Occurred: 1979-07-15 19:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-05-13 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 6

Location: La Habra, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

ufo was a triangle, approx. 100 Yds each side, approx. 50 feet thick. 1st view from side..several minutes..2nd/3rd view underneath 15 minutes.

I was 30 Years old with wife and 2 step brothers, a step sister and their neighbor. My name is Dave Oblad, an electronics Engineer. My wife was 28, also Wendel (15yrs), Darcy (13Yrs), Karl (9Yrs) and a friend of the family (15yrs). The kids where spending the weekend with us. We had gone out for burgers about 6:30Pm. I saw a cigar shaped object on the north east horizon. Thought it was smoke but was too straight and perfect. After a bit, it became evident that it was moving towards Hacienda Heights. I decided to go see what it was. We left the burger place and went to fullerton road, north of La Habra that goes over the heights. We had lost sight of the object within minutes of heading towards it, the ufo having passed into the heights. When we got into the heights, the sun had set and we cruised the roads looking for it. We were about to give up and head home when we came around a bend and it was nearly overhead. I stopped the car and we got out. It was about 100 feet over head. At first I thought it was a big hang glider. We could not see any detail, but the shape was high lighted against the overcast sky, the clouds were lighted from underneath via the city lights of orange county and pomona. The size became apparent when we thought it would crash into a tree and instead passed behind and well over the tree. There was 2 white lights at the rear wing tips and a dull red light at the front center, but not so close to the front tip as the whites on wings. It made ZERO noise and I estimate it's speed to be about 10 mph. It was going against the mild wind heading west. It passed over the top of a hill, so we jumped back into the car and followed the road around the hill, turned right onto a westward street where we saw it again. The road didn't stay under it, so we got out again and watched as it slowly headed for Los Angles over the Hacienda heights. Before flying over any city, it BANKED right and headed north. We couldn't see it after it went into some hills just east of LA. From the heights we can see most of orange county and a lot of LA. I thought at the time we had seen a very strange shaped blimp. I supported the idea that it was some kind of USA experimental blimp/wing glider with very quiet muffled engines. My main reason is that it BANKED and was taking advantage of normal airflight via wings and banking. Most ufo's we had heard about never seemed to care about air or gravity etc. Anyway...It was a UFO because we had never seen anything like it before or since..until recently on the news. I am a VET, Engineer and Programmer with an IQ of 154. No mistake in what we saw. We went back home and called the police. They said no one else had reported it and that they would take care if it (what ever that means). So we see each other on occasion and we still don't know exactly what it was. End Report. ((name deleted))

Posted 1999-05-24

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