kind of West, the direction we had been heading and were aimed at) or up, I couldn't really tell but it was moving. So I started driving towards the end of the street, intending to get back on the main road to follow the object. I had to take a left and then a quick right to get back the way we had been before (S. Main St. again) and I was driving as fast as I safely could because we lost sight of it. When we got on the main road it was nowhere to be seen. My friend had her face up against the windshield, trying to look up and around and neither of us could see anything. I drove up the street a way and pulled into a parking lot and we looked. Nothing anywhere. And it was dead quiet too. I got back on the road and drive my friend home (we had passed her house in our efforts to follow this thing). I got out of t! he car at her house to look around a bit more but there was st! ill noth ing.

It was not a helicopter because a helicopter that close would have made noise and there was no noise. And it did not maneuver like any airplane I have ever seen though when it "became" the white lights, it did kind of resemble airplane lights. But the orange light was nothing I have seen on an airplane and we literally watched it go from one large orange light to 2 or 3 smaller white lights. It definitely wasn't a meteor because of the movement (unless meteors change direction abruptly twice in the span of seconds and change looks the way I described).

My friend and I are both in our 30's and were not drinking or on drugs. I have never seen anything like this in my life (compared to this, my previous encounter seems mild, though in the end both objects took off in the same direction; I am unable to get the link for my previous sighting to work, though, not sure why). I'd be glad to provide more details if needed.

Posted 2010-11-21

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